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Fire,Thunder and the “Hero”, Bölzer break new ground on stunning full length debut

I can think of few bands that have generated quite such excitement in recent years as Bölzer. Formed in 2008, the Zurich based duo is set to unleash their highly anticipated début album “HERO” on November 25th.


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Review: Possession – “1585-1646”


“Possession” can be regarded as a paragon among the bands who are reviving the incurable malady of prototype black/death metal. The band has already been adulated by the listeners for their previous releases, “His Best Deceit” – demo and “Anneliese” – EP (Click here for reading the review) and this time Possession is returning with a new EP, entitled as “1585-1646”.

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Review: Grá/Gnosis of the Witch Split

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Innovation has not been new in black metal since the 2000s as many bands are breaking the shackle and experimenting with their sound. Grá is one of those bands, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was formed by the members of Domgard and Cursed 13, and known for their eerie, melodic black metal with a delicate conceptual approach on their music. Grá, prior to the release of their final full length album, is now going for a collaboration with American black metal band Gnosis of the Witch. Unlike the loads of other USBM acts, Gnosis of the Witch has more perplexed and primitive sound. These two shadowy black metal hordes are about to release a split EP between them on 27th of April, 2015. The split EP is going to be released on 7’’ vinyl format on Iron Bonehead Productions.

Grá commands the side A of the 7” with the track ‘Valitus ja Kaipuu’, giving a calm start accompanied by an acoustic intro. The song then breaks into slow, menacing black metal riff. The overall tempo on this side is doom-ish, with a thick guitar tone playing throughout. The rhythm section is outstanding, the best example to this statement could be heard around 2:18. What keeps the music of Grá on this split is the bands ability to procreate gloomy atmosphere with the guitars and the bass incorporated. On this song, the bass guitar is upbeat and can be heard over the drums, which stays pretty simple as it follows through. The blasts can only be heard during a verse, which elucidates the tempo of the song. Heljarmadr from infamous Domgard and Dark Funeral is singing on this side with his mid-pitched shrieks, so anyone familiar with these bands have the idea on his skills. The song is not overproduced and it supports the shivering background really well.

Artwork, Gra/Gnosis of the Witch.
Artwork, Gra/Gnosis of the Witch.

The excellence of Grá is followed on side B with US black metal band Gnosis of the Witch, contributing the track titled Fórn Dauðaorð. Although I was not familiar with the band previously, but it reminds me with the Scandinavian bands (Dissection, Mare) and Icelandic black metal band Svartidaudi. This track is not up to the mark once you have been forwarded from side A. The track is kicks off almost in a similar fashion exhibited by early Swedish bands, however, the starting riff sounds tremendous which is backed throughout by a sharp, melodic tremolo section staring around 0:52. The music at this point seem very European in terms of soundscapes. Yes, the atmosphere Gnosis of the Witch has created on this song is worth mentioning. This could also be the reason Grá chose these Americans to release an album with (apart from the lyrical contents which share similarities). The track has its slow and ambient mood which is attained from 2:30 before breaking into its black metal moments again. Unlike Grá, Gnosis of the Witch has their bass sounds buried amidst the guitar layers. In drumming, there is no abundant blasts or slow paced beats, rather played with sharp variations.

To finish with, the music in ‘Grá/Gnosis of the Witch’ can be described as a balance between the harsh black metal sound and melodious background. There is nothing groundbreaking on this release but the split itself is a solid black metal art for the fans of Scandinavian black metal.

Score: 80/100


Listen GráValitus ja Kaipuu




Heljarmadr (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)

Dimman (Drums, backing vocals)

Maugrim (Guitars, Bass)

Gnosis of the Witch

Niðafjöll (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)

Swartadauþaz (Drums)


Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Release Date: 27th April, 2015

Grá on Facebook || Gnosis of the Witch on Facebook

 Iron Bonehead Productions on bandcamp

Reviewed by Somber

Swarþ – “Veneficivm” EP Streaming

After a collection of their previous offerings, released under the name “Omines Pestilentiae“, Swarþ have now spawned a new EP entitled “Veneficivm“. The EP is comprised of two tracks simply titled “I” and “II“. Hailing from the pits of the unknown (no info or details are given about the band other than the label’s announcements of their releases), they present two poisonous pieces reeking of sulphur for a descent in the abyss where darkness and insanity reign over everything.


“Veneficivm” can be streamed below and can be purchased through Iron Bonehead at the following LINK.

By: Mater Tenebrarum

Stream “GUILTY”, track from the new Possession EP

Belgian black/death metal band Possession has revealed a new song from their upcoming mini album ‘1585 – 1646’. The new EP is scheduled to be released on 5th June, 2015. The band has also revealed the artwork and track list of the EP. Just like the previous releases, the recordings were done at ‘Blackout Multimedia’ in Brussels by Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness).

Artwork for '1585 – 1646'
Artwork for ‘1585 – 1646’

The EP contains the following four tracks:

  1. Visitation
  2. Ceremony
  3. Guilty
  4. Ablaze

The release will be available on CD (also includes the tracks from Anneliese EP) from Invictus Productions, regular and limited 12” vinyl from Iron Bonehead Productions.

The new song ‘Guilty’ is available for streaming on the following link:

Possession on Facebook

Interview with Possession


Interview with Possession


Those who have listened their materials, can sense the perturbation of the group of theroids known as Possession. After the outbreak of their fiendish demo, “His Best Deceit” these Belgian black/death demons are set to deliver their upcoming disruption through the EP, “Anneliese”. Mestema (Vocals) and V. Viriakh (Bass) are here to speak more about their ferocious onslaughts.

Salute to the Cacodemons of the true Possession for the formidable demo release, “His Best Deceit”.

We salute you.

Stream: Possession- His Best Deceit (Full Demo)



Zoheb: Would you mind informing the short summary of the formation of the band? Kindly do introduce us the members of the Possession as well.

Possession: Possession is Mestema (vocals), V.Viriakh (bass), I.Dveikus (guitars) and PzKpfw (drums). We started the band in late December 2012 and recorded our first demo in August 2013. The first rehearsal we had will forever be a moment we will all remember in years as it was obvious that some kind of black magic was in the air …

Zoheb: After the release of the chaotic demo, you are set to release the EP, “Anneliese” on coming April, 2014. Illuminate our readers by disclosing more about the upcoming offering?

Possession: This is correct, Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions will release Possession’s first 7” Ep the 12th of April this year. This 7” will be limited to 1000 copies and will feature 2 new songs: “Anneliese” and “Apparition”. The cover artwork was drawn by Chris Moyen. It will be available in 3 different wax colors: black, yellow and    red.


Stream: Possession- Anneliese


Zoheb: Based on the moniker and the cover artwork of the EP, I am presuming that it is related to “Anneliese Michel”. Please explain further about the concept of the moniker and the artwork.

Possession: That’s right, the story of Anneliese Michel inspired us while we were writing the songs featured on this 7” so that we decided to dedicate her this 7”. The artwork is inspired by a picture taken during one of the several exorcisms she was subjected to.

Zoheb: Recording of “His Best Deceit” was done by Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness). Did he also lend a hand in recording “Anneliese”?

Possession: Yes, we recorded this 7” with Phorgath as well. When we recorded the demo in August last year, Phorgath played an important role by understanding our way of thinking within 15 minutes and by being able to suggest us some good improvements so that when we heard the demo for the first time we decided that we will record all our releases with him.

Zoheb: Band’s logo as well as the artwork of the new EP has been done by the renowned “Thorncross” (Christophe Moyen). Like the demo release, upcoming EP is also to be released through both Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions. Are you willing to work with Thorncross and the mentioned labels in future?

Possession: We like the idea of working with the same persons over and over and to create close relationships with those persons so that we will carry on working with Chris Moyen, Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions. Along with Phorgath of Enthroned, they are the silent members of Possession so to speak. We would like to salute them and thank them for the role they’ve played since the beginning.


Zoheb: Possession has been confirmed to partake at Metal Magic Festival, 2014 in Denmark as well as set to spread the malignant spirits in France and German. What is awaiting for the audiences of mentioned places? How excited are you to share stages with acts like Nunslaughter, Aura Noir, Mgla, Gospel of the Horns and Bolzer?

Possession: Yes, we have some great rituals lined-up. Sharing the altar with bands we respect is of course an appealing experience so that we will do our best to honor them and the crowd which will attend those rituals. On stage we try to create an atmosphere to bring the crowd into our universe. We try not to be just 4 guys playing music as we are willing to offer way more than that to those who are watching us.

Zoheb: Besides that the demonic horde will perform in the 10th album release ritual of “Enthroned” at Brussels, Belgium. Majestic acts like Archgoat, Mortuary Drape, Lvcifyre and Bestial Raids will also spare diabolic madness on the same event. Why did you choose this event as the occasion for releasing “Anneliese”?

Possession: We were offered to play this ritual before choosing the release date of that 7” but we thought that it was a perfect occasion to release that 7” as we will play in front of our local supporters who have been there since the beginning. Of course playing with acts such as Enthroned, Mortuary Drape and Archgoat is a huge honor as we have been worshipping those bands for years.

Zoheb: Apart from releasing the EP and participating in live onslaughts, any other news you want to share with the readers?

Possession: We are currently writing new tracks for a 12” MLp which will most likely be released in early 2015 by Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions. This will be a conceptual release telling the story of a witch who lived in France in the 17th Century. Writing a conceptual release demands more efforts and in depth work than just writing tracks but we are confident that this release will create an atmosphere and bring the listeners into our world.

Zoheb: Which member/members of Possession is/are responsible for writing lyrics and composing music?

Possession: Mestema is writing most of the lyrics but is often helped by V.Viriakh. As far as the music is concerned, we write the songs all together in the rehearsal room but V.Viriakh and I.Dveikus are responsible for bringing new riffs to our rehearsals. We build our songs on those riffs they bring and on idea popping up during the rehearsals.

Zoheb: What influences you most to create such kind of vilest form of music?

Possession: Denying the influence of some early 90s classic acts on our music would be stupid but we are also influenced by way more things such as our beliefs. This is why we do not see our music just as music and our band is not just a fucking hobby.

Zoheb: Even though your music resembles the extreme metal of 80’s, but I have noticed that the music of Possession is not the repetition of the ancient rulers of the 80’s metal. Possession has developed own sound and at the same time they are maintaining the primeval atmosphere in their music. How will you illustrate this issue?

Possession: We are not pretentious enough to claim that our music is ultra original but we for sure try to bring our own “touch” as we do not want to be stupid copycats. Still we spit on those bands who are trying to be original just for the sake of it without creating quality music.


Zoheb: How will you describe the religious beliefs of the members of the Possession? Are the members of the Possession Satanists, Occultists or Worshipers of any dark deity?

Possession: We do not like to express our convictions through interviews. Still we can tell you that we all chose to follow the left hand path and that we see  the band as a way to write and release tracks ad majorem Sathanas gloriam.

Zoheb: Can you recommend some solid extreme metal bands from your area?

Possession: We would advise you to check the following Belgian bands: Slaughter Messiah (black thrash), Goat Torment (black death), Horacle (heavy speed), Maleficence (black thrash) and Gae Bolga (thrash).

Zoheb: Thanks for the interview slaughterers. If you want to add anything else, you can add it in the way you want.

Possession: You are welcome. We would like to thank you for your interest and for spreading our venom in your area. We would like to salute your readers as well.

www.possessionrealm.com / www.facebook.com/hisbestdeceit


Possession is:

Mestema (Vocal)

V. Viriakh (Bass)

I. Dveikus (Guitar)

Pz.Kpfw (Drum)


Interview taken by: Zoheb Mahmud