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Here, streaming link of the new releases will be shared. We premiere the materials even before the actual release date when we are authorized by the label/band.


‘Metal’ has never thrived in Bangladesh for many reasons, mostly due to geography, culture and popular beliefs. Metal has therefore always been a very ‘underground’ phenomena, in terms of quality bands, promoters, labels and all other aspects. Only a handful of bands have shone from here. Heavy metal is mostly restricted to capital and few other large cities. The fact is, out of other styles of metal, ‘black metal’ has always suffered from numbers and yes, there were only a few classy black metal acts that had emerged from this land.

Serpent Spells playing live at Baptism in Fire!! 2015

Serpent Spells are one of the few black metal acts that tend to exist here. Being a fairly new band, Continue reading EXCLUISVE PREMIERE: “Piercing the Cervix of Nehemah” – TRACK FROM THE DEBUT EP OF SERPENT SPELLS

REVIEW : STELLARVORE – TEHOM ; Exclusive Premiere of a Single


Two men Black Metal attack Stellarvore is about to come up with their debut demo ‘Tehom’. You might already know the Continue reading REVIEW : STELLARVORE – TEHOM ; Exclusive Premiere of a Single

Premiere: Three Tracks from the Debut Full Length of MORKESAGN (Ukraine)

Stowing melodic elements in metal music does not necessarily macerates the dark atmosphere of the music. WHY? Different bands have proved it, particularly considering this issue in the sphere of black metal, we can come up with the out-turn that melody and darkness can walk together. Morkesagn from Kyiiv, Ukraine is such a band who has successfully balanced the melody and gloomy atmosphere of the music.  Continue reading Premiere: Three Tracks from the Debut Full Length of MORKESAGN (Ukraine)

Full Album Streaming: Samhara – Deathkult Sutra

Swedish mystical duo Samhara independently released their initial demonstration “Deathkult Sutra”on demo tape back in the 2014. Clandestine Faith Promotions will re-invoke this spiritual torturing voyage by re-releasing (with reproduction) it in CD format.

This work entirety expresses the first hand experience through the creators which took place during a pilgrimage towards the burning cremation grounds residing in India, to fulfill a calling which came as a vision through the gnashing jaws of redemption. Continue reading Full Album Streaming: Samhara – Deathkult Sutra

German/Danish Black Metal Band, Plage Revealed Album Details and Streaming Link

PLAGE is a traditional black metal band founded by Exord and Blizzard in 2011. In 2012 they got completed by Vrede and Zorn. A first demo-cd was released in 2013 – limited to 100 copies and
immediately sold-out. They are located in Lübeck (Northern Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

The new album ‚”Den Kristne Stank’  (Means Christian Stench in English) will be released on April 10th 2015 by Alusia Productions and it offers eight tracks of archaic black metal.


The album has already been available for streaming at the official bandcamp page of the band


Vrede – Vocals
Exord – Guitars
Zorn – Bass
Blizzard – Drums

Guest musicians:
Ynleborgaz (Angantyr) – Additional vocals
Hades (BlackShore) – Additional vocals


Alusia Productions FACEBOOK

Stream New albums of TARAN (Pl) and NIGREDO (Gr)

Odium Records of London, Uk (Previously located in Poland) is offering two new black metal releases, Self Titled full length of Polish black metal act Taran and debut release of Hellenic black metal band Nigredo.

Taran – Taran

Polish Anti-Christian group, Taran has been active over a decade, but it is the first ever full length of the band. The album was recorded in September 2014 at eXe Labolatories and mastered at Necromorbus Studio. It includes 7 songs + intro and outro + cover of Immortal‘s classic, “Unsilent Storm in the North Abyss”. One can expect Radical and Extreme Black Metal in its purest form.

Streaming Link:

Taran Facebook


Nigredo – Facets of Death
unnamed (1)

Despite the fact that the band is new, the line-up consists of experienced musicians like Maelstrom form Thou Art Lord, Ravencult or Dodsferd. The mini-album wasreleased as a limited digipack with booklet and includes the music for fans of Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Watain or Deathspell Omega. The production took place in 210 Studios (Keep of Kalessin, Solefald) in Berlin. The band favors the orthodox Cult of Death.

Streaming Link:

Nigredo Facebook


Order both of the albums in the below link:

Review + Exclusive Premiere of the Debut Full Length: Inculter – Persisting Devolution

Recently a proclivity of the resurrection of old school metal can easily be observed; oodles of black/thrash metal bands are emerging from different parts of the world as a part of this movement. It is somehow predicted that most of these newcomers are just following the footsteps of the 80’s ancestors; however, some bands among the movement are capable of creating compulsive music within the boundary of the old school black/thrash metal. Inculter of Norway is such a band, creating the vicious form of Continue reading Review + Exclusive Premiere of the Debut Full Length: Inculter – Persisting Devolution


Bastardizer from Sydney, Australia can be considered as a perfect portrait of the first wave Veterans like Venom, Bathory, Bulldozer and the likes. Aussie black/thrash scene is passably sturdy and Bastardizer has joined in this demonic league with their devastating demo “Demo(N)s Unleashed”. The follow up release,“Enforcers of Evil” which was the debut full length of the quadrilateral, was a neck wrecking experience for the admirers of the music.


Now, the band has allied with the Brazilian wicked act “Whipstriker” for a split, entitled as “Strike of the Bastard”.  Each of the band has contributed 03 tracks in the split and below you can stream the evil invoking blackened thrash tracks, presented from the side of Bastardizer:

Available Soon On:

10″ Vinyl – Dying Victims Productions
CD – Hells Vomit Productions
Cassette – Hellforced Records

Bastardizer Facebook


By: Zoheb Mahmud


Swarþ – “Veneficivm” EP Streaming

After a collection of their previous offerings, released under the name “Omines Pestilentiae“, Swarþ have now spawned a new EP entitled “Veneficivm“. The EP is comprised of two tracks simply titled “I” and “II“. Hailing from the pits of the unknown (no info or details are given about the band other than the label’s announcements of their releases), they present two poisonous pieces reeking of sulphur for a descent in the abyss where darkness and insanity reign over everything.


“Veneficivm” can be streamed below and can be purchased through Iron Bonehead at the following LINK.

By: Mater Tenebrarum

Full Demo Streaming: Caveman Cult – “Rituals of Savagery”

Caveman Cult, a trio hailing from Miami, Florida, plays vicious form of black/death metal (or war metal) similar to Proclamation, Revenge and likes. The band had released their debut demo, titled ‘Rituals of Savagery’. The five track demo was released on November 17th, 2014 in digital format. Florida based record label Wohrt Records has released the demo on cassette tapes on February 6th, 2015.

Artwork for Rituals of savagery
Artwork for Rituals of savagery

A promo video was also released with the track ‘Sacred Burial Desecration’.

The entire demo can be streamed here:

Rituals of Savagery demo can also be ordered from Wohrt Records at: