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Interview: Triumphant


Triumphant from Austria previously have gone under several monikers (Frantic Tormentor, Nekromantik Manic Disease) to carry out their extreme metal journey. Music of previous eras was more or less stuck into the typical boundary line of ruthless old school black/thrash metal. In the Triumphant reign, these Maniacs have successfully evolved a unique sound (that is undoubtedly different and wider than the general contents of black/thrash metal) in the debut full length, “Herald the Unsung” and for such kind of uphill task they should be greeted with veneration.

Here is our interview with the frontman, Bekim Leatherdemon:

  • Hail to you, “Bekim” for the impressive debut full length “Herald the Unsung”. I hope you are pleased with the way it turned out.

Bekim: Sorry for the delay Bro, thanks a lot for your support and believing in Triumphant. We are very pleased the way it turned out. If I have to be honest I didn’t expect such good reactions from the crowd and magazines… We got lots of good reviews from all around the World!

  • To begin with do tell us the beginning journey of Triumphant and also tell us how and why did Manic Disease turn into Triumphant?

Bekim: We started to work with Triumphant in 2013. We had cool times with Manic Disease, but we felt that it is not the style we want to play. After we went separate ways with our old drummer, we decided to search for new members, change the name of the band, and do the music we always wanted to do – Evil Fucking Metal, not just Thrash, Black or whatever…We decided to put all Styles that we like!


  • What are the things that have provoked you demons to start extreme metal music? Name the bands that have influenced you by all means?

 Bekim: It’s very hard to answer that question because we are also big fans of classic Rock, Doom Metal, Classic Heavy Metal…But trough Extreme Metal we can better express our emotions and visions…There are too many Bands that influenced us, not only Extreme Metal bands, there are also some Crust/Punk bands, classic Rock Bands…But to Name a few of them…Desaster, Nifelheim, Dissection, Bomabrder, Motörhead, Venom, The Chasm, Merciless, Bewitched, Stormwitch, G.I.S.M…

  • I see the influences have emanated from different sources and Triumphant’s music does not even follow the hard and fast rule of typical black/thrash metal. The music is way more ground-breaking than that of the contemporaries. But most of the bands that try to bring together the influences of different genres and try to produce something far out- ARE JUST FAILED ABRUPTLY. What is your remark in this case?

 Bekim: I hate it when people say “Triumphant is a black/thrash band”. Most of those new Black/Thrash bands sound the same and boring. We wanted to create something different and unique…If you listen to our LP you can recognize a lot of classic Heavy Metal influences, some Punk Riffs too, or even Death Metal riffs (Fullmoon over Transylvania). Our mastermind Persekutor composes great Riffs and Music, and he is doing it very well. We are mixing lot of different styles but it’s not chaotic and without sense…We are not afraid to use all these Influences and we don’t give fuck what people say. Next Triumphant LP will be even more varied, but still METAL TO THE BONE.

  • In fact, I have detected a much more musicianship efforts in Triumphant over Manic Disease. Yet, both of the bands deliver a startling sound. How would you differentiate “Triumphant” from “Manic Disease”?

 Bekim: Manic Disease was more or less typical Black/Thrash Band. With new Members (Second Guitar Player Ephemer, new Drummer Altar Crusher) and me on the Vocals, Triumphant become more variety especially on Live…

  • Well, let’s switch the conversation to the live shows of Triumphant. According to many, live show is a clear-cut method to demonstrate an artist’s actual ability. How do live shows work as a reflector of your creations? Can you summarize us about the usual live gig of Triumphant in terms of sound, stage appearance, energy and stage acts?

 Bekim: Live gigs are the best thing that happened in my Life, every gig is for us important no matter how many people are there. We give our best and we “Die” on the Stage for the Maniacs in front of us. We are not just another band with boring outfits that just play their stuff and try to be cool on the stage. Our shows are Hell full of Sweat, Leather, Spikes, Chains and pure Metal Magic -that is the best feeling. Nothing can replace it, No Money, Drugs, Sex or Whatever…We Breath, Bleed and Eat Metal!!!

  • It can be presumed that the band is having killer times by touring the neighboring parts of the Europe. Recently you have also shared stage with the Almighty Possessed. Is there any preparation to tour other parts of the world as well?

 Bekim: Ohh Yes, the gig with Possessed was just amazing, a dream came true. For this year we are confirmed for some great gigs and festivals, and next year too. In 2015, we want to make small European Tour. I hope in next few years we will get more attentions so we can also tour in Asia, South America. We have a lot of respects for Maniacs there, and it would be great to play in front of them.


  • Can you brief us about the writing and recording procedures of your music? Is the writing procedure a collective effort?

 Bekim: Persekutor writes most of the Riffs, he records them at home, and when he comes to rehearsal we are working on it. We discuss about everything. Our drummer is very talented too and always has good ideas and suggestions. Ephemer and Doomed Desolater are doing their Job great. We are just one bunch of friends and maniacs who enjoy it to be together and create some Music.

  • What contents do you want to convey through your lyrics? Who are primarily in charge of composing and writing music?

 Bekim: If we talk about lyrics, Persekutor and I are writing most of them. I write more about “My Inner Temple”, Metal Cult, and War”. Persekutor is more into Occultism. Persekutor is the mastermind and he writes the Riffs. Mostly he comes with his ideas to Rehearsal and then we are working on it.

  • Why “ZIVOT ISPOD OBRNUTOG KRSTA” was sung in your native Bosnian language? Was there any special reason behind it?

 Bekim: Well, Guys wanted me to write one song in my Native language because Metal in Eastern European Languages sounds more Brutal and Aggressive!

  • I think only the track “Necromantic Force” was completed during the “Manic Disease” era. Is there any other track from the full length that was recorded/ written during the Manic Disease epoch?

Bekim: Yes, Necromantic Force is an old track from Manic Disease times.  Fullmoon over Transylvania is originally track of “Circle of Shadows” (Great Old School Black Metal Project of Persekutor). Other Songs were created in Triumphant era.

  • So far “Herald the Unsung” has been released from three different labels and each of them comes up with a different version. Pro-tape from Destruktion Records, CD from Cyclone Empire and Vinyl from Heavy Forces Records. How co-operative were those labels?

Bekim: We had a luck to work with such a good Labels, for our first Album it’s is amazing that we had 3 very dedicated and professional Labels who supported us and done their Job very Professional! We are still on the Board of Cyclone Empire, so the next album will also be available through Cyclone Empire (CD and LP).


  • Then, tell us about the next release. It is certain that the audiences of Triumphant are blood thirsty for more fiendish materials. Any new materials are to be brought to light soon?1492317_515644765219217_1144396248_o

 Bekim: We are already working on new songs. This year we are going to release one split 7″ (but I can’t tell which Band because it’s still not confirmed). In the beginning of next year we will make a video for one of the songs from the upcoming Split and by the end of the next year we will release a new LP. As you can see we are were busy writing new material and preparing for upcoming Gigs.

  • I am really looking forward to the upcoming materials. Thanks for your time to complete the answers. I think that is all I have for the interview. Anything to add?


Conducted By: Zoheb Mahmud

Triumphant is:

Altar Crusher Drums
Ephemer Guitars
Doomed Desolator Bass, Vocals (backing)
Persekutor Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Bekim Leatherdemon Vocals (lead)

Bandcamp: http://persekutor.bandcamp.com/album/herald-the-unsung

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TriumphantMetal

Review of Triumphant – Herald the Unsung