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Interview – Shyaithan (Impiety)


Impiety, a veteran of the extreme metal region needs no introduction to the bona fide listeners of this field.  Impiety has been ravaging and crushing the faux religious ethics over two decades under the Kaos Kommand of Shyaithan. Yet, troopers from different countries have allied with Impiety in different periods, but Shyaithan remains as the only member from the original lineup. It goes without saying that Bangladeshi metal maniacs are yearning enthusiastically for the arrival of Impiety for the first time in Bangladesh at Banish the Posers Fest, on coming November. We had a conversation with the GOATFATHER of Asian Metal, Shyaithan regarding the upcoming Bengal Invasion and other ventures of Mighty Impiety.  For both sides of the Bangla metal regiments, it is indeed a thumping opportunity to attend the live onslaughts of this iconic band.



– Impious Salutation, Comrade “Shyaithan”!! Mighty Impiety is having a really busy touring schedule recently. Kings of Black Metal, Inferno, Hammersonic and most recently the Crusade of Armageddon China Tour, which is most probably the first ever China invasion of Impiety. How storming were those onslaughts?

Shyaithan: I think all were great and smooth. Only Hammersonic was a waste of time because we played our best and found out later the guy at the FOH fucked things up and nothing could be hear from the FOH. On stage; however, it was different with good monitors, etc. Kings was great, this was the 2nd time we return to KOBM Fest, first one was in 2010. Anyways we had a blast. Even for Inferno which was the first time IMPIETY laid siege upon Oslo, Norway, it was all smooth and really satisfying. The highlight in my honest opinion was the 3 shows we did across China in Beijing, Zhenjiang and Shanghai. Our first time to China and it was really the best experience especially meeting diehards who have been writing for so many years. All in all, been a really good start for 2014, especially with 2 other festivals beginning with Bangalore, TSF IV and a festival in Kedah, Malaysia – those were bloody awesome as well.


– Now, tell us about the upcoming Banish the Posers Fest, 2014 where you are going to strike as the headliner on November 07, 2014. Apart from the Banish the Posers Fest, you are also going to annihilate the other part of the Bengal on the following day and it will be Impiety’s second whack over India. Why and how did you come up with the decision to conquer the lands of Bengal finally?

Shyaithan: Well honestly IMPIETY finds it interesting to ravage & conquer new lands, and not just because we want to but also because we know in these regions there are the few who really want to see us. Plus, we really want to meet them as well.  We have done heaps of European tours but all that is pretty much routine during the course of our history and we would like to try new place/countries, especially in Asia which itself is a really vast and diverse continent with plenty of metal warriors throughout. It is just the fact some of these cities/countries may not be well known for metal but that doesn’t bother us, Important thing is to maintain a close bonding and network with good comrades throughout the underground no matter wherever they reside and also to contribute to the burning spirit we all share and support their cause.


– How well are you aware of the Bangladeshi extreme metal scene and how do you outlook this scene? You have shared stage with Orator, but apart from Orator do you know any other bands from Bangladesh?

Shyaithan: Sounds promising and during the last years I’ve been listening to new bands/getting promos,etc.  I only know of and have heard Orator, Nafarmaan, Severe Dementia, Morbidity, Nuclear Winter, and Necrolepsy. So not too many and I may have forgotten a few more…but looking forward to meeting the rest if there is chance.


– You mentioned in an interview that you combined some ideas and techniques with your guitarist Nizam on the latest prodigious EP, “Impious Crusade”. So in the upcoming releases, will we see you again to combine with your band mates while writing and composing stuffs? Or will we see Shyaithan returning with his dictatorship (laughs)? And please inform us about the next release? 

Shyaithan: Well of course for the upcoming material I’ll compose mostly everything but also work some interesting parts out with Nizam. He does have brilliant ideas as well, very fitting to whatever I write. I can’t say more what it is going to sound like, but definitely a lot more lethal than the last, The Impious Crusade EP you mentioned. No point for me to say more, because you’ll be the judge in the end. 


– Recently, Pakistani doom metal band Dusk covered MotörheadBomber and you have contributed the vocal deliveries on the tribute. Tell us about it.

Shyaithan: Ah Yes, thanks to Babar from DUSK for inviting me to do the vocals for Bomber. I like Motörhead a lot, and when he put the question before me, I said yeah, let’s go. I didn’t rehearse anything and just on the day of recording turned up early morning at the Studio and sang it all at one go, recorded live. Good vibes throughout, perfect choice for a cover. I would give my full support for DUSK always!


– Impiety has to do quite a lot of expensive touring, especially overseas every year. How would you describe the personal and financial sacrifices that you have to make in order to continuing these overseas tours?

Shyaithan: 2 words… FUCKING INSANE!! Honestly we always end up broke, that is the reality in doing big tours. Fact is Singapore is so far away from Europe or USA. Just getting to these places for the 3 of us plus extra baggage, etc costs a bomb. We never get label support, and that sucks. So a lot of fans don’t see and realize how much we sacrifice throughout. Sure there are good promoters most of the times, but then there are also promoters who can’t pay much towards the flight cost, sometimes covering all, sometimes half. It’s always a give and take situation, but most of the times I can honestly tell you, we earn little if not nothing at all.


– Previously you had to team up with musicians from different regions for upholding the existence of the Mighty Impiety. For various reasons, those line-ups needed to rectify. Current drummer, Dizazter is from Australia. Does this issue create any sort of unwelcome hiccup? But one thing is obvious that Impiety’s current line-up looks totally ravaging.

Shyaithan: Dizazter (Louis Rando) from Perth, OZ is an amazing individual, a true IMPIETY barbarian.  He plays in amazing bands Morghl and The Furor. He usually flies in and we spend a week rehearsing our balls off from 9am till 5pm. At least a minimum of 6-7 hours in a day and just because we like it this way. Yes, perfect drummer for the job, has a great sense of humor. He and Nizam usually gets up to plenty mischief on tours, haha. You’ll see what I mean in due time. But honestly, both Nizam and Dizazter are really dedicated bearing great team spirit, and I love these guys just like family.


– Many of the underground black/death metal bands do not like to partake in the big festivals since on those fests one needs to perform with the other bands that are different in terms of ideology and sound. But, Impiety probably does not have such kind of problems in sheer level. Even though performing in the biggest fests, Impiety has always remained true with their ideology and they have preached the unholy anthems according to their belief. How would you evaluate this object?

Shyaithan: From day one the main ideology/philosophy, musical direction has never changed, progression is eminent but we still remain purveyors of lighting fast satanic war and blasphemy. Sure perhaps the level of playing has immensely improved but all that as nature takes its course and we become better throughout time. But point to note is, I will never ‘majorly’ change anything because if I wanted to play something very different,  I would have already formed another secondary band to do so. But as you can see, I’ve given it all to IMPIETY because it’s the ultimate weapon of choice. No mercy for the frail and for the blind sheep of God. Bestial Black Death from 1990 has only prevailed till today. Sure, some albums were forged with more black metal elements but generally this current chaos maelstrom of blackened death will continue to prevail and decimate all.


– What would be the classic line-up of Impiety in your view? Do you have any plan to do a re-union gig/tour with the original or with the classic line-up (that you do consider)?

Shyaithan: Sure we had a lot of great warriors from the past in the line-up, and yeah, I wouldn’t mind playing some songs live with ex-members but honestly, that isn’t in my mind at the moment. You could say I am happier and more content with the current line-up.


 – We have come to the ending part of the interview. Being a fan of Impiety for long, it has been an honor to conduct an interview of you. Before wrapping it up, do you want to state any nefarious message to the Bengal fans who are awaiting for Banish the Posers Fest, 2014? 

Shyaithan: Anticipating touchdown into Dhaka, that’s when all fury breaks loose…we are stoked and looking forward to meeting good mates and Legions throughout not to mention all bands that are playing at Banish The Posers Fest. We have a very interesting set list especially for the Bengal Hell Hordes! See you fuckers at the war front, Worship War – Praise Satan!


Impiety is:

SHYAITHAN – Bass.Vocals

NIZAM AZIZ – Guitars


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Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/impietyofficial

Twiter       : http://www.twitter.com/mightyimpiety

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Conducted By: Zoheb Mahmud