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Battlestorm – From Hell


In the recent 2000s, there have been some sort of surge in Asian metal scenes, blasting out newer bands from extreme metal genres- mainly death, thrash and black metal bands influenced by early era death metal sounds. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan has been the prominent Asian countries for the metal scene to breed. However, Singapore has been the center for Asian metal scene because of having many a great bands within its boundary, and of course the last half of 2000’s has been a boom for “Singahellian” extreme metal acts. Battlestorm, have been a significant addition to the Singaporean metal scenario, playing a blended style of death/black metal. Formed in 2008, the trio has released 2 demos, 2 split releases and a full length album. The band is set to release a new EP entitled “From Hell”. The release date is not fixed yet, as the band is still on search for a label to spread their hatred.


To describe the sound of the EP, as mentioned earlier, a blend of death and black metal, staying typical to the Singaporean death/black metal sound. So nothing new nor exceptional to hear on this EP. Faster, horrid death metal-ish riffs, torrent small solos- are frequent on this 5 track release. You can hear resemblance from Cannibal Corpse (intro of track Holy Jezabel), Impiety (on track From Hell), Infernal Execrator, Draconis Infernum, Zygoatsis and forth. Some thrash metal influenced melodies can also be heard on the track Thor-Crowned Carrion. The bass on the songs are lowered, which is absolutely alright for the type of songs are listening to, however the bass guitars support the songs pretty well. (Listen to Holy Jezebel). The drums are pretty solid, switching to blasts more often, you can basically hear all the techniques that can be embedded in black/death metal structures. So nothing to complain about the drums. The lyrics writing has been improved on this EP if compared to preceding releases. The songs tell about death, execution and anti-religion. The lyrical lines are spit out hatefully, although the vocals are standard screeching voices and not much varied. Production-wise, the album sounds strong and clear, no unnecessary rawness is intended on the release. The EP, ends with an exclusive Bathory tribute “War”.

Battlestorm’s upcoming EP, From Hell, can’t be claimed as phenomenal or something extra ordinary, but it does exhibit some solid death/black textured extreme metal. Go for this EP if you are fanatic about Asian extreme metal.

Highlights: From Hell – Second track from the EP’s setlist. Straightforward black/death decimation right on your ear. Crushing riffs, frequent shifts and varied drumming. Standout track on this EP.

Score: 72/100.

Listen to Battlestorm – From Hell


1. The Abyss (Intro)
2. From Hell
3. Holy Jezebel
4. Thor-Crowned Carrion
5. War (Bathory Cover)
Line up:
Hades (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)
Djinn (Guitars)
Iblis (Drums)

Infernal Execrator – Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent : 82%

Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent


Blistering black/death metal with melodic bridges and thrash- influenced solos, which are the synopsis for the debut full length by Infernal Execrator! Hailing from the center of Asian metal madness, Singapore, Infernal Execrator’s debut opus took almost a decade to be unleashed among the fanatic fans of black/death metal. The release entitled “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent” was released by Eastern Voice Productions for the distribution in Asian region.

For those who are unfamiliar to Infernal Execrator’s sound, the band plays a blend of furious black/death metal in vain of early era Marduk, Angelcorpse, Impiety and so, with influences drawn from thrash metal guitar patterns. Their extremely orthodox musical influences certainly comes to a corner concluding a vicious sound.. Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent is no different with blazing guitar riffs with some often rhythmic bridges. The guitars are prolific with some often thrash influenced solos- the solos are fast, rampant and descends ferociously to the listeners. The technical drumming intensifies the music, although the drums sound quasi-programmed, which can be considered as a minor drawback. However, for music like Infernal Execrator’s, it’s not even a big deal. The vocals require some special lines- for being the most spectacular element on this record. The piercing, passionate voice of Ashir’s shivers the spine with utter terror. The overall sound of the album is pretty clear- with satisfactory production. If you are to find some “raw war metal” then Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent is not your stuff, if you are to find some solid black/death/thrash metal- Infernal Execrator’s debut is perfect for you. The release lasts for roughly 26 minutes, but it should leave a bleeding resonance to your head. Recommended.

Highlights: Singatheos Regimentum Mastema– the masterful number of the release- starts off with melodic rhythm guitars before breaking out to a violent black/death epidemic.

Iblisupremacy Divine Desimare – contains some solid and memorable guitar riffs, you find nowhere in the album, the track is more leaned to a thrash edge. This is the best song in the full length in my opinion.

Mors Ultima Vocatio– This can be claimed as an odd track to the list- as it sounds more oriental on the punishing black metal background. An absolute stunner.


Listen to Singatheos Regimentum Mastema:

Released: March 26, 2014

Labels: Eastern Voice Production (Asian Tape and CD edition), Warhemic Productions (US Tape edition), Dunkelheit Produktionen (European Vinyl edition; to be released)



1. Baphometerror Invocation 03:30
2. Demonicult Patheosodomization 02:31
3. Singatheos Regimentum Mastema 02:36
4. Iblisupremacy Divine Desimare 03:27
5. Dajjalegionaire Pandemonium Triumphant 02:40
6. Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent 03:02
7. Absolute Pagan Essence 03:19
8. Mors Ultima Vocatio 04:11
9. Cuntblasphemy Bitchgoddess Dei-Impalation (Impety Cover) 03:19


Kommando Antichristo (Bass), Vocals (on Cuntblasphemy Bitchgoddess Dei-Impalation)
ChristSlaughter (Drums)
Ashir (Guitars, Vocals)
Necro Shairan (Guitars)

Guest: Nizam Aziz (Impiety), Guitar Solo on Iblisupremacy Divine Desimare


Infernal Execrator on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Infernal-Execrator/255877511097154



Reviewer: Somber Oracle