Black Metal: Some Basic Vocal Techniques

Hails blackened brothers of Satanic Metal.

Today I will be giving you heathens a quick few tips on vocals for Black/Death Metal.

Lots of people ask me how it’s done and how I can go from so low to so high.
Well first of all be aware of your diaphragm and use it as much as you can. There is certain Black Metal styles that are straight from the throat which will give you that raspy sounding vocal but you can hear that it’s not being forced from the diaphragm.
So first to learn how to use your diaphragm along with breaking your voice in ( which all depends on how much conditioning you can take on callousing your vocal chords) you must also learn to breathe. And always be breathing outward when excelling your vocals.
So, tense up your stomach like you would when doing sit ups.. But deeper within, you will feel the same pressure of diaphragm when your trying to take a massive turd! Ha ha, so this is similar motion of using your diaphragm if you know what I mean! But, when you growl push from this area in your stomach and release it through your throat.. Like as if to ‘cough’ – use this motion. And depending on how much screaming and so forth you have done to your favorite tracks over the years will determine how conditioned your vocal chords have become.2634_55431732581_1273009_n

It’s pretty much the same as regular vocals you would be taught at singing school, the same techniques of use of diaphragm and breathing etc. Head voice. Stomach voice and throat voice etc etc. but they will disagree on callousing your vocal chords! They will tell you that it’s damage. Well I have been doing vocals for over 10yrs and it just gets stronger. So take what you can from music school and disregard the rest!

Follow and imitate your favorite vocalist as well as all this practice helps! Don’t have no boundaries and always push the limit. Make sure you keep your vocal chords moist with fluids. In the end the fitter you are the better so I guess it just depends on the individual.

OK maniacs. I hope you can decipher what I have said here and that this makes sense. Good luck and fucking invoke nothing but pure chaos within!

Craig Priestley (Bassist/Vocalist)

Black Witching Metal


One of the torch bearers of true black metal, Black Witchery worships the early Black Metal hordes in the likes of Blasphemy, Conqueror, Beherit, Archgoat to name a few. Keep in mind that this worship does not mean that they are ripping off their predecessors music. Being a black/death, war metal band they do have similarities with other bands of the same genre; yet this horde has their very own and unique style of spitting forth blasphemies.

They started their Christian raping journey in 1990 and changed their name a few times. First they were known as Irreverent (1990-1994) which later changed to Witchery (1996-1999) and finally to Black Witcehry (From 1999 onwards).

They play a brand of very primitive and raw music and their few splits and 3 full lengths are all produced and mixed in that manner. Their music is fucking barbaric and filled with anger and hatred but provides a trancing quality all at the same time. This ritualistic quality puts you in a trance the same way Von’s music does. They keep their music simple, the way it should be. You will find no technical stuff here. There are no melodies. The guitar riffs are repetitive and keeps on firing away. There are very few riff changes, some which are not that understandable if you are not listening to it carefully. While some can be understood very well after a long attack of repetitive guitar riffs. The guitar is down tuned and provides a sound like a chainsaw cutting through a pile of dead priests. The Bass is as attacking and powerful as the guitar and the bass lines mainly follow the guitar works. The drumming is a machine-gun attack on your speakers! Fast and continuous blast beats from the beginning to the end of the song (album). The vocals is another thing!It is like a growling/screeching/howling of a man who is possessed.

1477478_10201154595848365_961619747_nIt seems as if the power of the vocals can penetrate and shatter a glass wall to pieces.The overall music is dark and chaotic.Their lyrics is based on anti-christian ideologies, occultism and Satanism.

Their guitarist Tregenda, who has been in Black Witchery for a long time left the band in August of 2013. It was a friendly and mutual understanding between him and the other band members. Joing the horde is Alal’Xhaasztur (Hellvetron, Nexul, Nyogthaenlisz) who will continue to desecrate with the band from now on.

Black Witchery do not play in all live shows and boycotts all invitations from the commercial scene. They played recently in the NWN! Festival Volume III in Berlin alongside Blasphemy, Revenge, Sabbat, Ares Kingdom, Dead Congregation, Proclamation, Blasphemophagher, Morbosidad, Wrathprayer etc. I heard that Ryan Förster plans on releasing the DVD of the live desecration which is surely a thing to watch out for! Black Witchery has some live DVDs which are recommended. Their live onslaughts are fucking great, full of evil energy and hatred. They have plans on releasing splits with Revenge (Canada), black/death metallers Nyogthaeblisz (US) and war metal hordes Deiphago (Philippines) in 2014. Also a live and rehearsal LP/CD on Nuclear War Now! productions is on its way. Look out for the releases.

They are to play in Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo,Norway in 2014 alongside Impiety, Necros Christos, Rotting Christ etc.

Black Witchery  is not for the weak hearted. If you like your music polished this band is not for you. Fans of old school black and death metal MAY OR MAY NOT like Black Witchery. Well, this form of art this not for everyone. But fans of war metal should love these maniacs. Whether you are into war metal or not,whatever it is, give this band  a try and see where it goes!



Summoning of Infernal Legions (EP, 1998)     
Evil Shall Prevail (Demo, 1998)     
Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance (Split, 2000)   
Live in San Antonio and Vancouver (DVD, 2001)     
Black Metal Endsieg I (Split, 2001)   
Desecration of the Holy Kingdom (Full-length, 2001)   
Katharsis / Black Witchery (Split, 2002)   
Upheaval of Satanic Might (Full-length, 2005)   
Desecration & Sodomy (Split, 2008)
Blasphemous Onslaughts 2005-2008 (DVD, 2009)
Live Desecration Ritual-December2001  (Live album, 2010)
Inferno of Sacred Destruction (Full-length, 2010)


Impurath: Bass, Vocals  (1999-present)
Vaz: Drums (1999-present)
Alal’Xhaasztur: Guitars (2013-present)


Written By: NecroSemen

Banish The Posers Fest 2013

After a long wait it was finally the 16th of November. The date was fixed for the biggest extreme metal fest on the mighty soil of Bangladesh and metalheads were all waiting eagerly for this day. Maniacs form all over Dhaka city congregated together for the “Banish the Posers fest – 2013 (BTPF-2013)” at Russian Cultural Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh; to be a witness to the grand desecration by the bands from Malaysia, Thailand, India and Native Bangladesh. Few crowds from outside Dhaka (including from India) also showed up to witness one of the most vehement viciousness in the history of Bangladeshi Extreme Metal Scene. The show was arranged by the local promoters PRIMITIVE INVOCATION, who were responsible for several other outrageous metal concerts of the country prior to BTPF-2013.There were stunning preparations for the show to meet up the quality that local crowds demand from them. The hour of wait came to an end, the gig was to start at about 3:00pm, but due to technical complicacy, the gig started a bit late; all hell broke loose at 5:00 pm when the gates were opened!

purgation 1

PURGATION was the band to open the live desecration. They are a five piece brutal death metal from India. It was their 2nd international live assault up here in Dhaka, the first being in “Death Skull Ritual II‘ earlier in February of the same year. The local crowd having witnessed their wrath once already knew what these young Brutal Death Metallers are capable of. Their vocalist and one Guitarist could not attend the gig for some personal issues. The vocal duties were taken over by Carnage Desecrator (Necrodeity{Kolkata}) and they used only one guitarist instead of two. They jammed a bit and launched their death metal onslaught over the local crowd, playing some of their own tracks and covering Autopsy and Unleashed classics. The crowd response and all the head banging proved what they were delivering to them. Really a great way to commence such a gig!

Watch Purgation (Full show at BTPF-2013):

purgation 2

Their debut EP “Exterminated Malfeasance” is out on Slaughterhouse Records (USA).This is highly recommended for fans of Death Metal.


Communal Carnage
Repugnant Flesh
Dead Forever (Unleashed Tribute)
Uncanny Obsession
System Impaled
Charred Remains (Autopsy tribute)

Band Members:

Ayushman Sinha (Bass)
Abhinava Shukla (Drums)
Denzil Davidson (Guitars)
Carnage Desecrator (Vocals; Guest)



The next band in roster was WARHOUND (previously known as Carnage), a reincarnation of classic death metal from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was their third appearance on stage, with members from mighty Orator, MirrorBlaze and Archeon. They ripped the hearing capability of the crowd with their blazing performance, fast guitar work and aggressive drumming, guttural vocals- everything that is meant by what death metal is. Their mastery of skills in each section stunned the each and every metalhead present there. They appreciated them with loud applause and huge “Warhound” chant. It was really a great atmosphere for headbangers present there. Just take a look of their performance in the link followed.  

warhound 1

Warhound – Ironborn performed at BTPF 2013:


Warriors of apocalypse
Ominous death carnage
Dead Forever (Unleashed Cover)
Fighting for hell (Aura Noir cover)
Flesh Decay (new track)

warhound 2

Band Members:

Furywraith (Bass)
Warmonger (Drums)
Strifelord (Guitars)
DeathWarrior (Vocals)



Now the stage was ready for NAFARMAAN, the bestial black/death metal band hailing from the realm of Bangladesh. There were a huge attention for the band preceding the show for they have created a great hype in the underground scene of Bangladesh and the neighboring countries after releasing some rehearsal videos and upcoming ep trailer. The founder of the band is Nohttzver(Ex-Weapon). Their vocalist Imam Iblis was also a point of attention as his maniacal stage performances he threw previously with other bands. The anticipation was over, and Nafarmaan hit the stage for their debut performance with “Quayamat Lullaby”. While they proceeded for ‘”Bloodsokaed Revelation”, crowds’ reaction was beyond imagination. Their strong performance and vilest sound was completely a new conception for the local gigs here in Bangladesh. Nafarmaan blessed everyone with their sheer Nafarmaani and they just showed everyone what they are truly capable of. They renounced all the posers and achieved storming complements for themselves. Such a classed performance!

nafarmaan 2

Nafarmaan – Bloodsoaked Revelation at BTPF:

Their debut EP is scheduled to be out in early 2014 in more than one format and different labels. Watch out for it!


Quayamat Lullaby
Bloodsoaked Revelation
Leashed Silence
Azab Al Muminun
Godless Messiah

 nafarmaan 3

Band Members:

Imam Ibils – Vocals
Nohttzver – Drums
Marhum – Bass
Agnee Azaab- Guitars


Then came the aghori warriors known as ORATOR. The flag bearer of Bangladeshi metal hordes unleashed few tracks from their EP and their debut album “Kapalgnosis”. But there were more to come. They did a track from their early Orator era “Barzak” known as “Shiraj”. Ratna from Kathgor joined forces with Orator as vocal to pay tribute to “Merciless” by covering “Pure Hate”. Ratna played live vocals with ORATOR for the second time, the first being in KL, Malaysia. ORATOR was worth of watching live always. The “Orator” chants from the crowd, the stage dives, moshing, group headbanging- even Ray Mullaxul (guitars) of Savage Deity could not resist joining in on the fun and performed a stage dive when ORATOR was playing and surfed the crowd.

orator 1

Orator’s BTPF appearance is available at


God to the Strong…Master to the Slave
Rites of the Grand Renunciation
Shiraj (Barzak number)
First Born of Sataninsam
Satanachesh Grimoire
Pure Hate ( Merciless cover with Ratna from kathgor on vocal)

orator 2

Band members:

Amit Skullbearer (Vocals, Guitars)
Vritra Ahi (Bass)
Mephistopheles Warmonger (Drums)



KATHGOR, from Malaysia, got onto the stage for their supreme death metal invasion. Evil riffs by Sen and Ray combine with Tartarus Demon’s piercing vocals, scorched the hell out of the stage. Like a raging titan they destroyed the venue with extreme performances you could expect. Their energy and skill were outstanding! If you want me to describe Kathgor in one word, I will choose the adjective “Bestial”- that’s what they truly are. But probably I do not have proper adjective in my dictionary to praise the ancient Neanderthal vocal skills delivered by Ratna. Ray Mullaxal from Savage Deity and Vrita Ahi from Orator played as guest members with Kathgor.

 kathgor 2

Death Awaits by Kathgor at BTPF:


Descendants from the Death
Death Awaits
Morbid Death
The Lord of Infernal Blasphemy

kathgor 1

Band Members:
Musa (Drums)
Ratna (Vocal)
Sen (Guitars)
Ray (Guitars- Guest)
Vritra Ahi (Bass – Guest)

Now the slot was set for old-school death metal hordes known as MORBIDITY to desecrate the stage. They were back after a long time and their fans were waiting eagerly to see them live again. They played some of their own number and also some from their upcoming full length. Defiler’s deep growls, Azarete’s sharp guitars and Skorcher’s death yelling solos changed the atmosphere of the auditorium into a total abyss. The crowd was really tired after the continuous neck wrecking performances done by the previous bands, but still showcased their support and dedication towards true metal. They received a big round of applause from the whole auditorium after their set and why wouldn’t they? It was a great comeback for them.

morbidity 1

Their debut full length is going to be out in early 2014 from ME SACO UN OJO Records.


Decaying Souls
Let there be Chaos
Incarnation of Death
Revealed from Ashes

mrbity 2

Band Members:

Defiler (Vocals)
Sethos (Bass)
Nefarious (Drums)
Azerate (Guitars)
Skorcher (Guitars)



SAVAGE DEITY, a four piece death metal act hailing from Thailand came up next. I have never seen this kind of tremendous band before. These guys can rip open the portal to hell with their sound. Starting off with a track called “Into the Den of God” from their debut album “Amulet of Sins”. If you still have not got the album then you have no idea what you are missing. They did few tracks from their album. You cannot compare one song to another. Twish is probably the “Steve Harris” version of Death Metal (Laughs) considering his bass annihilation. After their own track “Defiling”, they had a trick up their sleeve. Amit Skullbearer from Orator joined them as guest vocal to pay tribute to “Death” by covering “Evil Dead”. Without any doubt, Savage Deity is the next big thing of Asian Metal scene.

sd 1

Savage Deity’s full gig counts on the link right up here:

Their debut full-length “Amulet of Sin” is out from Slaughterhouse Records(USA).This is highly recommended for fans of Death Metal!


Into the Den of God
Bearer of Strom
Burning Wind
They Reign
Cold Carnage
Evil Dead (Death Cover, Amit Skullbearer on vocal)


Band Members:

Ray Mullaxul (Guitars)
Seren (Guitars)
Twish (Vocals, Bass)
Thinnarat (Drums)



The final assault was unleashed by LOBOTOMY, a satanic speed metal act from Malaysia. The evil trio was geared up for their onslaught; as they were the last band to desecrate the stage, they summoned the evil out of hell by doing tracks from their album “Satanic Speed Metal Ritual”. It was almost late night for the people there in Dhaka; everyone was tired after the great performances by the preceding bands. When Lobotomy started playing, who could say that the crowd was tired? Everyone joined the bestiality with the evil trio; the madness resumed and the outburst of energy was massive! Really an absolute finisher for such a great event. Based on genre and sound, they were totally a unique addition of BTPF that snap the neck of everyone in the pit. Their insane sounds reminded me of the forefathers of speed metal. Melody coalesced with aggression; Lobotomy’s fury blew up everyone present there, leaving a permanent mark of their performance to their soul.

lobotomy 1

Lobotomy’s signature number Hell’s Metal Brigade can be streamed from the link below:


Underground Thrash Killer
Power Thrash
Mistress of Ecstasy
Speed Metal Breakdown
Delusion of Sin
Hell’s Metal Brigade

Band Members:

Sen Nightcrawler (Vocals, Bass)
Aloy Sahau Rapat (Drums)
Iwan Uchida (Guitars)


Banish The Posers Fest- 2013 finally came to an end, with a huge response from audience. I heard some guys calling it “the best show they ever witnessed” or “Never seen such a show before”, Amen to that. The gig did not start at proper timing and probably that was the only cons of the show. Nevertheless, gig was extended and each of the bands got adequate time to show their potential performance. Bestial endeavor by Primitive Invocation finally came to a success. Those that were present that day would not forget what they had seen. Huge thanks goes to all of those who came down and showed their support. For them the show received such positive energy. I do not know about you but I am coming back for more. Thanks to Primitive Invocation for initiating such a blasting fest in Dhaka.

Thanks to all!


Article by: Safwan Hossain
Photo Courtesy: Shafayet Chowdhury, Moin Uddin, Shafayet Turash, Safwan Hossain

Updates: Issue I (December, 2013)

The year 2013 has a mixed story for black metal. It has been good in some way, few new acts came into being, and few black metal giants released their material. On the other side, the year is saddened by the demise of some noteworthy black metal artists like Marianne Séjourné (Vorkreist, Hell Militia), Wojciech Janus aka 23 (Blaze of Perdition, Stillborn) died. It’s time to focus on some bands that are waiting to release their materials. 


 Profanatica band

American black metal masters Profanatica to strike with its 3rd effort Thy Kingdom Cum on November 26th, 2013 on Hell’s Headbangers Records. The record will have 8 tracks ticking to a length of 34 minutes (approx).  



  1. Ruptureholyhymen
  2. Foul The Air With Blasphemy
  3. Denounce Him
  4. False Doctrina
  5. Definite Atonement
  6. Thy Kingdom Cum
  7. Ropes of Hatred
  8. Water to Blood



Listen to Ropes of Hatred here



Black/Death metal band Ævangelist has a new full-length release to offer. The album is titled Omen Ex Simulcra. The album will be out on Debemur Morti Productions on November 29th. Watch them out if you are looking for something similar to Revenge.


Tracklist:AEVANGELIST cover
1. Veils
2. Mirror of Eden
3. Hell-Synthesis
4. Prayer for Ascetic Misery
5. Relinquished Destiny
6. Seclusion
7. Abysscape


Right here you can stream the album for reference.

Nocturnal Depression

 Nocturnal Depression

Famous Depressive Black Metal act Nocturnal Depression from France also has a release schedule on November 29th. The release type would be an Extended Play (EP). The EP is titled L’Isolement and contains two new tracks along with a Forgotten Tomb and Nargaroth cover. The EP will be released on Avantgarde Records. 


  1. L’Isolement
  2. Beskidt og forladt
  3. Disheartenment/Love’s Burial Ground (Forgotten Tomb cover)
  4. Seven Tears Are Flowing into the River (Nargaroth cover)




Teaser available for the EP in the following link:

Cult of Fire:


Occult black metal act Cult of Fire from Czech Republic is releasing is 2nd full length मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान (English: Ascetic Meditation of Death). The titles are all in Sanskrit and the lyrics are ascended from the ideas of Eastern Deities and saints. There should be some special attention regarding this album as they are not your typical Black metal. The release date is on 30th November. Iron Bonehead production will distribute this album.


1. Samhara Rakta Kali
2. On the Funeral Pyre of Existence
3. Shava Sadhana
4. Kali Ma
5. When Death Is All
6. Fierce Dance of Death
7. Khanda Manda Yoga
8. Burned by the Flame of Divine Love

Listen to their new track from Soundcloud:



Time for another black/death metal from a country that is obscure and not known at all among black metal familiars to release their debut. Nafarmaan is a bestial black/death metal from Bangladesh. Their debut EP Quyamat Lullaby will be released in December. The EP will be containing 4 tracks and will be released on Graceless Recordings (USA) and MTD Productions (Malaysia).

Tracklist:Nafarmaan cover

  1. Quayamat Lullaby
  2. Bloodsoaked Revelation
  3. Leashed Silence
  4. Godless Messiah

Preview if the EP, you can experience it here



 Aenaon band

French progressive black metaller Aenaon is ready with their 2nd full length album. Extance is the title to endorse their new album with. The album will be distributed through Code666 Records on January 20th, 2014.

Tracklist:AENAON_Extance cover

01. The First Art
02. Deathtrip Chronicle
03. Grau Diva
04. A Treatise On The Madness Of God
05. Der Mude Tod
06. Pornocrates
07. Closer To Scaffold
08. Land Of No Water
09. Algernon’s Decadence
10. Funeral Blues
11. Palindrome




Norwegian black metallers Svarttjern is working on their third full-length. The title has been revealed a few days ago, Ultimatum Necrophillia. The album will be released in first or second week of February. After their sophomore opus Towards the Ultimate, this really should be something astounding.


01. Shallow Preacher
02. Aged Burden Fades
03. From Caves To Dust
04. Ultimatum, Necrophilia
05. Fierce Fires
06. Hymns For The Molested
07. Where There Is Lust
08. Flourish To Succumb
09. For Those In Doubt
10. Philosophers, Adore Me Now
11. Aroused Self-Extinction Pt.II

Teaser from NoiseArt Records


Collected by: Somber Oracle

Editorial: Issue I (December, 2013)


Venustas Diabolicus is a proud proclamation of absolute war for Black Metal. It is an inner circle of chaos-worshipers originated from the mighty soil of Bangladesh, formed by Asmodeus. With the assistance of brother Zoheb Mahmud,the cult has become a true brotherhood for the Black Metal warriors all over the world. Along with Asmodeus and Zoheb Mahmud, currently the cult and its activities are directed and executed by Somber Oracle and Safwan Hossain.

The Venustas Diabolicus Zine is the very first initiative from the cult to support the true form of Black Metal. The Webzine will be updated in monthly basis and the final issue of each month will be available in PDF format by the end of that month.

On this very eve of the publication of the debut issue (December, 2013), we salute all our brothers in arms. Greeting to all our readers and supporters.

Hail Satan!

Hail Chaos!

Let the oath of blood not be broken!


Black Metal: Some Basic Guitar Techniques

Hails brothers!

Today I am about to share  some basic techniques of playing Black Metal. This article might come to help for the beginners who knows the basic Metal techniques but want to know the basic Black Metal techniques in guitar.


The most common technique used in Black Metal is tremolo picking. You have to follow the blast beat with it. And the tip is:

Use your wrist only. Never use your arm. Put your wrist somewhere like on the bridge or when you play the upper strings you may put your wrist on the lowers. Whatever makes u comfortable. Power chords, minor chords progression, natural harmonics are some of the other techniques you may use in Black Metal. I think the main goal of yours should be making your guitar line sound killer and distorted as hell.

Wish that come with a little help. Wake your demon up and start playing your axe.

Hail Chaos!

Count Cerberus

(Guitars, Eternal Armageddon)

Necrophobic: Womb of Lilithu- 80%


Necrophobic has always been a band stirring with new explorations among the black/death metal style and no wonder they are one of the peers bearing the ancient hatred with them. Their latest offering “Womb of Lilithu” is of no difference, exploring the more melodic visions of vicious black/death metal. Much in the vein of their last release “Death to All” “Womb of Lilithu” is endorsed with haunting piano, crushing atmosphere and blazing guitar works.

The recording season for their seventh blasphemy started back in September, 2011. So the album was a long anticipated for their fans and finally released for distribution on October 25th, 2013 through “Seasons of Mist”. From the band, their long journey for this surely not a vamp, this is reflected by 14 chapters of this epic.

Let’s get to the album. “Womb of Lilithu” is a long 68 minute piece with 14 tracks as stated. Starting with eponymous “Womb of Lilithu”, a piano driven ambient piece, black/death metal blizzard freezes your soul to annihilation for the next one odd hour. Musically the album sounds more towards death metal, with haunting piano bridges and dark groove melodies. Clean guitar sections are also heard as well as solid death metal riffs. “Opium Black” can be a fine example to this. The fine guitar parts can be heard in tracks “Marquis Phenex”, “Paimon”, “Splendour Nigri Solis”.


Nothing much to mention about bass-sections, they remain low in the mix while following mostly the guitars. Drumming is good but don’t stand out if compared with their previous effort. The best part of this album is the vocals. Tobias Sidegard reigns all over the album with his strong vocals, frequently mixing them with grunts, shrieks, screams and often with clean singing. “Opium Black” is the best reference to this. Production quality is pretty fine and high for this release. It works along the same direction with the album’s atmosphere. No complains about this.

To end with, “Womb of Lilithu” is really a damn good album. Although not any closer to their masterpiece “The Nocturnal Silence”, but the album is pretty interesting and recommended for black/death metal fans.

Recommended: Astaroth, The Necromancer, Marquis Phenex, Infinite Infernalis.

You can listen to entire “Womb of Lilithu” from here:

Line-up for the album:
Tobias Sidegard (Vocals, Rhythm guitars)
Fredrik Folkare (Lead Guitars)
Joakim Sterner (Drums)
Alex Friberg (Bass)

Necrophobic: Facebook

 Reviewed By: Somber Oracle          


Nohttzver: 25 Years of Blasts!

Nohttzver. A legendary name in the underground metal scene of Bangladesh. Specially known for his extreme metal drumming and pioneering act in the extreme metal scene of the country. Having a legendary drumming career of almost 25 years, playing in numerous successful projects like Phantom Lord, Weapon etc., Nohttzver is still continuing his demonic blasts and supremacy with his current project Nafarmaan.  


Asmodeus: Hails Nohttzver! How are you doing brother?

Nohttzver: Hails right back at you brother! Apart from a few minor ups and downs in my current corporate career, things are going positive and productive with me. So I’ve been doing good.

Asmodeus: A legendary drumming career of almost 25 years, playing in numerous successful projects; how does it feel when you look back?

Nohttzver: Mixed feelings really, It has been a long one.1989 to be exact.Back then It was possibly the best feeling for a ten year old to get to play the drums, funny I still feel the same. I must admit that If I hadn’t gotten to watch Legendary drummer MahbubBhai from Mighty ‘Rock Strata’ I don’t think I would’ve ever picked up a pair of drumsticks. I owe much to my elder brother as well who was himself  a musician and who believed that I could be one.

The best part about this career is I’ve gotten to work and simultaneously share my music with numerous talented musicians. Covered more or less every possible genres known, as a result my learning process never ended and I guess it never will. I am personally grateful to every musician I have had the pleasure to work with and I have nothing but respect for each of them.

Asmodeus: You played in Ark; one of the most successful bands in the music industry of Bangladesh. How was it for you?

Nohttzver: Yes I did play in Ark from 1993 to 1996. (Laughs) How was it for me? Well for a fourteen year old getting a taste of the mainstream can be seriously fucked up. The money, fame and the benefits that followed that had had a devastating effect on me personally. The only best part then was getting to play bigass shows in the bigass venues and get to work with some of the most astounding musicians from the country.


Asmodeus: Tell me about Weapon, one of my all time favorite bands; the first Black Metal project from Bangladesh formed by you and Monarch.

Nohttzver: Me and Mash (Vetis Monarch) have been real old friends, grew up together and even went to school together. I guess we both had a knack for the extreme, may it be in life or music.This had a huge impact on us always. I personally think musically it all started taking shape when we were carving great band names and imaginary/dream lineups on our school desks. Mash left for Canada to attain his higher studies and started and tried to work on the initial lineup there with a friend called Chad [Ex-Sufferance, Weapon (Live)] ,on guitars.The results were unfruitful then. Growing up together; I guesswe had an intention of forming a band together that wouldn’t be like any other band (If it ever was to happen) .When Mash got back on 2004 the craving for creating extreme metal for us had only gotten more addictive literally. We started jamming rigorously and started writing songs. Mash wrote all the lyrics and riffs while I mainly concentrated on the compositions and the band logo. One thing led to the next and Mash came up with this crazy idea of making a demo.Thus the first ever two man then Bangladeshi Black/Death metal band Weapon was formed and we went on to record and release‘ Within the Flesh of the Satanist’ Demo on September 2004. Amit[Kapalyq, Skull bearer (Orator, Barzak)]  joined us a year later in 2005 and the new three men lineup went on to unleash the first EP titled ‘Violated Hejab’. It was also the same year he moved back to Canada and persued with Weapon from there.The rest was as you all know is History.I am honored to have been a part of the Legacy and my respect to Vetis Monarch for taking Weapon to where it is now.

Asmodeus: Looking back to the underground scene that time, forming a Black Metal band must be super advanced move I must say! So how did you get into it?

Nohttzver: We never actually thought of it like that or had ever given it any thought of how advanced in time we were then. I suppose it was our sheer passion for vile music and hatred for the false that led us to create the abomination. There was nothing called an underground scene in Bangladesh then or however so you want to define it as. The only two things happening back then were Bloodlust and Barzak if you ask me, however I must admit that our predecessors namely Rock Strata, Waves, Rock Brigade, Aces, Sweet Venom etc were the true driving forces and influences behind the true underground then.Phantom Lords,Metal Warriors and Jolly Rodgers had much to do with it as well.


Asmodeus: Tell me about your latest project; Nafarmaan.

Nohttzver: It’s a Black/Death metal band. It was founded by me on 2008 after long time friend Agnee Azaab approached me for a new lineup. I never really thought of affiliating myself with another lineup or do anything else after Weapon but if I was ever to do anything ever it was going to be something like Nafarmaan.After a few line up changes the band now is a four man line up fronted by Imam Iblis (Ex-Bloodlust) on Vocals, AgneeAzaab on guitars, Marhoum on Bass and me on drums /session guitars. Needless to say the current lineup sounds deadlier than ever.

Asmodeus: The debut EP of Nafarmaan; ‘Quayamat Lullaby’, which is going to released both locally and internationally pretty soon; how is it going to be?

Nohttzver: Yes, The EP is to be released in more than one format from more than one continent, if everything goes well with the release schedules of the labels, the EP will be out within December 2013 or January 2014. There might be a possibility of a re-release or a local release as well but for now we are focusing on the releases at hand. As far as how it’s going to be, well you gotta find out for yourselves once it’s out but just trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed.


Asmodeus: When playing with Nafarmaan, is there any unique, particular technique that you use which didn’t appear in your early projects; say, Weapon, or is it all just the Nohttzver style?

Nohttzver: Nohttzver style? Really?I didn’t even know I had one (Laughs). I don’t know about all that but what I can honestly tell you is, I believe that I have had restricted myself when I played in Weapon. I truly believe that I could’ve done more justice to the songs. The songs were all great undoubtedly and the way Vetis Monarch had executed each deserves nothing but total respect. In Nafarmaan on the other hand, I am getting to do as much as I can and however the way I want drums wise. This has been so because I write the riffs or the drum lines beforehand and in accord to the way they’re meant to be played or however the songwriting demands, thus making it easier to give it my most.

Asmodeus: Right now is it the only project you are playing?

Nohttzver: Yes that is correct.

Asmodeus: Will we be seeing you in any other projects? Say, how is about some solo Nohttzver releases?

Nohttzver: (Laughs) are you kidding me? Solo Nohttzver?? Two words cannot be in the same sentence. But just so you know, something totally different may be conjured up in the future by me along with some of the other comrades I am connected to.

Asmodeus: What are you thinking about the current underground scenario in Bangladesh?

Nohttzver: I can say that it’s finally seeing the light of day. Bangladeshhas been successfully producing some great Underground bands and musicians over the years. Each consistent at producing their authentic sound, representation and who have been conquering International grounds for quite some time now. I believe in recent years they have made a very positive impact both internationally and locally. There has been much growth and interest in Extreme Metal amongst the new generation and I am finally seeing them actually liking and enjoying it. A couple of respectable banners have also immerged and are setting praise-worthy standards in the global extreme metal underground scene. Yeah it’s gradually going places.

Asmodeus: So one final question. Suppose a young blood came to you who wants to enter into the realm of chaos; the Black Metal; what would be Nohttzver’s message for him?

Nohttzver: If you can’t feel it from within or can’t relate to it don’t do it.

Asmodeus: Thanks brother. It was an honor to have this conversation with you. Ave!

Nohttzver: As it was mine. Best wishes to VD. Ave!


Interviewed by: Asmodeus

Photo Courtesy: Nohttzver, Shafayet Turash, Moin Uddin

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