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Stream “GUILTY”, track from the new Possession EP

Belgian black/death metal band Possession has revealed a new song from their upcoming mini album ‘1585 – 1646’. The new EP is scheduled to be released on 5th June, 2015. The band has also revealed the artwork and track list of the EP. Just like the previous releases, the recordings were done at ‘Blackout Multimedia’ in Brussels by Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness).

Artwork for '1585 – 1646'
Artwork for ‘1585 – 1646’

The EP contains the following four tracks:

  1. Visitation
  2. Ceremony
  3. Guilty
  4. Ablaze

The release will be available on CD (also includes the tracks from Anneliese EP) from Invictus Productions, regular and limited 12” vinyl from Iron Bonehead Productions.

The new song ‘Guilty’ is available for streaming on the following link:

Possession on Facebook

Interview with Possession


Stream & Download free digital compilation of Nordavind Recs featuring Vinterbris, Riti Occulti and More

Nordavind Records presents its first free digital download compilation, which is entitled “North Wind: Volume I”.


From the Norwegian black metal of Vinterbris to the atmospheric landscapes of Finland’s Atrum Tempestas, without forgetting Terror Empire‘s magnificent thrash assault, the esoteric blackened doom metal from Riti Occulti and the intensity delivered by post-black metallers Beautality, All of Nordavind’s releases to date are featured here for the listener to discover.

Stream and/or download the “North Wind” compilation from the record label’s Bandcamp page, below:

Nordavind Records Homepage

Nordavind Records Facebook              

Eternal Armageddon – to release new Demo, “BLACK THRASH BASTARDS” on Jan 14

Bengal black metal force Eternal Armageddon started their voyage back in the 2009 and released their debut ep,. After a short hiatus, the fury has reincarnated with new demonic soldiers. The demo,“Black Thrash Bastards” is the upcoming release of the demonic trio and it will be unleashed in the grandest event of Metal Barbarism II (January 14, 2015).

The demo is filled with four vengeful black thrashing originals (including an intro) and a Sodom tribute (Blasphemer).

Artwork done by : Cat Lady


Release Date: January 14, 2015 (Self Release)


1. Darkness Shalt Reign (Intro)
2. Hate Reincarnated
3. Black Thrash Bastards
4. Satanic Whispers
5. Blasphemer (Sodom Cover)


Asmodeus – Vocal/Bass
Sarcophagous –
Blasphemouranter –

For Order, Trade and other Inquiries:


Death to Peace Prods (Canada) re-issued Infernal Execrator Compilation in Tape format

6 years cover art

Irreligious black/death terror of Singahell, Infernal Execrator‘s six years anniversary compilation, “Mastema Hedonistic Territorial 666”  has been re-issued by Death to Peace Productions from Canada. Only 100 copies of Pro Tapes (Product Code:  DTPP001) have been re-issued and the first 33 copies come with a button.

The Compilation was originally released from Evil Dead Production of Malaysia as CD format in the anniversary of 6 Execrating Years Of Irreligiousatanic Elite, Infernal Execrator.

Track list:

1 Thy Demonization Conquers-2

2 Unholy Flame Of Odium

3 Pure Genocidal Apocalypse

4 Massacre Of the Evangelist

5 Antichrist Execration

6 Mastema Hedonistic Terroritual 666

7 Sodomythical Frostgoat

8 Final Blasphemy (ultimate Irreverent)

9 Armageddon Bestial Battle Live Desecration

10 True Anti-Religious Elite

11 Armageddon Bestial Battle

12 Diabolos Execratus Exescari

13 Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination

“2 new tracks taken from their 7″, live ritual track in Godbeheading ritual 2009 and raw rehearsals tracks!”

Listen to Infernal Execrator- True Anti Religious Elites:

For info and order,contact the label by email:

Death to Peace Prod Facebook:

Infernal Execrator Facebook:


——Zoheb Mahmud——-

Interview with Ashir of Infernal Execrator:

Review – Infernal Execrator – Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent:

Anal Vomit – New Track Streaming Online

Anal Vomit, undoubtedly a legendary name in the extreme metal scene of of Peru. The  black/death/thrash quartet initiated their gruesome voyage back in the 1992 and already have 3 full lengths in their discography. Fourth full length will be released by Icarus Music (Argentina).

Confront the first impact of their new black/death fever, “Brebaje de Muerte” (Brew of Death in English) from the upcoming full length, “PESTE NEGRA, MUERTE NEGRA” (Black Death, Black Plague in English).


Read the interview with their frontman, Possessor, talking about the new album and the other concerns related to Anal Vomit:

—– Zoheb Mahmud—–


Ofermod announces the release of a new EP

Ofermod is one of the bands responsible for shaping the modern black metal sound and an outstanding act from infamous Swedish black metal scene. Best known among the black metal fans for their more esoteric approach on lyrics, Ofermod spreads the significance of Luciferian darkness through their music which can be designated as “occult black metal”. Throughout the course of their journey since 1996, the band has released 2 full lengths, one demo and one EP. The band has returned again for a new EP entitled Serpents Dance. The EP, which is to be released through The Ajna Offensive this autumn. Serpents Dance contains three tracks – Chaos Reverberation, A Million Serpent’s Dance and the original version of track Tiamtu which was recorded back in 2005 but was never released. The EP will be out in 7” and MCD format. The release date is yet to be confirmed. 10170759_497307880381001_4923202444619021903_n

Track List:

1. Chaos Reverbnation

2. A Million Serpent’s Damce

3. Tiamtu (Bonus track on MCD)


Ofermod are:
Mika Hakola (Guitars, Vocals)
Johannes Kvarnbrink (Guitars, Vocals)
Robin Fjäll (Bass)
Simon Samuelsson (Drums)

Here’s a teaser of the song Chaos Reverberation from the EP Serpent’s Dance:

Ofermod on Facebook:

The Ajna Offensive on Facebook:

Leukemia confiscated the life of Astarte’s Tristessa (Maria Kolokouri)


When it comes to the term “All Female Black Metal Band”, Astarte from Greece is a prominent name. The band has bestowed the adherent of black metal music with their five impressive full length releases. Undoubtedly, fans must be downhearted to know the sad news of passing away of Marina Kolokouri, better known as her stage name Tristessa. The leader of the band was having leukemia and she had to quit from the battle against this fatal disease on yesterday (August 10, 2014). Short life of the black metal frontwoman comprised only 37 years.
Maria’s husband Nick Maiis has delivered the following statements revealing the sad news of her passing away:

Astarte_Wallpaper_by_coshkun“Maria she’s left from, this world,you are leaving a lot behind and my soul is in pain.You are a special person,you are my Wife .i will always adore you,our son and everybody that they love you.I will always honour you and you will never be forgotten .
Until we meet again my love i will will kiss you from inside of my soul
You Nick and your son Antonios”.

On December 30, 2013, Maria Kolokouri’s husband first announced that she had leukemia and was critically ill. However, previously announcement from her husband referred that the physical condition of her was getting better.


By: Zoheb Mahmud

Gig Update: Reign in Blasphemy fest – 2014

Looking for the right spot to unleash your apostasy? There’s an encompassing chance to grant your eternal perdition- talking about a gig entitled Reign in Blasphemy Fest 2014. The show is supported and organized by Metal Monger Records, a newly formed record label from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Metal Monger aims to make a collective effort to represent bands of different genres and styles in one gig which should shatter your ears with filthy sermons. Bands like Nafarmaan, Abominable Carnivore and Burial Dust are to blast throughout with sheer black metal desecration, Morbidity to herald their old school desultory, Raw Thrash metal acts Dissector and Exalter to invoke the war and madness around whereas old school thrashers Nuclear Winter to tear you off  with their warlike anthems. So you certainly will not put any apathy on this extreme metal expedition. Reign in Blasphemy Fest 2014 also announces the return of Nuclear Winter to the scene from exile. Burial Dust, the young black metal act from Dhaka will be hitting on stage for the first time, better watch out for these bands. Morbidity is all charged up with the release of their new full-length “Revealed From Ashes”. Exalter is all set to release their debut EP “Democrasodomy” soon.


The concert has Nafarmaan as the headlining act- you need not to be told about their excellence and mastery as denounced by them previously. With a lineup as strong as this one, you can expect a bloody assault and total chaos all over the venue. You will not get a gig like this one in the city for months and moreover, you have the chances to get the metal gears for your collection.  The slaughterhouse is all ready to agonize your ears at National Library Auditorium on 9th of August. Don’t forswear about the show.


Venue: National Library Auditorium (Next to Bangladesh Radio Office), Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.

Date: August 09, 2014










Event Link:

Metal Monger Records on Facebook:

By: Somber Oracle

Screams from the Morgue: Reincarnation of South-East Asian Underground Metal

Singapore had been a center of interest for the bands playing within the heavy metal genre in Asian continent. With a strong promotional background, many Singaporean acts and festivals had gain acceptance to a larger crowd! Can this be calculated as a threat to underground? Well, this is a topic to keep debating on. But to reincarnate the steadfast underground spirit, two promoters Shaiful and Mike teamed up for “SCREAMS FROM THE MORGUE”- a true underground show comprising of 6 bands only. All of the acts to play in the concert are from different countries but Singapore. The reason behind putting a show without bands from Singapore, the organizer Mike urged the showcasing of performance by the overseas bands, how they made impacts on their respective metal scenario. This also aims at the betterment of the young Singaporean acts by converging a variation of metal acts having different tradition but playing the same filthy form of music. With a show like this one, the invited bands also get the chance to share the stage before Singahellian chaos worshippers with their music and merchandising!! This is the uniqueness of this concert according to the organizers. Having it as the first onslaught from the SCREAMS FROM THE MORGUE, the organizers also expect to have future concerts with bigger arrangements.


The six bands confirmed to play in the show are: Exhumation (Death metal, Indonesia), Orator (Death/Thrash metal, Bangladesh), Savage Deity (Death metal, Thailand), Goatchrist 666 (Black/Death metal, Thailand), Nuclear Warfare (Thrash metal, Thailand) and Blasphmachine (Black/Death metal, Malaysia). The confirmed date for the gig is set to 14th September,2014 at Pink Noize (744, North Bridge Road), Singapore City. The gig is to be co-sponsored by Pulverised Records.


Exhumation ( )

Orator ( )

Savage Deity (

Goatchrist 666  (

Nuclear Warfare ( )

Blasphmachine ( )

DATE: 14 Sep 2014 (Sunday)

TIME: 6PM to 10:30PM


TICKETS: $15 At The Door (No Hidden Charges!)

Label Partner:

Pulverised Records (

Official Facebook of Screams from the Morgue:

Written By: Somber Oracle 

Upcoming Exports You Shouldn’t Miss

It has been a while we have posted some updates about the upcoming/recent releases! The year 2014 has embraced us with some really good news as the ‘originators’ of the black metal as well as some great other bands have announced their full-length releases. Here is a quick suggestions for the bands you can’t miss in 2014.

  • Mayhem

esoteric warfareSo the proclaimed “originators of northern darkness” Mayhem (THE TRUE MAYHEM) are finally back with their 5th full length album Esoteric Warfare. It’s going to be their first full-length release after Blasphemer’s departure (and of-course without his contribution since DMDS). So far a single called Psywar has been released. Although it goes in the same pattern as predecessor “Ordo ad Chao”, who knows what surprise the band have for the fans in “Esoteric Warfare


1. Watcher
2. Psywar
3. Trinity
4. Pandaemon
5. Mylab
6. Six Seconds
7. Throne of Time
8. Corpse of Care
9. Posthuman
10. Aion Suntalia

Scheduled Release date:May 23rd, 2014

Label: Season of Mist

Have a quick listen at Psywar:


  • Impaled Nazarene

coverFinnish black metal legends Impaled Nazarene also announced the release of a new full-length entitled Vigorous and Liberating death after four years of silence.


1. King Reborn
2. Flaming Sword of Satan
3. Pathological Hunger for Violence
4. Vestal Virgins
5. Martial Law
6. Riskiarvio
7. Apocalypse Principle
8. Kuoleman varjot
9. Vigorous and Liberating Death
10. Drink Consultation
11. Dystopia A. S.
12. Sananvapaus
13. Hostis Humani Generis

Label: Osmose Productions

Scheduled Release Date: April 14th, 2014

Listen to eponymous title track:


  • Enthroned

enthroned soverein2014 is the year for the mighty Belgians Enthroned to release their 10th full-length release “Sovereign”.  Two singles from the album has been released till now, which certainly paves the way to make decision that the flag bearers are not dead!


1. Anteloquium
2. Sine Qua Non
3. Of Feathers and Flames
4. Lamp of Invisible Lights
5. Of Shrines and Sovereigns
6. The Edge of Agony
7. Divine Coagulation
8. Baal al-Maut
9. Nerxiarxin Mahathallah

Scheduled Release Date:April 15th, 2014

Label: Agonia Records

Grab a listen to Of Shrines and Sovereigns:


  • Necrodeath

Necrodeath-The-7-Deadly-Sins-2014Legendary Italian old school death/black/thrash metallers Necrodeath are all prepared to release their 11th full-length studio album titled “The 7 Deadly Sins”. The band has also released a promo video for the track entitled “Wrath” to support the opus.


 1. Sloth
2. Lust
3. Envy
4. Pride
5. Wrath
6. Gluttony
7. Greed
8. Thanatoid
9. Graveyard of the Innocents

Label: Scarlet Records

Scheduled Release Date: May 13th, 2014

Watch the official video for Wrath:


  • Diocletian

Diocletian-GesundrianBlack/Death metal warlords Diocletian from New-Zealand also embracing the ‘war metal’ fans with a new scheduled full-length release. The band has particular made mark amongst the fans with their stunningly strong black metal sound. Their new release is titled as Gesundrian.


1. Cleaved Asunder
2. Wretched Sons
3. Summoning Fear
4. Traitor’s Gallow
5. Steel Jaws
6. Wolf Against Serpent
7. Beast Atop The Trapezoid
8. Zealot’s Poison

Label: Osmose Productions

Scheduled Release Date: May 23rd, 2014

Listen to Gesundrian:


  • Den Saakaldte

Den_Saakaldte album coverNorwegian Black/doom metal acts Den Saakaldte had announced their news of hitting the studio for the second full-length album earlier this year, so far the work has almost finished and their label officially made a statement about the release of Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete. The full-length will also be followed with a split release with Greek legends Varathron.


 1. Din siste dag
2. Forbanna idioter
3. Du selvproklamerte misjonær
4. Endeløst øde
5. Djevelens verk
6. Som ett arr på sjelen
7. Ondskapens nødvendighet

Scheduled Release Date: May 27th, 2014

Label: Agonia Records.


  • SvartiDauði :

svartidaudi_coverSvarti Dauði is one of the finest export from the grim landscape f Iceland, basically they play a blend of black metal with slight death/doom approach based on occult themes. They have grown a bit famous amongst black metal fans for their gimmick approach on music and appearance. They are up with the release of a new EP entitled The Synthesis of Whore and Beast.


 1. Venus Illegitima
2. Impotent Solar Phallus

Label: Terratur Possessions and Daemon Worship Productions

Scheduled Release Date: 30th April, 2014.

Listen to Venus Illegitima:


  • Erebus Enthroned:

erebus enthroned album coverErebus Enthroned is a melodic black/death metal band from Sydney, Australia. They might not be quite known among the black metal fans around the globe, but they are pretty solid black metal act who actually know what they are up with. The band has unleashed their sophomore effort entitled “Temple Under Hell”. If you are a fan of bands like Dissection, Watain, Blaze of Perdition– you MUST give ‘em a listen.


1. Sorathick Pentecost
2. Trisagion
3. Crucible of Vitriol
4. Black Sword
5. Void Wind
6. The Temple Under Hell
7. Return

Released:April 2nd, 2014

Label: Séance Records (CD), Van Records (Vinyl)

Listen to Void Wind:


  • Infernal Curse:

infernal curseArgentine bestial black/death metal act Infernal Curse is back after their stunning debut full-length Awaiting of the Damned. This time the EP is more dark and heavier than ever as the preview exemplifies. Don’t miss the release if you are a fan of this style of music.


1. The End upon Us
2. Lascivious Malevolence
3. Waters of Phlegethon
4. La diosa del averno (Hadez cover)

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Scheduled Release Date: May 16th, 2014

Listen to Wates of Phelegethon:


  • Vredehammer:

ob_76eb1a_vredehammer-vinteroffer-frontcoverVredehammer is a black metal band from Norway, they play their black metal taking inspirations from the acts such as Immortal and some Inquisition. Not a quite known band, but they play some real shits!! Fans of Immortal might find them promising. And Vinteroffer is their debut full-length release.


1. The Awakening
2. Cthulhu
3. Seduce Infect Destroy
4. Suicide Forest
5. We Are The Sacrifice
6. Sykdom
7. Summoned
8. Vinteroffer
9. Admissa

Label: Indie Recordings

Released: April 7th ,2014

Listen to Cthulhu:


Collected by: Somber Oracle