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Ohio, United States provided with a ruthless congregation of Evil and Torture twined with few Black/Death maniacs in the name of Manticore. Influenced by the mythological creature of poison and truculence, Manticore bombards with such promised music too.

Formed in the year 2000 with just 3 demos and one EP famous, “Bowels of Unholy Anoint us in the Evil” is their first full-length produced in the year 2003 with War Hammer Records. This 30 minute long album with 10 blood spilling and rancorous songs surely made a mark among the audience of the world. The vocal is more of death metal than black, but hinges with the album’s requirement perfectly. Maggot Wrangler’s barbarous drums and the lumbering sound of the Ixitichitl’s guitars definitely added the power to paralyze the listeners till the end just like their name suggests. They also cover the already acclaimed “Gates of Nanna” by Beherit, and not to mention they did justice. They spread a nuclear slime of plague and deadliness all among the listeners and explode into raw seeds of vigor and portray the cogency of their music.

Listen to Manticore: 

The band is tight to the point where their music characterizes destructiveness and the ability to fixate the audience with conniption and vileness all over their mind. All in all, a very intense album and enjoyable to the point of carnage, slaughter and annihilation.

Track List :

1. Our Will His blood                                                        2:21

2. In Bloodshed Rejoice                                                   3:07

3. Feast of the beast                                                        4:31

4. Unholy Awakenings                                                      2:41

5. To serve the masters of hell                                        0:57

6.  When fire strikes the blackened skies                        3:50

7.  Urine Flowing through the veins of Christ                   1:49

8. The Gates of Nanna (Beherit  cover)                           3:32

9.  Rebirth of Creation                                                      3:02

10. Demonic Rites                                                            3:49

Line up :

Satanel                  Vocals, Guitars.

Ixitichitl                   Bass, Vocals (Backing)

Maggot Wrangler   Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Manticore666

By: Rupsa Das