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Review: Amestigon – Thier


The Scandinavian black metal was in the center of attention in the 90’s due to the strong implementation of its satanic ideologies whereas the scenes in Central Europe gave themselves a strong hold on more darkened and epic approach of black metal. The bands like Summoning, Pazuzu explored fantasies and occult literature whereas bands like Abigor, Amestigon had kept their efforts based on Satanism and pagan heritage. Continue reading Review: Amestigon – Thier

Details Revealed On New Amestigon Full-length ‘Thier’


At long last, one of the unsung pillars of the Austrian black metal scene returns to reclaim their throne: W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS proudly presents Amestigon‘s monumental second album, Thier. A sprawling, wholly intoxicating mass of metaphysical might and mystical atmosphere, Thier comprises four vast, void-dwelling expanses of obsidian sound, with each track in the double digits and the title track itself topping nearly 20 minutes.

The sophomore effort is scheduled to be released on 28th May, 2015. ‘Thier’ will be available  on CD and digital format primarily, but it will also be released on DLP format later on.

Artwork, Thier
Artwork, Thier

1. Demiurg
2. 358
3. Hochpolung
4. Thier

Tharen – Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Wolf – Guitars
Lanz – Guitars, Bass
Silenius – Vocals

Label: World Terror Committee

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