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Review: Mourning Soul – Ego Death – Ritual I; Exclusive Premiere of A Single


Imagine a traditional black metal sound scourged with a modern death metal vibe (similar to SepticFlesh or Devilish Impressions). Now you have the primary idea on how Mourning Soul is going to sound like. This comparison, doesn’t merely represents the talent the band has showcased while composing the materials for their debut album ‘Ego Death – Ritual I’. The stunning amalgamation of fury and melody prevails throughout the 9 chapters, accompanied by poetic lyrics relating to death and humane suffering.

Mourning Soul excels in mixing up the two very different genres to a perfect balance. You can feel the shivering lunacy of black metal as well as the splendor of melody driven death metal. A noticeable level of synth has been implemented to enhance the background; polishing the atmosphere with a more darkened vibe. The synth is not over-imposed, thus leaving more room for the guitars to shine. In brief, the sound of this record could be considered as a tasteful melodic black metal. The singing styles vary mostly around mid-ranged to high pitch vocal, with frequent use of clean voices. The sound on full-length is not over produced, but provides a clearer tone. Often, the music gets to a bit raw sounding, which are pretty handy.

It’s pretty hard to pick the highlights from ‘Ego Death – ‘Ritual I’, most of the songs being very solid and enjoyable. Personally, I’d select ‘Resurrection through the Serpent’s Light’, ‘Bleeding by Bones’ and ‘The Judgement of Gehenna’.

Mourning Soul has been around for 14 years, therefore you can estimate the efforts and brilliance they put in their debut album. ‘Ego Death – ‘Ritual I’, therefore is not another brick in the wall. Anyone having interests on Swedish/German black metal should check these guys out.

Score: 84/100
Venustas Diabolicus is premiering the sixth track off the full-length exclusively, which you can hear from the link below:

Release Date: 25th March, 2016
Label: Dolorem Records
Sacrifice – Vocals, Bass, Synths
Decrepit – Guitars, Synths
Nocturnal Fog – Drums, Synths
Mourning Soul: Facebook || Web
Dolorem Records: Facebook || Bandcamp



Updates: Inundation of Forthcoming Black Metal Releases

The second half of 2015 AD is going to see some of the black metal veterans coming out from their slough with new releases. Finnish black metal legends Horna, French black/death metallers Temple of Baal, French black metal act VI are some of the bands to release their new materials on the coming months. Kaeck, a black metal act from Netherlands is also on the roster with a unique and crushing sounded debut album.

Temple Of Baal:

French black/death metal band Temple of Baal has announced their 5th full length album Continue reading Updates: Inundation of Forthcoming Black Metal Releases

Nuclear War Now! to re-release Elysian Field’s Debut Full-length

Elysian Fields flyer_zpsitcmm2nbThe Elysian Fields (Formerly Desulphurize) was one of the experimental black/death metal bands that formed in the early 90’s in Greece. Despite releasing two fantastic albums We… the Enlightened and 12 Ablaze, they mostly stayed under the shadows of more popular bands. After a hiatus since 2010, The Elysian Fields formed again in the last year and currently working on their 5th full length album. Continue reading Nuclear War Now! to re-release Elysian Field’s Debut Full-length

Rare!! DISSECTION Live in Barcelona 2004: Full Set Streaming


After Jon Nödtveidt had released from prison around early 2004, he reformed Dissection with members possessing the same satanic ideologies that Dissection used to live on. With Set Teitan and Tomas Asklund, the final lineup for the band was completed. Having recorded the demo Maha Kali with this lineup, Dissection embarked on an intense tour around Europe under The Rebirth of Dissection moniker. Watain also supported the rebirth tour across 18 European countries and Erik Danielsson of Watain played live bass on some gigs. The entire gig in Déjà vu Club, Barcelona, Spain was recorded by some local fan and was released in DVD format naming it as ‘Live in Barcelona’.

Flyer, Dissection live in Barcelona
Flyer, Dissection live in Barcelona

This bootleg DVD has been a rare one, since we managed to find a copy of it, the entire Dissection set is uploaded to YouTube for living those memories of Dissection once again. Hail Chaos!

Here you can enjoy the entire set by Dissection.

Set list for Dissection:

  1. Intro (At the Fathomless Depths)
  2. Black Horizons
  3. Frozen
  4. Night’s Blood
  5. Maha Kali
  6. Soulreaper
  7. No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep
  8. Where Dead Angels Lie
  9. Retribution – Storm of the Lights Bane
  10. Unhallowed
  11. Thorns of Crimson Death
  12. Elisabeth Bathory (Tormentor cover)
  13. The Somberlain


Jon Nödtveidt (Vocals, Guitars)

Set Teitan (Guitars)

Tomas Asklund (Drums)

Brice Leclercq (Bass, Live)

Trident – Shadows

trident_logo_2000pxSwedish black/death metaller, Trident inaugurated their mystic journey in 2010 when Reaper (Johan Norman, ex-Dissection, Soulreaper, Satanized, Sacramentum) foregathered with Necrophobic members, Tobias Sidegård and Alex Friberg. A major change was occurred in the lineup of the band after the release of the debut full length, “World Destruction”. Only the two guitarists Ulv and Reaper remain in the band and three new sinistrous monks united with them. Second studio release of the band which is an ep, entitled as “Shadows” will be released under the banner of “War Anthem Records” at the end of February, 2015.


Listeners of Dissection, Soulreaper and Trident are no stranger to the hypnotizing guitar adroitness of Reaper. Guitar prowess of both Reaper and Ulv takes the possession of a lot of notable moments of the record. The whole record is enshrouded with a lot of spellbinding rhythmic bridges, riffs and melodic solos. These soul ripping guitar works have created an aesthetic and at the same time a devilish atmosphere that can be regarded as a notable craft seemed to be offered in the glorious days of Swedish black/death metal era.

Vocal, Defiler has showcased a brilliant job. His voice has a close kinship with the Swedish early era black metal frontmen and it is different from the voice of the great Tobias Sidegård (which is more death metal oriented in my opinion). Drumming sounds slow when necessary and aggressive with blast beats when needed. There is no notable bass works overall, but bass work presents in the record is enough to support the overall composition.

“Aftermath” and “Shadows” are meticulously and accursedly harmonized, whereas the rest of the two tracks, “Dark Nordic Rage” and “Thy Kingdom” are the demonstration of fast and aggressive form of melodious black/death metal.  Title track is undoubtedly the best track of the ep and it can be positioned in as same level as the classic Swedish black/death metal tracks. “Thy Kingdom” is another track that needs to be highlighted, possibly the second best track of the ep.

Lyrics of the album reflect blasphemous, anti religious and darkness based theme and it can be assured that one will not always find such kind of poised, well structured lyrics in black/death metal music. Considering the subject of production, mixing and mastering, the ep deserves a thumbs up. Anders Backelin of Lord Belial united with Trident for the mixing and mastering duties and the duties have been executed properly. The artwork with the reaper figure surrounded by its acolytes is really fascinating, but the layout and the color selection do not properly match with the evil oriented music of Trident.


A major lineup change could not stop the malicious artistic journey of Trident. Unholy power of their musical Trishula is definitely going to amaze the listeners of Dissection, Sacramentum, Necrophobic, Unanimated and the like. I am yearning for the new release of the band; especially a full length in near future will be perfect.

Score: 82/100

——–Zoheb Mahmud——–

Album Teaser: 

Release Date:  February 27, 2015

Label: War Anthem Records

Current Line Up:

Reaper – guitar (ex-Dissection, ex-Soulreaper, ex-Decameron, ex-Sacramentum)
Ulv – guitar
Beast – bass
Goat – drums (Death Tyrant)
Defiler – vocals

Produced, mixed and mastered by TRIDENT and Anders Backelin (Lord Belial) at Armageddon Recordings

Homepage: http://www.trident666.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trident/273317446089846?fref=ts