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Review: Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis


I first came across Lux Ferre while I found them covering the infamous ‘Black Metal’ by Venom on the internet. Their raw and insane version instantly made me to Continue reading Review: Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis

Freezing Blood – Altar of Goat

The band FREEZING BLOOD was founded in Poland on 2012. Alter of Goat that has been released from label Fallen Temple is a putrid example of how a raw black metal band should sound. The demo holds a chaotic, twisted sound that is enough to make one feels the aura of raw Black Metal. FREEZING BLOOD is an unrighteous congregation of the members of some other Polish extreme metal bands like Mordhell, Moloch Letalis, Martwa Aura, Distress etc.

Freezing Blood - Altar of Goat

The foundation of each track is supported by bestial riffs featuring motif that binds the listeners through chaotic repetition. With just a few notes, but all has more sense for primitive noise, the fully-and semi-destructive instruments are met and expanded with the inhuman vocal of Morbid Priest of Cadaverous Gospel. The accompanying guitar makes the tracks a bit typical, but definitely gives a substructure to make the sound strong. It emphasizes not in the foreground, and therefore has an enriching and obviously not annoying in the first place. Same goes for the drumming which predominantly occupies both slow-paced and fast-paced tempos.

The songs are filled with raucous, latent desperate growls excellent for such music. It rounds off the overall impression and ensures that Alter of Goat is consistently a solid matter.


FREEZING BLOOD offers vilest sound with their music, although makes no reinvention of the wheel, nevertheless is nice to listen to. Presumably, this band just needs a little more time to deliver a full length. This would be very desirable for the fanatics of black metal music.

Score: 65/100

Listen to Unrestrained Vision of the End from Altar of Goat


1. Altar of Goat
2. Baal
3. Decapitation of Archangels
4. Procession of Rotting Blood
5. Life for Abominable Darkness
6. Unrestrained Vision of the End

Freezing Blood are

Heaven Gates Destroyer and Ruler of Black Chaos (Bass)

Battery Commander of Hell and Filthy Goat Worshiper of Gomorrah (Drums)

Priest of Abyss and Total Extermination (Guitars)

Morbid Priest of Cadaverous Gospel (Vocals)

Contact Freezing Blood: freezingbloodkult@gmail.com

Fallen Temple on facebook


Monstraat – Monstraat


Monstraat, a name that might not be known to many. Hailing from Köping, Sweden, The band plays the primitive form of black metal, mostly in vain of early Swedish black metal bands such as The Black, Arckanum. While firmly rooted to rawer black metal, the band musical directions also shows affinity towards some rhythmic counterparts with a bit progression- exactly what you can expect from a Swedish black metal act. Formed in 2000, the band has taken 13 years to release a self-titled full length released on Fallen Temple, prior to which, the band released two demos only.


Typical black metal riffing reminiscent of early Swedish black metal sound with some thrash influenced guitars (noticeable on first two tracks only) backed up by solid, powerful drumming- that sums up the album in fewer words, but that is not the whole scenario going up here on this opus. The running time is pretty short- 25 minutes covering all 10 tracks. Most of the songs are comprised within 2 – 3 minutes. Starting with a drum bit followed by a thrashy guitar tone- the madness starts with ‘Come fire, Come Home’. The song (and Black Star) can also remind of some earlier works of Bewitched. The same vibe is also heard on the second track ‘War without End’ which breaks out with chaotic black metal madness. The rest of the track lists are purely of typical Swedish sounds. Sharp, blazing guitars backed up by melodic guitar rhythm, minimalistic bass and endless blast beats. The music can be seemed bit interesting, partly on Black Star, Through Raging Spheres, The First Seed and A Poison Divine. The vocals are typical black metal screams, hateful and delivered passionately. The lyrics mainly deal about Satanism and devil worshiping, not much rich in contents, but they are good enough for the record. Production wise, the record has a sound that soothes black metal, the sound is not that much grim or frostbitten, but it does have a solid atmosphere on the background.

Now its turn for the demerits of the record. The album runs for only 25 minutes, and tracks such as Through Raging Spheres, Cleansing, Black Star play lesser than 2 minutes. To me, personally, the song composition are executed well enough, but the short running time indicating ‘the ideas are not generated accordingly’. Apart from that, the album is pretty neat overall, although you won’t hear something exceptional or new here.

To finish with, ‘Monstraat’ is a fairly good record, but it lacks originality. Fans of Swedish black metal, especially those who are fan of Arckanum, Bewitched, The Black etc. might find this full length interesting.

Score: 70/100

Recommendation: A Poison Divine, The First Seed, Through Raging Spheres.

Listen to Monstraat – The First seed

Label: Fallen Temple ( Contact: fallentemple@gmail.com )

Fallen Temple on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fallen.temple.1


J.L. All instruments, Vocals
M.N. Bass
J.M. Guitars, Drums


1. Come Fire, Come Flame 02:25
2. War Without End 01:49
3. Bone-Bleaching Sun 03:29
4. The First Seed 03:27
5. Killer Within 01:47
6. Through Raging Spheres 01:34
7. I Am 02:25
8. Black Star 01:49
9. A Poison Divine 04:21
10. Cleansing 01:53

Monstraat on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monstraatofficial

 Reviewer: Somber Oracle