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In Foveam Tenebrarum: The Rites of “Lustravi”

US underground scene has recently been infested by some spiteful and highly diverse Black Metal acts. LUSTRAVI, rising from the unholy grounds of Panama City, Florida mark their bloody strike in this uproar. Continue reading In Foveam Tenebrarum: The Rites of “Lustravi”

Full Demo Streaming: Caveman Cult – “Rituals of Savagery”

Caveman Cult, a trio hailing from Miami, Florida, plays vicious form of black/death metal (or war metal) similar to Proclamation, Revenge and likes. The band had released their debut demo, titled ‘Rituals of Savagery’. The five track demo was released on November 17th, 2014 in digital format. Florida based record label Wohrt Records has released the demo on cassette tapes on February 6th, 2015.

Artwork for Rituals of savagery
Artwork for Rituals of savagery

A promo video was also released with the track ‘Sacred Burial Desecration’.

The entire demo can be streamed here:

Rituals of Savagery demo can also be ordered from Wohrt Records at: