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Sxuperion – Through Cosmic Corridors

Sxuperion LogoSxuperion, the name might seem unrecognized to you. It’s a one man project hailing from Mammoth Lakes, California, consisting of Lord Sxuperion since 1998. So, how do the band sound? Speculate about a highly atmospheric death metal sound with a very strong black metal influence. Some names may appear in your mind such as Garden of Shadows, SepticFlesh, early era Nightfall or Ancient Wisdom. Well, Sxuperion sounds way more different and original than most of them. Although the band is pretty underrated, the debut album ‘Through Cosmic Corridors’ can be considered as one of the most solid and original albums released under the ‘atmospheric death/black metal’ tag.

Through Cosmic Corridors_Cover ArtIf you have not heard of the band, then it becomes really tough to provide ideas about ‘Through Cosmic Corridors’. Fortunately, the music of Sxuperion is as complex and atmospheric as the brilliant artwork suggests. The overall sound is pretty raw, primitive and experimented upon a very dismal atmosphere. The music is fast paced, intense and also melodious especially during the breakdowns and ambient parts. There are use of sampling effects to enhance the music more and to provide the ‘interstellar’ approach of the composition. The guitars on this record are heavy and thick, the riffs are multilayered and shifting their patterns and tempos frequently. The guitars on the violent section can be compared with Pseudogod, Sickrites etc. whereas on the melodic section it resembles with Tvangeste, Profanum and likes. The songs ‘Advanced Matter Drive for Ecclesiastical Dust’ and ‘Teller Control Panel’ are the best examples for checking out the complexity of this album. The bass guitars on this album are pretty high on the mix and can be heard clearly alongside the guitars. My most favored section on this album is the drums. The drums are fierce and exceptionally well played by Lord Sxuperion. The atmospherics of the songs are provided with the comprehensive use of synthesizers and effects. However they are buried beneath the thick black/death sound excepting the breakdowns and the last two tracks which are purely ambient compositions. The vocals are mostly delivered with deep growls but during clean passages the lyrics are spoken out narratively. There are also use of some chanting and clean vocals particularly in ‘Virulent Arrival of Demonic Hyper-space Denomination’. The overall production of the album is really raw and muddy, nevertheless all the instruments and effects incorporated can be heard perfectly. Although the guitars and drums are privileged, the bass guitars pound all over the mix and help to procreate the dark atmosphere throughout.

From the very first minute, ‘Through Cosmic Corridors’ showcases the amazing songwriting skills of Lord Sxuperion. The sound never gets boring throughout the 40 minutes of its playing length. It’s a must listen for the fans of black/death metal and you won’t be disappointed at all. Highly Recommended.

Recommendations: Purulent Spiritual Interstellar Void, Advanced Matter Drive for Ecclesiastical Dust, Denied Canonical Delivery.

Score: 80/100

Released: October 1st, 2014

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Lord Sxuperion (Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing, Mastering, Artworks)

Label: Bloody Mountain Records

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