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Black Metal: Some Basic Vocal Techniques

Hails blackened brothers of Satanic Metal.

Today I will be giving you heathens a quick few tips on vocals for Black/Death Metal.

Lots of people ask me how it’s done and how I can go from so low to so high.
Well first of all be aware of your diaphragm and use it as much as you can. There is certain Black Metal styles that are straight from the throat which will give you that raspy sounding vocal but you can hear that it’s not being forced from the diaphragm.
So first to learn how to use your diaphragm along with breaking your voice in ( which all depends on how much conditioning you can take on callousing your vocal chords) you must also learn to breathe. And always be breathing outward when excelling your vocals.
So, tense up your stomach like you would when doing sit ups.. But deeper within, you will feel the same pressure of diaphragm when your trying to take a massive turd! Ha ha, so this is similar motion of using your diaphragm if you know what I mean! But, when you growl push from this area in your stomach and release it through your throat.. Like as if to ‘cough’ – use this motion. And depending on how much screaming and so forth you have done to your favorite tracks over the years will determine how conditioned your vocal chords have become.2634_55431732581_1273009_n

It’s pretty much the same as regular vocals you would be taught at singing school, the same techniques of use of diaphragm and breathing etc. Head voice. Stomach voice and throat voice etc etc. but they will disagree on callousing your vocal chords! They will tell you that it’s damage. Well I have been doing vocals for over 10yrs and it just gets stronger. So take what you can from music school and disregard the rest!

Follow and imitate your favorite vocalist as well as all this practice helps! Don’t have no boundaries and always push the limit. Make sure you keep your vocal chords moist with fluids. In the end the fitter you are the better so I guess it just depends on the individual.

OK maniacs. I hope you can decipher what I have said here and that this makes sense. Good luck and fucking invoke nothing but pure chaos within!

Craig Priestley (Bassist/Vocalist)

Black Metal: Some Basic Guitar Techniques

Hails brothers!

Today I am about to share  some basic techniques of playing Black Metal. This article might come to help for the beginners who knows the basic Metal techniques but want to know the basic Black Metal techniques in guitar.


The most common technique used in Black Metal is tremolo picking. You have to follow the blast beat with it. And the tip is:

Use your wrist only. Never use your arm. Put your wrist somewhere like on the bridge or when you play the upper strings you may put your wrist on the lowers. Whatever makes u comfortable. Power chords, minor chords progression, natural harmonics are some of the other techniques you may use in Black Metal. I think the main goal of yours should be making your guitar line sound killer and distorted as hell.

Wish that come with a little help. Wake your demon up and start playing your axe.

Hail Chaos!

Count Cerberus

(Guitars, Eternal Armageddon)