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Sweden’s The Third Eye Rapists play a brand of viscerally raw Black Metal that is manically frantic, nihilistically cold and entirely uncompromising.

Hets mot allt

“Hets Mot Allt” originally appeared in 2014 as an independently released, limited run cassette demo but now through the pairing of Shadow Records & Regain Records “Hets Mot Allt” has gone through a re-imagining of sorts and is poised to be one 2017’s heaviest underground hitters.

Consisting of 5 tracks and with a run of time of just over 25 minutes The Third Eye Rapists manage to pack Black, Death, some nice lead work and even some Hammer Horror style organ into the mix. Vocals are tortured and as one was bereft of a lyric sheet at the time of writing, what they seem to convey is a type of narcotic fuelled hatred that accentuates this already cacophonous brew.



“Worshiper of the Ultimate Funeral” appears twice on “Hets Mot Allt”, first as a 9 minute juggernaut that showcases the more visceral side of The Rapists, and then again as “(MMXII)” version, which opens with the aforementioned Hammer Horror style organ before descending into arguably the most demented 3 minutes to be found anywhere throughout this already impressive EP.  Having already released “Magicians of the Holocaust ” and the mind-bending “Deathtrip Transcendence” earlier this year, The Third Eye Rapists are a group most definitely not to missed and will surely appeal to fans of  Darkthrone, Secht Inconcessus Lux Lucis and even “Karjalan Sissit” or “Stalaggh

“Hets Mot Allt” is available now on CD/LP and through Bandcamp.

———–By: Shane Bermingham———-


Label:Regain Records:Shadow Records


The Third Eye Rapists


P. Psilocin: Guitar, Vocals

A. AIDS: Drums

“Hets Mot Allt”

01. Black Sphere Messiah

02. Worshiper of the Ultimate Funeral

03. Void Penetration

04. Ecstatic Molestation

05. Worshiper of the Ultimate Funeral (MMXII)

Original Release: April 6th, 2014

Format: LP: Digital

Genre: Black Metal

The resurgence of the cruel cult: Interview with The Ancients Rebirth

The Ancients Rebirth
Formed in 1992 as ‘Desert Ritual’, The Ancients Rebirth is a black/death metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden. The band had released a full-length album back in 1996, titled ‘Drain the Portal in Blood!’ showcasing the classical Swedish black/death metal sound. The band split up in 1999 but decided to make a return in 2015, after almost 16 long years!! The band had recently played in few gigs and currently working on their new materials. Venustas Diabolicus couldn’t resist the chance to talk with their front man Dennis Widén aka ‘Angerbordor’.

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Primal Black Metal Hostility “With the Strength of Sin” — Debut Demo of Natum Abortus

Welcome to Sweden 1987! 

Well, not exactly, but you’d be forgiven for thinking so after listening to “With The Strength of Sin”, the debut release by one man Black Metal noise project Natum Abortus. Continue reading Primal Black Metal Hostility “With the Strength of Sin” — Debut Demo of Natum Abortus

Review & Streaming: Rimfrost – Rimfrost

I first encountered Rimfrost in the documentary ‘Black Metal Satanica‘ in which Hravn Decmiester was interviewed. I instantly checked their debut ‘A Frozen World Unknown’ and became very fond of their breed of black metal. For those who need an introduction to the band, Rimfrost are from Hagfors, Sweden and their music can be well compared to that of Immortal’s. Well, Rimfrost had oriented their sound with a Continue reading Review & Streaming: Rimfrost – Rimfrost

Review + Streaming: Mephorash – 1557 – Rites of Nullification

1557 - Rites of Nullification

It was really charming for me to see Mephorash getting back with their third offering. I do have an obsession for bands playing black metal in the same vein of late 2000-era Watain/Deathspell Omega. So Mephorash (hailing from Uppsala, Sweden) is my kind of thing. Although I was a bit disappointed with their previous effort ‘Chalice of Thagirion‘, but the brilliant Continue reading Review + Streaming: Mephorash – 1557 – Rites of Nullification

Watain Live in Barcelona 2004: Stream Rare Full Gig


Watain has been one of the bands pioneering ‘Modern Black Metal’ sound with their sophomore classic effort Casus Luciferi which was released back in 2003. Watain was the supporting act for their peer Dissection, for the band’s The Rebirth of Dissection tour. During the European dates, Watain performed across 18 countries, which also helped the band to promote their opus magnum to a wider audiences.

Flyer, Dissection live in Barcelona
Flyer, Dissection and Watain: Live in Barcelona

One of the performances from the tour, which took place in Déjà vu Club, Barcelona, Spain was filmed by some local fan and recorded as a bootleg DVD; titled as Dissection and Watain: Live in Barcelona. The full set list by Watain during that gig can be streamed through the following link:

Set list:

  1. Walls Of Life Ruptured
  2. Devil’s Blood
  3. I Am The Earth
  4. My Fists Are Him
  5. On Horns Impaled


E. (Vocals)

P. (Guitars)

H. (Drums)

Y. (Bass)

You can also stream the full set by Dissection at the same gig on following link:

Dissection: Live in Barcelona (Full Gig)

Rare!! DISSECTION Live in Barcelona 2004: Full Set Streaming


After Jon Nödtveidt had released from prison around early 2004, he reformed Dissection with members possessing the same satanic ideologies that Dissection used to live on. With Set Teitan and Tomas Asklund, the final lineup for the band was completed. Having recorded the demo Maha Kali with this lineup, Dissection embarked on an intense tour around Europe under The Rebirth of Dissection moniker. Watain also supported the rebirth tour across 18 European countries and Erik Danielsson of Watain played live bass on some gigs. The entire gig in Déjà vu Club, Barcelona, Spain was recorded by some local fan and was released in DVD format naming it as ‘Live in Barcelona’.

Flyer, Dissection live in Barcelona
Flyer, Dissection live in Barcelona

This bootleg DVD has been a rare one, since we managed to find a copy of it, the entire Dissection set is uploaded to YouTube for living those memories of Dissection once again. Hail Chaos!

Here you can enjoy the entire set by Dissection.

Set list for Dissection:

  1. Intro (At the Fathomless Depths)
  2. Black Horizons
  3. Frozen
  4. Night’s Blood
  5. Maha Kali
  6. Soulreaper
  7. No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep
  8. Where Dead Angels Lie
  9. Retribution – Storm of the Lights Bane
  10. Unhallowed
  11. Thorns of Crimson Death
  12. Elisabeth Bathory (Tormentor cover)
  13. The Somberlain


Jon Nödtveidt (Vocals, Guitars)

Set Teitan (Guitars)

Tomas Asklund (Drums)

Brice Leclercq (Bass, Live)

Review: Grá/Gnosis of the Witch Split

New Bitmap Image

Innovation has not been new in black metal since the 2000s as many bands are breaking the shackle and experimenting with their sound. Grá is one of those bands, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was formed by the members of Domgard and Cursed 13, and known for their eerie, melodic black metal with a delicate conceptual approach on their music. Grá, prior to the release of their final full length album, is now going for a collaboration with American black metal band Gnosis of the Witch. Unlike the loads of other USBM acts, Gnosis of the Witch has more perplexed and primitive sound. These two shadowy black metal hordes are about to release a split EP between them on 27th of April, 2015. The split EP is going to be released on 7’’ vinyl format on Iron Bonehead Productions.

Grá commands the side A of the 7” with the track ‘Valitus ja Kaipuu’, giving a calm start accompanied by an acoustic intro. The song then breaks into slow, menacing black metal riff. The overall tempo on this side is doom-ish, with a thick guitar tone playing throughout. The rhythm section is outstanding, the best example to this statement could be heard around 2:18. What keeps the music of Grá on this split is the bands ability to procreate gloomy atmosphere with the guitars and the bass incorporated. On this song, the bass guitar is upbeat and can be heard over the drums, which stays pretty simple as it follows through. The blasts can only be heard during a verse, which elucidates the tempo of the song. Heljarmadr from infamous Domgard and Dark Funeral is singing on this side with his mid-pitched shrieks, so anyone familiar with these bands have the idea on his skills. The song is not overproduced and it supports the shivering background really well.

Artwork, Gra/Gnosis of the Witch.
Artwork, Gra/Gnosis of the Witch.

The excellence of Grá is followed on side B with US black metal band Gnosis of the Witch, contributing the track titled Fórn Dauðaorð. Although I was not familiar with the band previously, but it reminds me with the Scandinavian bands (Dissection, Mare) and Icelandic black metal band Svartidaudi. This track is not up to the mark once you have been forwarded from side A. The track is kicks off almost in a similar fashion exhibited by early Swedish bands, however, the starting riff sounds tremendous which is backed throughout by a sharp, melodic tremolo section staring around 0:52. The music at this point seem very European in terms of soundscapes. Yes, the atmosphere Gnosis of the Witch has created on this song is worth mentioning. This could also be the reason Grá chose these Americans to release an album with (apart from the lyrical contents which share similarities). The track has its slow and ambient mood which is attained from 2:30 before breaking into its black metal moments again. Unlike Grá, Gnosis of the Witch has their bass sounds buried amidst the guitar layers. In drumming, there is no abundant blasts or slow paced beats, rather played with sharp variations.

To finish with, the music in ‘Grá/Gnosis of the Witch’ can be described as a balance between the harsh black metal sound and melodious background. There is nothing groundbreaking on this release but the split itself is a solid black metal art for the fans of Scandinavian black metal.

Score: 80/100


Listen GráValitus ja Kaipuu




Heljarmadr (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)

Dimman (Drums, backing vocals)

Maugrim (Guitars, Bass)

Gnosis of the Witch

Niðafjöll (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)

Swartadauþaz (Drums)


Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Release Date: 27th April, 2015

Grá on Facebook || Gnosis of the Witch on Facebook

 Iron Bonehead Productions on bandcamp

Reviewed by Somber

Chalice Of Blood – Helig, Helig, Helig


Chalice of Blood, a band locating from Sweden has marked almost a decade of their existence. Not known to many black metal enthusiasts, moreover the band members also disguise their identities to public; however, the band has not released anything remarkable yet. The band has only a demo released back in 2005, which has been followed by several split releases. Chalice of Blood has an EP on pipeline, entitled Helig, Helig, Helig, which is to be released on Daemon Worship Production.

Chalice of Blood plays orthodox black metal, somewhat similar to Orcivus, Ofermod, early Funeral Mist or Watain. Obviously these resemblances don’t explain what’s going on this 20 minute release. The band has some flourishing melodies to offer with usual grim black metal background.


The EP starts off with a melodic tremolo riff, followed by harmonized guitar notes on an intro titled as Hoor-Paar-Kraat. The intro certainly sets the mood for a chaotic black metal experience as Nightside Serpent breaks in. The guitar tones are sharp, tremolo picked and even there are breakdowns and clean guitars. The clean guitar sections are particularly pretty well timed and also mixed brightly (Transcend the Endless for example). The best part about the guitars are they actually pull on a good, solid background for a black metal release. The rhythm section is not pretty noteworthy, but some riffs are really good and well executed (Shemot and Transcend the Endless). The bass guitars are although buried under guitar tones, but they do make the sound and atmosphere heavy. The distorted bass lines could be heard properly as the guitar breaks down (Shemot, The Communicants). The drums are straightforward, typical blasts yet there are some long, nicely composed fills. The vocal does some great deliveries throughout. There’s not much variation on vocal style, the singer keeps shrieking on lyrics passionately. The vocals are a bit low in the mix, giving more place for the music to fit in. The mixing is done pretty well, with a strong production without hurting the atmosphere, resulting in a solid sound.

Now about the demerits of the album. Reinstated that, the album is pretty solid in sound. But there is certainly a lack of originality. There’s nothing exceptional the listener can expect but mid paced black metal, which is obviously an evidential orthodox release. Another down point I can state about is, the band somewhat slipped to execute the ideas they planned. For example, the track The Communicants has some redundant moments in it. However, that’s acceptable for the good melodies the band has provided afterwards.

To finish with, Helig, Helig, Helig is overall an admirable record with a solid sound, but lacks the originality somewhat. However, this EP can be claimed as a good start for Chalice Of Blood’s upcoming journey. The EP is recommended for the fans of bands like Watain, Ofermod, Nefandus or more elaborately, fans of Swedish black metal.


Highlights: Transcend the Endless, Shemot.


Score: 72/100


Listen and order Chalice of Blood- Helig, Helig, Helig EP



The band chose to remain unknown.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chalice-of-Blood/192780330769680?fref=nf


Release Date: January 15th, 2015


Label: Daemon Worship Production


Daemon Worship Production official site: http://daemonworship.org/index.php

DWP on facebook: http://facebook.com/daemonworship


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Ofermod announces the release of a new EP

Ofermod is one of the bands responsible for shaping the modern black metal sound and an outstanding act from infamous Swedish black metal scene. Best known among the black metal fans for their more esoteric approach on lyrics, Ofermod spreads the significance of Luciferian darkness through their music which can be designated as “occult black metal”. Throughout the course of their journey since 1996, the band has released 2 full lengths, one demo and one EP. The band has returned again for a new EP entitled Serpents Dance. The EP, which is to be released through The Ajna Offensive this autumn. Serpents Dance contains three tracks – Chaos Reverberation, A Million Serpent’s Dance and the original version of track Tiamtu which was recorded back in 2005 but was never released. The EP will be out in 7” and MCD format. The release date is yet to be confirmed. 10170759_497307880381001_4923202444619021903_n

Track List:

1. Chaos Reverbnation

2. A Million Serpent’s Damce

3. Tiamtu (Bonus track on MCD)


Ofermod are:
Mika Hakola (Guitars, Vocals)
Johannes Kvarnbrink (Guitars, Vocals)
Robin Fjäll (Bass)
Simon Samuelsson (Drums)

Here’s a teaser of the song Chaos Reverberation from the EP Serpent’s Dance:

Ofermod on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfermodOfficial

The Ajna Offensive on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theajnaoffensive