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Idolatry: Visions From The Throne of Eyes

Canadian black metal is on the up and up these days. While groups such as Gevurah and Thantifaxath lean slightly toward the more experimental side of the genre, Alberta’s IDOLARTY offer up something more in line with tradition.

“Visions From The Throne of Eyes” is Idolatry’s third release in as many years, beginning with a self-titled EP, a split with Unrest the following year and now this, their début offering.


Comprised of 9 tracks and clocking in around the 44 minute mark “Visions From The Throne of Eyes” opens with the simple yet beautifully ominous “Visions from the Throne of Eyes (Pt. I)”

After being lulled into an almost false sense of security “Thunder From The Depths” explodes into action and forces the listener to sit up and take notice with blastbeats, high octane tremolo picking and top notch Black Metal screams. This is where the record truly takes off, taking hold and tightening its grip. Overall “Visions From The Throne of Eyes”
has variety and some rather interesting vocal experimentation (Satanas Haxan) yet still manages to retain all the key features of what made second wave Black Metal such an explosive force.

Here, at least, IDOLATRY do not attempt to reinvent the Black Metal wheel by any stretch of the imagination. But when that wheel has been churning out such enjoyable listens as this,

why bother?

Stand out tracks;

“Thunder From The Depths”
“Satanas Haxan”
“Tiamatic Winds”
“Imperator Nero Murmurationis Hortum”

———–By: Shane Bermingham———-





Lörd Matzigkeitus – Vocals

Lycaon Vollmond – Guitars

Nox Invictus – Guitars

Fulgur Exorcista – Bass

Daemonikus Abominor – Drums



Review + Streaming: Vile Insignia – Bestial Invocation

Bestial Invocation

Vile Insignia is a black/death metal group from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I was aware of this band as I did a review for their debut self-titled EP. What made me an admirer of the band is their quality brand of black metal fused with Continue reading Review + Streaming: Vile Insignia – Bestial Invocation

Vile Insignia – Vile Insignia


Vile Insignia, may not be the ‘vilest’ among the big names, but the band has surely some afflicted and commanding sound under their belt. Their debut and only affiliation, so far is the EP sharing the same title as the bands. Originating from Alberta, Canada, one of the provinces giving birth to bands such as Revenge, Antediluvian, Axis of Advance and such, Vile Insignia chose to walk a different path, a bit progressive approach to raw and filthy black/death metal. That’s how I’d describe the sound of the band and Yes, the sound is obviously unique than most other bands you have heard from that specific style.

1236078_693970887297098_522227774_nThe EP starts off straight with a killer death metal guitar riff before breaking into a malicious and evil tone that continues till it experiences a change in scales at around 2:08 seconds. An absolute start to a solid death/black record. As instated before, the tone has a progressive notch to it, you can frequently experience the dynamic shifts in guitar patterns. Wait, the guitar is not as much progressive you may think, (obviously not alike Enslaved or Opeth), the progression is just a breeze around. The guitarist Don Atkinson has some damn serious skills with his guitars, and his almost flawless efforts can be heard here and there throughout this 35 minutes piece. Some excellent riffs can be heard on tracks such as Creations of Disharmony (around 0:38, 4:02), Smoldering Remains on the Sky (around 2:57, 4:06). The intro riff on Morbid Tales of Bloodshed can easily remind one of the early era Swedish black metal bands, whereas the track Beneath the Frozen Soil has some OSDM influences (around 5:01). The tremendous efforts by the guitarists, however been understated by drums. The guitar patterns are solid and varied throughout the course, but the drums are not as good as guitars. The drums consist of mostly double kick playing with occasional blasts and slight variations. The drum lines keep the music at good pace all the time, but it’s just not up to the mark if I stay honest. The bass guitars, however stay under guitar all the times, and so to say, the bass is as good as guitars although you can hear them occasionally. The vocals are good, delivered with mostly screeches and partly the snarling voices. The production quality is satisfactory (for black/death metal of course!) but you can hear some mastering issues, which could be done right, however, for a debut EP, it’s not even a big deal.

So to say, Vile Insignia has a pretty solid start out to their journey. The self-titled EP has shown some enhanced musical understanding by the band with its four track overture. It’s recommended to the fans of black and death metal as well as to the people having affinity for some extreme progressive metal! If you have the EP available to you, GO FOR IT.

Recommended: Smoldering Remains of the Sky, Morbid Tales of Bloodshed.

Score: 78/100

By: Somber Oracle

Stream the EP from bandcamp:

Release Date: January 25th, 2013

Label: Self Released


Don Atkinson (Guitars)

Jesse Nyboe (Guitars)

Cody Emms (Vocals)

Devan (Bass)

Aaron Panich (Drums)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VileInsignia