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Continuous Deaths Jeopardizing Metal World – Ex Black Witchery Guitarist Passed Away

Poisonous cancer has recently seized the lives of many respected musicians from rock and metal community. But, this time a severe accident has resulted in the departure of a black metal guitarist.


Steve Childers “Tregenda” (ex– Black Witchery) lost his life Continue reading Continuous Deaths Jeopardizing Metal World – Ex Black Witchery Guitarist Passed Away

Frank Watkins (aka Bøddel)- Bassist of Gorgoroth, Obituary, breathed his last


Frank Watkins, best known for his contributions in legendary American death metal band Obituary has passed away. He handled bass for the band from 1989 till 2010. He also played bass for the notorious Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth under the moniker ‘Bøddel’ since 2007. He was 47 when he died yesterday morning (18th October, 2015). News regarding his death has been published on Gorgoroth website as well as on official Facebook page of Obituary.

Obituary (1990)

Frank Watkins is considered as one of the greatest and most influential death metal bassists till date. He started playing music at the age of 12, and began his professional career in 1986 before he joined Obituary. He had his parts played in landmark Obituary albums like ‘Cause of Death’, ‘World Demise’ and ‘Xecutioner’s Return’. He recorded bass for Gorgoroth albums ‘Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt’ and ‘Instinctus Bestialis’. Detailed information on his death has not been revealed yet. He had been suffering from cancer since 2012 and stopped touring with Gorgoroth. He had posted a picture of himself at the hospital bed a few months before.

Frank has left his wife with two sons. We are deeply mourned at his death.

REST IN PEACE FRANK WATKINS (19/02/1968 – 18/10/2015).

Updates: Inundation of Forthcoming Black Metal Releases

The second half of 2015 AD is going to see some of the black metal veterans coming out from their slough with new releases. Finnish black metal legends Horna, French black/death metallers Temple of Baal, French black metal act VI are some of the bands to release their new materials on the coming months. Kaeck, a black metal act from Netherlands is also on the roster with a unique and crushing sounded debut album.

Temple Of Baal:

French black/death metal band Temple of Baal has announced their 5th full length album Continue reading Updates: Inundation of Forthcoming Black Metal Releases

Deathanie (ex- Krypt, Taake, Nattefrost) departs at 41


Stephanie K. C. Allouche, popularly known as Deathanie (or Deathanie Cunt), famous for her contribution in bands like Taake, Nattefrost and Krypt has deceased recently at the age of 41. The cause behind her death was not published due to her family decision. Taake frontman Hoest made a statement regarding her death on June 13, 2015. Continue reading Deathanie (ex- Krypt, Taake, Nattefrost) departs at 41

Nuclear War Now! to re-release Elysian Field’s Debut Full-length

Elysian Fields flyer_zpsitcmm2nbThe Elysian Fields (Formerly Desulphurize) was one of the experimental black/death metal bands that formed in the early 90’s in Greece. Despite releasing two fantastic albums We… the Enlightened and 12 Ablaze, they mostly stayed under the shadows of more popular bands. After a hiatus since 2010, The Elysian Fields formed again in the last year and currently working on their 5th full length album. Continue reading Nuclear War Now! to re-release Elysian Field’s Debut Full-length

THE UGLY (From Sweden) – Revealed New Album Details

unnamed (1)
was formed in late 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden by Ingemar Gustafson (vocals) and Johan Eriksson (guitars), for the purpose of creating furious and relentless black metal with roots in the bands that put Sweden on the world map in the 1990’s. Continue reading THE UGLY (From Sweden) – Revealed New Album Details

Metal World IS IN TRAUMA: Death-dealing Van Accident Killed 03 Black Metal Musicians

This news has undoubtedly shocked the current metal world. Two members of Wormreich and one member of Khaotika  died on April 06, 2015 in a terrible road accident. This shocking accident took place in Atlanta at around 7 am in local time. People who sadly lost their life are Wormreich’s Ian A. McKinney (30) & Paul. J. Truesdell (29), and Khaotika’s Nicholas R. Crisostomo (25).


Georgia State Patrol stated that the driver of the passenger van fell asleep while driving and struck a tree. All the passengers had been badly injured and later three of them died. Rest have got admitted to Athens Regional Hospital and Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Their condition is critical. The victims were among 12 people riding in a 15-passenger van that was towing a trailer.

The US based Black Metal band Wormreich’s Ian A. McKinney (30) was known under the stage name Nazgul Vathron. He used to play the guitars and keyboards in the band. The other member Paul. J. Truesdell (29) used to be the live bassist of Wormreich. He had another band called Fear Not Death.

Nicholas R. Crisostomo (25) was the drummer of the Melodic Black/ Gothic Metal band Khaotika of the same region.

With mourning heart we offer our condolences to their friends and family. May the departed souls rest in peace.  A GoFundMe has been created to supportthe families of the victims. There goes the link:

Wormreich : Facebook  || Bandcamp
Khaotika       : Facebook


By Asmodeus

German/Danish Black Metal Band, Plage Revealed Album Details and Streaming Link

PLAGE is a traditional black metal band founded by Exord and Blizzard in 2011. In 2012 they got completed by Vrede and Zorn. A first demo-cd was released in 2013 – limited to 100 copies and
immediately sold-out. They are located in Lübeck (Northern Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

The new album ‚”Den Kristne Stank’  (Means Christian Stench in English) will be released on April 10th 2015 by Alusia Productions and it offers eight tracks of archaic black metal.


The album has already been available for streaming at the official bandcamp page of the band


Vrede – Vocals
Exord – Guitars
Zorn – Bass
Blizzard – Drums

Guest musicians:
Ynleborgaz (Angantyr) – Additional vocals
Hades (BlackShore) – Additional vocals


Alusia Productions FACEBOOK

Details Revealed On New Amestigon Full-length ‘Thier’


At long last, one of the unsung pillars of the Austrian black metal scene returns to reclaim their throne: W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS proudly presents Amestigon‘s monumental second album, Thier. A sprawling, wholly intoxicating mass of metaphysical might and mystical atmosphere, Thier comprises four vast, void-dwelling expanses of obsidian sound, with each track in the double digits and the title track itself topping nearly 20 minutes.

The sophomore effort is scheduled to be released on 28th May, 2015. ‘Thier’ will be available  on CD and digital format primarily, but it will also be released on DLP format later on.

Artwork, Thier
Artwork, Thier

1. Demiurg
2. 358
3. Hochpolung
4. Thier

Tharen – Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Wolf – Guitars
Lanz – Guitars, Bass
Silenius – Vocals

Label: World Terror Committee

Amestigon On Facebook || Amestigon on Bandcamp

World Terror Committee on Facebook

Blaze Of Perdition reveals details about their new album


Blaze Of Perdition, is one of astounding black metal bands to emerge from Poland. The band had faced severe accident on November, 2013, on their way to a gig in Austria, in which their bassist “Ikaroz” died on spot, their vocal “Sonnelion” went to coma and the drummer “Wizun” was heavily injured. Despite such trauma, the band decided to continue as their members recovered and recorded the 3rd album titled Near Death Revelations, based on their experience as they seen death from so close.

Blaze Of Perdition have managed to built up an excellent reputation with their two previous albums, Towards the Blaze of Perdition (2010) and The Hierophant (2011), which solidified the outfits position as one the most interesting acts in the field of black metal. For the third offering, the band is now signed to Agonia Records, which will release the album June 1st, 2015. The albums artwork was designed by Mentalporn.

Artwork, Near Death Revelations
Artwork, Near Death Revelations

With more album details set to be revealed soon, Blaze Of Perdition have already shed light on the track-list, which is as follows:

1. Królestwo Niczyje
2. Into the Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light

S. – vocals
XCIII – guitars
Revenger – guitars/bass
Vizun – d


Blaze Of Perdition on Facebook || Agonia Records on Facebook

Agonia Records Web