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Interview with Incarion


Incarion, can be certainly claimed as old demons in Eastern Black Metal Scene, Formed way back in 1993, Incarion plays vicious form of black metal. They are playing in Manila Execration Ritual alongside mighty Infernal Execrator, Satanas, Erehes, Ancient Warlord and some other promising black metal act. Here follows an interview with their frontman regarding the show and history of the band.

– Hellish Greetings to the Incarion horde for keeping their black flames alive for more than two decades.

Darkkon: Ave Zoheb!, decades of devotion and blasphemy which fuels us to keep the infernal fire of Incarion still burning, to the blackened hearts bear with us to this crusade for aeonian darkness, Heed thy command!

– Can you enlighten our readers (who are not aware of Incarion) by briefing about the formation and history of Incarion?

Darkkon: Incarion was formed by two blackened hearts Darkkon-bass/vox, and Unlight-guitars in 1993; in addition, we recruited a sessionist to handle the drums position. Lacking of infernal power, we revamped the line-up and recruited Lennard-2nd guitar and Emptiness on drums, with this first-gen lineup we played several gigs and began working on original compositions. Time came when the two (Lennard and Emptiness), can’t perform the duties any longer coz of  their personal reasons that gave us signs for Incarion to summon two beasts Lucifernicus-2nd guitar and Maleficarium on drums, we started to resume the first demo project with this line-up, played several gigs and accomplished the very limited “Blasphemiak” demo project.Blasphemiak draw attention to some labels, distros, bands and u.g. enthusiasts, that the band appeared in some compilation and E.P. projects around 1997-99, Incarion hibernated sometimes, old members come and go, recruiting new warriors and until we are here now, for the full biography you can visit:


Can you tell us the meaning of “Incarion” and why did you choose this as your band name? 

Darkkon: From all the u.g. zines that made interviews with us, no one has ever asked us about our band name and its origin, which we are gratified. Incarion originated from combined words -“Incarnated by Legion”or in other words “LEGION INCARNATE”, the Demonic Hordes that Incarnates and possessed this earthborn to become its tool in disseminating the arts of the tenebrous. It has a similar meaning to us since Incarion as a band, is composed of 4 demonic warriors symbolized by “Legion”, Incarnated to a form of 4 human flesh from which are members of our band INCARION.

– Incarion is to share stage with Infernal Execrator and other Filipino troops on coming May. How is the preparation going and do you want to share any note to the maniacs who will attend in this grandest event?

Darkkon: We are so far looking ahead sharing the stage with Infernal Execrator since we know they are a great band… But somehow, in spite of all the hindrance happened, we still manage to prepare what’s left on the days prior the event… as usual, since the demise of Mephistopheles (former lead guitarist), we may be outmanned, but the urge to spread the Incarion Plague will be on full assault and nothing would stop us!.  To the warriors/bands/legionnaires be there to support this hellish event, drink and be drunk! Spew forth blasphemy!

– Do you know all of the bands playing in Manila Execration Ritual? Which bands are you specially looking forward to seeing at the ritual?

Darkkon: Yes we know most of the bands, and we’ve been desecrating stages with them most in gigs. Of course we’re looking forward on Infernal Execrator and to the bands coming from the south to make this unholy event a desecrating ceremony.

– Last year you played a reunion gig on Infernal Curse’s “Awakening the Damned Manila Tour”. Do you want to share any moment from that sacrament?

Darkkon: Not all luck were in favor with us when we heard a short notice from Maleficarium, our drummer that he had an injury in his ankle which made him unable to play. while Infernal Curse seems desiring us to play, their drummer, Bestial Offensor offered to fill in the drums for us. So we had a 2-song jam. One song from our “Blasphemiak Demo”, and the other was “Buried By Time and Dust” by Mayhem. In fairness to Bestial Offensor, he still manages to play those two songs with us even with an on-the-spot, before-the-gig rehersal. It was a great night for every dark soul present in the event.  Hail Infernal Curse!!!

– Do you want to draw any differentiation between the current and the old extreme metal scene of Philippines? Did the religious people use to scramble in the early days because of your anti religious music?

Darkkon: For me, early 90’s metal scene was the era where most of the true exceptional raw talents emerged. The metal scene is small but promising, ready to deliver true and pure metal in every genre they represent. Death/Doom/Thrash/Heavy metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, genres were dominant those days while Black Metal was actually not as popular as of today, and when Incarion appear on stage with an anti-Christian/demonic persona, most of the crowd were clueless or somehow ignorant about our genre. Others preferred to step out instead and made stupid of themselves while their god is being desecrated as they can’t accept the art of the dark side, the antithetical of Christianity. In conclusion, everyone was shocked with our presence. Nowadays, we could say that the local metal scene is immense in every part of the country. This raw form of extreme music have created variations/sub-genres that even the musical purist will accept, the crowd are supportive, frequent gigs, much more drunken maniacs, etc. It’s good to see that such small village has become a kingdom.

– Even though Incarion was formed in 1993, still the band has not released any full length. How would you describe this issue?

Darkkon: Our passion and hatred in this pitiful society is overwhelming but there are issues that temporarily hinder us from conquering… In every war, financial capability is one reason and proper planning and timing are other…these are just some of it… In this shithole of a country, we more prioritize to our professions than being a musician in order for us to survive life and fuel our thirst for war… we all agree that there is no money in the Black metal arts.. We just create our songs ready to be unleashed to cause havoc, hate and war in the realms of man when the right time comes… We may haven’t released an album, but our blackened hordes understand that we have the songs…but it’s not the recording that keeps Incarion alive… but our passion in this genre… We will be immortalized by the ones who witnessed our carnage…

Listen to Incarion:

– Do you want to expose any updates of future? New release? Local or International live onslaught?

Darkkon: We’re currently working on our new and first ever album, and were hoping to finish this within the year. Consisting of 7-8 tracks of Asiatic pagan metal in its most barbaric raw rendition. We are still unsigned from record labels or Distros. But even though, we still plan to release this internationally with our own distribution. A combination of Instrumental tracks and total infernal barbaric raw assaults. Most tracks were done from the veins of Blasphemiak demo’97 which may satisfy all our darkhordes’ hunger for more “Blasphemiak” sounds. We are open for local and international invitations dependingon schedule and arrangements.

Incarion Live at Black Mass III:

– Thanks for your time, Darkkon. It would be awesome if you suggest our readers some solid black metal bands from your region and you may add any final statement before wrapping up the interview.

Darkon: Well appreciated, we have many exceptional talents out here, I can suggest to the blackened hearts go to the event and support the bands and the scene, Cheers!

Current Line-up:
Darkkon – Bass/Vox
Lucifernicus – Rhythm Guitars

Eskariot – Drums


Interview Conducted By: Zoheb Mahmud

Interview with the Manila Execration Ritual Headliner: Infernal Execrator

Infernal Execrator Logo

Infernal Execrator, the blasphemous Singahellian horde to unleash their ruthless devilish force to uproot the holiness from Manila with a live ritual titled “Manila Execration Ritual” Venustas Diabolicus, as a part of this live onslaught, took an interview with Infernal Execrator frontman Lord Ashir.


– Hello brother Ashir! Once again welcome to Venustas Diabolicus zine. How are you doing?

Lord Ashir: ARRRGH!! Atomic hails to you & Venustas Diabolicus zine! Everything is good here and are fully prepared for an execration death strike in Manila & Davao warfront!

– You are going to manifest your blasphemous ideas on May 2nd at Manila Execration1743299_445124135618610_2054039194_n Ritual. What’s your view on the show and also what you are expecting?

Ashir: Yes, We are definitely looking forward for our Manila Execration Ritual and expect total chaos, hate & blasphemy!

– Are you in touch with any of the bands that you are playing with in Manila Execration Ritual? Can you mention the bands, please?


– What’s your view on Philippines black metal scene?  Is it promising?

Ashir: I can say some of the bands whom I’m in contact with are killer & crazy maniac. I heard from my close contact there are quite a number of underground blasphemous bands which I hope I can meet them and have a blasphemous amalgamation! 

– So, you had your debut full-length Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent released on the last 1528653_743750002309900_232344628_nmonth. How is the response you are getting from around the globe?

Ashir: ARRRGH!!! The responses given this time are totally execrating & killer!

EXPECT A TOTAL OF 9 PURE IRRELIGIOUS BLACK DEATH EXECRATION hymns including IMPIETY bonus cover extremely for an Asian pressing via Eastern Voice Production!!

Listen to Infernal Execrator: 

– Apart from Manila Execration Ritual, do you have any other tour plans with Infernal Execrator? If you have, can you brief our readers about the plan?

Ashir: We will invade Davao on the 3rd of May after our Manila Execration Ritual which is on the 2nd of May 2014! We have few rituals to exterminate which is Batam, Tanjung Pinang & Yogyakarta in 2014. We are been offered few European dates as well but still under negotiation! ARRRRGH!!!

– What will be the bands motto on the stage at May 2nd ?



– Thanks for your time Ashir, any final words?



Infernal Execrator Are:

Lord Ashir (Vocals & Guitars)

NecroShairan (Guitars)

Kommando Antichristo (Bass)

Christslaughter (Drums)

Official Facebook:

Interview Conducted by: Somber Oracle 

Interview with Erehes (Philippines)

Erehes Logo


As a part of our collaboration with Manila Execration Ritual, 2014, we have conducted an interview with “Hellcommander” of “Erehes”. Erehes is a Black Metal band from Cebu, Philippines, formed in 2004. This blasphemous horde from Cebu are all set to play in Manila Execration Ritual, 2014.

Asmodeus: Greeting from Venustas Diabolicus. 

Hellcommandar: Infernal Hails! To all black metal diehard legions of Venustas Diabolicus. Salute!

Asmodeus: How did Erehes get started?

Hellcommandar: Erehes started in the Midst of 2005, as 40DIAZ (Quarenta Diaz) the band original lineup was composed by my college comrades Binggoy (valac) Mon (moon) and yours truly (hellkommander), the band started black metal  in a small town of Cebu City, Played some Behemoth Cover songs and few reditions of Black Sabbath Covers (Black Metal Sabbath) to begin with. The band has few original compositions during those blasphemous years like; Archdiocese of Madness, the Scorn ov thy Beloved. Due to to unforeseen events other members had left and the band stuggled and continue to find replacements that would fit the band wagon.  Through the years of unstable lineup the band decided to cool down and spend time focusing on its personal agendas. a year later i met  this two cool guys Myk and Mertz  and invite them to join the band. These two guys had no background of Black Metal, but i find them brilliant they were able to capture the bands ideas. So, EREHES was formed with new concept, crazy ideas etc and tend to make its music more mature, evil and 666 X aggressive compare to Quarenta Diaz. The band made its 1st debut on Impiety Tour Cebu leg, showing a different blend of BM sound. Today, EREHES continues uphold its uprising against the norms and virtues of Roman Catholic Church and other false religion. The band now celebrates its 9 years strong and counting looking forward to meet and shared stage with true metal heads all over the country.

Asmodeus: What does ‘Erehes’ mean? 

Hellcommandar: It’s someone who subversive, Againts religion particularly the doctrines of the roman catholic church. 


Asmodeus: Erehes is performing this year at Manila Execration Ritual. Tell us something about that. Your plans, feelings and expectations.

Hellcommandar: First and formost it’s a great honor for the band performing into a pure black metal show. Knowing some of the bands that we had shared stage before were great bands for us its more than enough total bombardment and sick experience.  And I have known Ashir of INFERNAL  EXECRATOR few month ago, very humble, down to earth guy it’s always a pleasure meeting and pefroming with the true legions. We have no expectations except to play and enjoy the set.

Asmodeus: Tell us about your latest release. The EP titled ‘Proclamation Ov the Horned God’. 

Hellcommandar: The EP was like 3 years in the making recorded last 2010 at backyard recording studio in Cebu and was complete early 2013 due to lineup change and personal agenda’s it took time for us to complete everything. but it’s worth to wait, uhhmm, it’s close to 20-30mins album with 5 Unholy merciless tracks bombard with some epic guitar riffs and ravaging solo’s. 2 tracks were taken from our old band’s composition but we had to do some changes and etc. supposedly the band’s target was a full length however due to time constraint we decided to cut it short and will be releasing full soon. , also it is release and marketed by our label Crysella Records until now we are waiting for physical copies to be distributed in the country. the artwork were conceptualize by Sir PJ Ong (Inodoro Designs) a well known diverse graphic artist the the country who wanted to make some expirement by making the art more simple yet diabolical inside. And he was able to capture the bands black heart.

Asmodeus: What are your plans regarding the future releases and upcoming gigs?

Hellcommandar: We lookforward for more out of town shows, ofcourse playing outside your own arena is way more better specially you see real people appreciated and love what you are doing. With no biases. I say, there are more fulfillments performing into a much more intellectual crowd. True extreme followers do not commemorate thy one selves yet support with no exceptions. in regards to release we continue to write new songs well infact we have one added which i find it more aggressive and evil. For upcoming gigs; will save the last for Cebu hordes since we have difficulties in organizing due few venues that supports extreme music which is ironic. but more tours planned after luzon, we lookforward to desekrate Davao and some other parts in Mindanao, Visayas we lookforward to get some support aswell. So continue to stay tune!


Asmodeus: From the lyrical point of view, what message does Erehes try to forward to the listeners?

Hellcommandar: Very simple, follow what you believe into and do not be decieve by what others want you to do. But to sum up everything EREHES wish everyone to be more opend minded and intellectual human being, born in a christian nation we live by their norms and much lies and hypocrisy in values they taught .so, strip the blindfolds and see the bigger picture. Realities lie into our own hands!

Asmodeus: Are there any other bands or projects that you are associated with? 

Hellcommandar: Binggoy and Mon are both associated with Muriatik (brutal death band). Myk and Mertz are both associated with Mykils Edge (progressive). I am not associated with any.

Asmodeus: How would you like to explain your sound? Which bands worked as the influence or have played a major role to create the authenticity of the sound of Erehes?

Hellcommandar: I say, not the typical BLACK METAL. Most Black Metal in the country were adapting to RAW and DIY. I have so much respect for each individual’s point of views, we may like it or may not but most important thing we create something which it’s natural in a sense. if you notice Myk has deep influence in Classical Metal and our drummer does not came from extreme band which is bit challenging the Rest were influence Black Metal and Death. The band wants something friendly to the audience yet diabolical in a sense. So, expect brainstorm on every tracks. But the band that influence us most when it comes to Ideas and Philosophy is Nergal and BEHEMOTH.

Asmodeus: Thanks for your time. Any last message for the readers? 

Hellcommandar: To all followers, Die Hard legions, we urge you to support EREHES as we perform together with Manila’s one of great BM Bands and Davao’s Black horde We wish to see everyone enjoys everyones set and get drunk as fvk!!!! After Manila ritual on the 2nd, we also ask everyone in Olongapo for the Aural Massacre 9 year aniversary on 3rd of May to join us and support the band. ! We want to desekrate in 2 cities!!!! 666 Support!  Ave! Cheers!

Hear us;

Interview Conducted by: Asmodeus


Interview with Vomitwolves


Vomitwolves, the black/death duo has emerged from Gulfport, Mississippi to nail your earhole with the frenzied harmony. They have released their first full length, “Chapel of Rot” in the beginning of this year. Jared and Jill, the couple of howling death joined with us for a skull session to speak about the band.

Morbid Greetings to you my friends, Jill and Jared. How is it going?

Jill : Hails Zoheb!

Jared: G’day, doing well enough.

Would you mind giving the fundamental information about “Vomitwolves” for the readers who are not aware of this project?

Jill: Not much to say other than its a two piece that plays really primitive death/black metal.


– “Vomitwolves”, definitely the moniker reflects a grotesque imagery and I personally like the name. Whom of you have chosen the name and tell us the reason behind choosing this name.

Jared: I was the originator of the name and actually had to convince Jill of the potential impact that it would have regardless of it being composed of common terms/motifs that pop up in the extreme metal scenes often enough. It kinda came to me and wouldn’t leave me for weeks before I finally presented it to Jill as a possible name. Stems both from the pure ugliness you think of upon hearing the name, to the aural representation of the music, and to the actual potential imagery we want to project.

– Jared, you have been involved with a lot of bands and how did you come up with the idea to form a black/death metal band with your spouse?

Jared: Well Jill would often sing along to some degree to some of our favorite releases even in non-serious terms so that planted a seed that I knew she was capable of doing the vocals I would envision. It would take quite awhile before we could actually make this come to fruitation due to Jill’s hesitance. Since I’m often like you said quite involved with many bands I wanted to do something that would be special as something as ‘ours’ that I created with my wife. After laying the ground work to a degree and get Jill on board. It was a matter of a joint venture on choosing the exact sound and tones to get what we were shooting for.

– Jill, you have been involved in the extreme metal scene for long.

Shadow Gate Zine
Shadow Gate Zine

You used to run a black metal zine, “Shadowgate”. Is it your first experience to play in a band?

Jill : Yes! It was something Jared had been wanting to do for a long time, but it took

him a bit of arm twisting for me to be open to the idea. Initially I wasnt too comfortable with the idea of doing vocals.

– Comparing to the full length, “Chapel of Rot” with the eponymous EP, I found the full length exceeds the EP in terms of sound, instrumental work and compose though Jill’s vocal used to be quirkier in the EP. How would you define these issues?

Jill: Haha, quirky! Im actually not crazy about my vocals on the ep…it was more trial and error on that..finding out with my voice what things work better. Im a lot more confident in my vocals now than I was on the ep. As far as the material, i think the stuff we are working on since Chapel is more fleshed out, far heavier.

Jared: Yea the first ep was kinda splatter shot of what Jill said she wanted to hear as far as music that she would be willing to vocalize over. So it was kinda working with what was wanted and what I think would sound good at that time. When approaching the full length we had a more solid idea of what we wanted to do and I, myself was more comfortable in what I wanted to play and more confident in knowing what would work best as far as the overall sound of VW.

Listen to Vomitwolves: Chapel of Rot: 

– Who is concerned for writing the lyrics? Have you set any specific lyrical theme to be spared through your vicious music? Do you consider lyric as a vital weapon for spreading the sickness of your music?

Jill: Jared wrote everything with the ep. On Chapel, it was probably more of a joint effort. We shared in the lyrics, direction of artwork. Whereas on the ep, I just did vocals and that was it, on Chapel and music we are currently working on, it has been a shared effort.  Lyrics arent a huge focus for me with VW. They are necessary, but that is really about it.

Jared: Jill summed it about up. I like how on the full length is was far more of a joint effort and that’s how all future material will be done as well.

– What are the thoughts and meanings behind the cover artwork of both of your EP and LP?

Jill: Jared did all the artwork, ill let him answer this!

Chapel of Rot
Chapel of Rot
Vomitwolves EP
Vomitwolves EP

Jared: Well with the EP since it was sort of a scattershot of everything and I was pleased to get it done I decided I wanted to kinda do a huge nod to one of the influence upon us for the start, but not directly lifted. It’s a direct throw back to ‘Nattens madrigal – aatte hymne til ulven i manden’ by Ulver. As far as the full length I took a good deal of direction from Jill both from song titles chosen and  direct input she put in when I was doing up some rough ideas. Once I had both of those in place it was quite easy to put together something that throws back to the very roots of what we enjoyed in primative death and black metal’s art and aesthetic. So at the most basica… it’s what I like to see so therefore I create that.

– What influences you mainly to start this unrighteous extreme metal project?

Jill: Influences of mine..def early Destruction, Coroner, Mystifier, Impaled Nazarene, Belial (fin), Disembowelment

Jared: If I had to sum it up in a few bands, Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Archgoat, Incantation, Vomitor, Black Witchery, Revenge

– Is there any possibility to see Vomitwolves in live annihilation or are you just willing to keep it as a studio project?

Jill:  No plans at all for tours or live shows. We intend to keep this just the two of us.

Jared: It was meant for something for the both of us to work on and enjoy. If we wanted more involved I could’ve brought in people I know long ago to do so.

– What is your opinion about the online zines? Jill, since you used to publish printed zine in the 90’s, do you have any sort of negative view about the online zines?

Jill:  Honestly, I dont keep up with tons of online zines just due to sheer time constraints, but I have no negative feelings in the least, I understand that its the technology of the world now and how information is shared. And i know that alot of hard work and time go into many of them.  However, growing up for me there was no digital media. I suspect i will always remain a dinosaur that prefers tangible physical media.

Jared: I greatly miss the print zine. But I do read and visit some when I do have the time to do so. I don’t look down upon it and I can still find out about some great bands I might have not heard of before and that’s what it’s all about.

– Jared, I want you to tell us about your record label and artwork activities. Please do tell us about Speed Ritual Records and

Jared: As far as Speed Ritual Records, it is a label I started mainly to release my own material. When I was going to start self publishing all the things I intended I figured why not just have at least a single imprint for them all to be grouped under. Either way I planned on releasing everything I have regardless of the creation of the label it was just more of a catalyst to work harder at doing so.  Thus far it’s been all my own work or collaborations aside from one release out of  49 releases since 2010. Largely I’m quite happy with it’s success being that practically the releases end up paying for themselves. Might be an intial investment to get everything but that’s covered shortly thereafter and then all ‘profit’ is directed right back into future releases. I soully release these because I personally want something ‘official’ for my work for my own collection, everything thereafter that is sold is a very pleasant surprise and is greatly appreciated.

As far as it came about around 2008 when I wasn’t doing much music actively with playing with bands and it was before I got all the recording equipment I needed to start doing material myself. I basically fell back to my first enjoyment of creation which was drawing and painting. No true formal training cause I didn’t take anything away from the art classes I took in high school and college aside from hating art and not wanting to do it. So it was mainly to fill that empty void of time I had that practice and writing would take up, my first paintings I gave away and then the combination of posting them online and having the opportunity to sell at a few art shows locally had me hooked cause I found an audience that truely appreciated what I was creating which inspired me to do more and do it better than before. Only in 2012 have I actually reached to a point where I had actively made pieces that I have been happy with. And for doing artwork for my bands, it’s something I had always planned to do with my inks… creating artwork for bands.. just happened that what I did fit what I did for my own bands best and I honestly don’t care too much for commission work on my inks with too much direction cause with that much input on them I tend to dislike the entire job and rather put it off to the point where I don’t want to do it or I’m absolutely bored and have nothing else to do.

– What will the future have in store for Vomitwolves? And for Jared, I would like to know the future plans for your other projects as well.

Jill:  We have another release scheduled for later this year, probably around late summer or early fall. Either an ep or split.

Jared: I’m going with the assumption that it’ll be an EP and it’s currently in the works right now.

– That’s the last part of this interview. Thanks for your time and would you end the interview by mentioning some of your all time favorite releases?

Jill:  Thank you for your support Zoheb and best of luck with Venustas Diabolicus!! Wow, all time favorites? Thats a hard list to make! Off the top of my head I would say  any of Maiden’s early releases, Destruction “Sentence of Death”, Impaled Nazarene “Tol Cormpt Norz..”, Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers”, Ved Buens Ende “Written in Waters”, WASP self titled, Belial “G.o.t.P” Yngwie Malmsteen “Trilogy”.

Jared: Truly appreciate the interview and acknowledgement.  And all time favorites.. Gorguts: Obscura, Incantation: Onward Towards Golgotha & Diabolical Conquest, Angelcorpse: Exterminate, Immolation: Failure of Gods, Portal: Seepia, Eyehategod: Take As Needed For Pain, Nasum: Inhale/Exhale, Morbid Angel: Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, Khanate: Things Viral, Disembowelment:  Transcendence into the Peripherial

Current Line Up:

Jill M (Vocals)

Jared M (All Instruments) 

Official Facebook:

Listen to “Vomitwolves” EP

Listen to “Chapel of Rot” Full Length

Interview Conducted byZoheb Mahmud

Interview with Satanas (Philippines)


As a part of our collaboration with Manila Execration Ritual, 2014, we have conducted an interview with “Lord Impierno” of “Satanas”. The impious troop, “Satanas” has emerged from Davao, the capital of Philippines’ extreme metal. The quadrilateral of  Anti Kristos is ready with their weaponry to assail at the grandest event of Manila Execration Ritual that is going to be held on May 02, 2014. Zoheb Mahmud conduct an interview of the drummer, “Lord Impierno”.

Zoheb: Welcome to Venustas Diabolicus Zine, “Lord Impierno”. To start off this interview, tell us how did Satanas get started?

Lord Impierno: Hails, in 2008 I was playing drums in a black thrash metal band called DEMONIFIED, but we’ve split up in 2009 due to personal problems of my band mates, so I’ve decided to form another band, this time a full black metal band called Satanas, then I’ve started to search for band mates that have the same beliefs in black metal. Then I came up with black demon and carcallas (ex members of dark lord), black demon, carcallas and I are starting to make songs in 2009 then destroyer entered the band in 2010 and we started to play live rituals in 2010.


Zoheb: Satanas is to play in the unrighteous live annihilation, “Manila Execration Ritual” on coming May along with Infernal Execrator and other Filipino black metallers. What is awaiting for the audiences who will show up in the gig?

L.I.: They will witnessed a total devastating night, a night without Christ!!!!!!

Zoheb: When did you play live last time?

L.I.: We dezekrated Davao in march 15,2014 at the reuniting chaos event, that was the last time we’ve played live, then we are getting ready for the manila execration ritual.

Satanas at Blatant Live Ritual 03, 2013:


Zoheb: Till now, Satanas has released only a demo back in 2012. Is there any news of new release?

L.I.: Yes, hopefully we are releasing an ep this coming July.  Maybe next is a full length album.

Listen to Satanas:

Zoheb: Are you associated with any other band? And what about the other band members, are they only playing in Satanas?

L.I.: Yes, I’m also the drummer of DEMONYO and IMPIERNO, and I also have a one man band called AVERSEKRIST. My band mates are only focusing in Satanas. They don’t have any side band.

Zoheb: Aside from creating vilest music, you organize the diabolical black metal fest known as “Blood War Death Fest”. In addition, you create artwork and distribute merchandises. Brief us about these activities.

L.I.: I distribute bootleg shirts only in the Philippines for some who can’t afford to order outside the country. I’m also one of the head of BLOOD WAR DEATH an underground black metal event in davaohell, yearly we celebrate for the glory ov Satan!! Reuniting the true underground black metal scene! 

Zoheb: Your music is strongly akin to Korihor and Darkthrone (early) materials. Which other bands have influenced you to generate such kind of fiendish music.

L.I.:  There are too many to mention, but we hail the true Finnish black metal… Satanic Warmaster, Horna etc.

Zoheb: What else do you have coming up in the future?

L.I.: We are getting ready to dezekrate cagayan de oro city soon to release our ep there.


Zoheb: Thank you for your time. Any final message you want to spread before ending the conversation?

L.I.: Thanks for having us here. bestial hailz to the true black metal warlords!!!! 

Official Facebook:

Interview Conducted by: Zoheb Mahmud 

Interview with Possession


Those who have listened their materials, can sense the perturbation of the group of theroids known as Possession. After the outbreak of their fiendish demo, “His Best Deceit” these Belgian black/death demons are set to deliver their upcoming disruption through the EP, “Anneliese”. Mestema (Vocals) and V. Viriakh (Bass) are here to speak more about their ferocious onslaughts.

Salute to the Cacodemons of the true Possession for the formidable demo release, “His Best Deceit”.

We salute you.

Stream: Possession- His Best Deceit (Full Demo)


Zoheb: Would you mind informing the short summary of the formation of the band? Kindly do introduce us the members of the Possession as well.

Possession: Possession is Mestema (vocals), V.Viriakh (bass), I.Dveikus (guitars) and PzKpfw (drums). We started the band in late December 2012 and recorded our first demo in August 2013. The first rehearsal we had will forever be a moment we will all remember in years as it was obvious that some kind of black magic was in the air …

Zoheb: After the release of the chaotic demo, you are set to release the EP, “Anneliese” on coming April, 2014. Illuminate our readers by disclosing more about the upcoming offering?

Possession: This is correct, Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions will release Possession’s first 7” Ep the 12th of April this year. This 7” will be limited to 1000 copies and will feature 2 new songs: “Anneliese” and “Apparition”. The cover artwork was drawn by Chris Moyen. It will be available in 3 different wax colors: black, yellow and    red.


Stream: Possession- Anneliese


Zoheb: Based on the moniker and the cover artwork of the EP, I am presuming that it is related to “Anneliese Michel”. Please explain further about the concept of the moniker and the artwork.

Possession: That’s right, the story of Anneliese Michel inspired us while we were writing the songs featured on this 7” so that we decided to dedicate her this 7”. The artwork is inspired by a picture taken during one of the several exorcisms she was subjected to.

Zoheb: Recording of “His Best Deceit” was done by Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness). Did he also lend a hand in recording “Anneliese”?

Possession: Yes, we recorded this 7” with Phorgath as well. When we recorded the demo in August last year, Phorgath played an important role by understanding our way of thinking within 15 minutes and by being able to suggest us some good improvements so that when we heard the demo for the first time we decided that we will record all our releases with him.

Zoheb: Band’s logo as well as the artwork of the new EP has been done by the renowned “Thorncross” (Christophe Moyen). Like the demo release, upcoming EP is also to be released through both Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions. Are you willing to work with Thorncross and the mentioned labels in future?

Possession: We like the idea of working with the same persons over and over and to create close relationships with those persons so that we will carry on working with Chris Moyen, Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions. Along with Phorgath of Enthroned, they are the silent members of Possession so to speak. We would like to salute them and thank them for the role they’ve played since the beginning.


Zoheb: Possession has been confirmed to partake at Metal Magic Festival, 2014 in Denmark as well as set to spread the malignant spirits in France and German. What is awaiting for the audiences of mentioned places? How excited are you to share stages with acts like Nunslaughter, Aura Noir, Mgla, Gospel of the Horns and Bolzer?

Possession: Yes, we have some great rituals lined-up. Sharing the altar with bands we respect is of course an appealing experience so that we will do our best to honor them and the crowd which will attend those rituals. On stage we try to create an atmosphere to bring the crowd into our universe. We try not to be just 4 guys playing music as we are willing to offer way more than that to those who are watching us.

Zoheb: Besides that the demonic horde will perform in the 10th album release ritual of “Enthroned” at Brussels, Belgium. Majestic acts like Archgoat, Mortuary Drape, Lvcifyre and Bestial Raids will also spare diabolic madness on the same event. Why did you choose this event as the occasion for releasing “Anneliese”?

Possession: We were offered to play this ritual before choosing the release date of that 7” but we thought that it was a perfect occasion to release that 7” as we will play in front of our local supporters who have been there since the beginning. Of course playing with acts such as Enthroned, Mortuary Drape and Archgoat is a huge honor as we have been worshipping those bands for years.

Zoheb: Apart from releasing the EP and participating in live onslaughts, any other news you want to share with the readers?

Possession: We are currently writing new tracks for a 12” MLp which will most likely be released in early 2015 by Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions. This will be a conceptual release telling the story of a witch who lived in France in the 17th Century. Writing a conceptual release demands more efforts and in depth work than just writing tracks but we are confident that this release will create an atmosphere and bring the listeners into our world.

Zoheb: Which member/members of Possession is/are responsible for writing lyrics and composing music?

Possession: Mestema is writing most of the lyrics but is often helped by V.Viriakh. As far as the music is concerned, we write the songs all together in the rehearsal room but V.Viriakh and I.Dveikus are responsible for bringing new riffs to our rehearsals. We build our songs on those riffs they bring and on idea popping up during the rehearsals.

Zoheb: What influences you most to create such kind of vilest form of music?

Possession: Denying the influence of some early 90s classic acts on our music would be stupid but we are also influenced by way more things such as our beliefs. This is why we do not see our music just as music and our band is not just a fucking hobby.

Zoheb: Even though your music resembles the extreme metal of 80’s, but I have noticed that the music of Possession is not the repetition of the ancient rulers of the 80’s metal. Possession has developed own sound and at the same time they are maintaining the primeval atmosphere in their music. How will you illustrate this issue?

Possession: We are not pretentious enough to claim that our music is ultra original but we for sure try to bring our own “touch” as we do not want to be stupid copycats. Still we spit on those bands who are trying to be original just for the sake of it without creating quality music.


Zoheb: How will you describe the religious beliefs of the members of the Possession? Are the members of the Possession Satanists, Occultists or Worshipers of any dark deity?

Possession: We do not like to express our convictions through interviews. Still we can tell you that we all chose to follow the left hand path and that we see  the band as a way to write and release tracks ad majorem Sathanas gloriam.

Zoheb: Can you recommend some solid extreme metal bands from your area?

Possession: We would advise you to check the following Belgian bands: Slaughter Messiah (black thrash), Goat Torment (black death), Horacle (heavy speed), Maleficence (black thrash) and Gae Bolga (thrash).

Zoheb: Thanks for the interview slaughterers. If you want to add anything else, you can add it in the way you want.

Possession: You are welcome. We would like to thank you for your interest and for spreading our venom in your area. We would like to salute your readers as well.

A.M.S.G. /


Possession is:

Mestema (Vocal)

V. Viriakh (Bass)

I. Dveikus (Guitar)

Pz.Kpfw (Drum)


Interview taken by: Zoheb Mahmud

Interview with Infernal Execrator: Singahedonistic Black/Death Terror


Infernal Execrator, the anti-religious Black/Death terror of Singahell has been preaching their blasphemous execration since 2005. They are set to discharge their debut full length “AD INFINITUM SATANIC ADHERENT” on January, 2014, under the label “Dunkelheit Produktionen”. We have queried the vocal/guitarist, “Lord Ashir” to learn more about the flaming spirit of Infernal Execrator. It is to note that, Lord Ashir also runs “Demonization Distro”. 


Greetings from Venustas Diabolicus Horde. How are you doing brother?
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Nohttzver: 25 Years of Blasts!

Nohttzver. A legendary name in the underground metal scene of Bangladesh. Specially known for his extreme metal drumming and pioneering act in the extreme metal scene of the country. Having a legendary drumming career of almost 25 years, playing in numerous successful projects like Phantom Lord, Weapon etc., Nohttzver is still continuing his demonic blasts and supremacy with his current project Nafarmaan.  


Asmodeus: Hails Nohttzver! How are you doing brother?

Nohttzver: Hails right back at you brother! Apart from a few minor ups and downs in my current corporate career, things are going positive and productive with me. So I’ve been doing good.

Asmodeus: A legendary drumming career of almost 25 years, playing in numerous successful projects; how does it feel when you look back?

Nohttzver: Mixed feelings really, It has been a long one.1989 to be exact.Back then It was possibly the best feeling for a ten year old to get to play the drums, funny I still feel the same. I must admit that If I hadn’t gotten to watch Legendary drummer MahbubBhai from Mighty ‘Rock Strata’ I don’t think I would’ve ever picked up a pair of drumsticks. I owe much to my elder brother as well who was himself  a musician and who believed that I could be one.

The best part about this career is I’ve gotten to work and simultaneously share my music with numerous talented musicians. Covered more or less every possible genres known, as a result my learning process never ended and I guess it never will. I am personally grateful to every musician I have had the pleasure to work with and I have nothing but respect for each of them.

Asmodeus: You played in Ark; one of the most successful bands in the music industry of Bangladesh. How was it for you?

Nohttzver: Yes I did play in Ark from 1993 to 1996. (Laughs) How was it for me? Well for a fourteen year old getting a taste of the mainstream can be seriously fucked up. The money, fame and the benefits that followed that had had a devastating effect on me personally. The only best part then was getting to play bigass shows in the bigass venues and get to work with some of the most astounding musicians from the country.


Asmodeus: Tell me about Weapon, one of my all time favorite bands; the first Black Metal project from Bangladesh formed by you and Monarch.

Nohttzver: Me and Mash (Vetis Monarch) have been real old friends, grew up together and even went to school together. I guess we both had a knack for the extreme, may it be in life or music.This had a huge impact on us always. I personally think musically it all started taking shape when we were carving great band names and imaginary/dream lineups on our school desks. Mash left for Canada to attain his higher studies and started and tried to work on the initial lineup there with a friend called Chad [Ex-Sufferance, Weapon (Live)] ,on guitars.The results were unfruitful then. Growing up together; I guesswe had an intention of forming a band together that wouldn’t be like any other band (If it ever was to happen) .When Mash got back on 2004 the craving for creating extreme metal for us had only gotten more addictive literally. We started jamming rigorously and started writing songs. Mash wrote all the lyrics and riffs while I mainly concentrated on the compositions and the band logo. One thing led to the next and Mash came up with this crazy idea of making a demo.Thus the first ever two man then Bangladeshi Black/Death metal band Weapon was formed and we went on to record and release‘ Within the Flesh of the Satanist’ Demo on September 2004. Amit[Kapalyq, Skull bearer (Orator, Barzak)]  joined us a year later in 2005 and the new three men lineup went on to unleash the first EP titled ‘Violated Hejab’. It was also the same year he moved back to Canada and persued with Weapon from there.The rest was as you all know is History.I am honored to have been a part of the Legacy and my respect to Vetis Monarch for taking Weapon to where it is now.

Asmodeus: Looking back to the underground scene that time, forming a Black Metal band must be super advanced move I must say! So how did you get into it?

Nohttzver: We never actually thought of it like that or had ever given it any thought of how advanced in time we were then. I suppose it was our sheer passion for vile music and hatred for the false that led us to create the abomination. There was nothing called an underground scene in Bangladesh then or however so you want to define it as. The only two things happening back then were Bloodlust and Barzak if you ask me, however I must admit that our predecessors namely Rock Strata, Waves, Rock Brigade, Aces, Sweet Venom etc were the true driving forces and influences behind the true underground then.Phantom Lords,Metal Warriors and Jolly Rodgers had much to do with it as well.


Asmodeus: Tell me about your latest project; Nafarmaan.

Nohttzver: It’s a Black/Death metal band. It was founded by me on 2008 after long time friend Agnee Azaab approached me for a new lineup. I never really thought of affiliating myself with another lineup or do anything else after Weapon but if I was ever to do anything ever it was going to be something like Nafarmaan.After a few line up changes the band now is a four man line up fronted by Imam Iblis (Ex-Bloodlust) on Vocals, AgneeAzaab on guitars, Marhoum on Bass and me on drums /session guitars. Needless to say the current lineup sounds deadlier than ever.

Asmodeus: The debut EP of Nafarmaan; ‘Quayamat Lullaby’, which is going to released both locally and internationally pretty soon; how is it going to be?

Nohttzver: Yes, The EP is to be released in more than one format from more than one continent, if everything goes well with the release schedules of the labels, the EP will be out within December 2013 or January 2014. There might be a possibility of a re-release or a local release as well but for now we are focusing on the releases at hand. As far as how it’s going to be, well you gotta find out for yourselves once it’s out but just trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed.


Asmodeus: When playing with Nafarmaan, is there any unique, particular technique that you use which didn’t appear in your early projects; say, Weapon, or is it all just the Nohttzver style?

Nohttzver: Nohttzver style? Really?I didn’t even know I had one (Laughs). I don’t know about all that but what I can honestly tell you is, I believe that I have had restricted myself when I played in Weapon. I truly believe that I could’ve done more justice to the songs. The songs were all great undoubtedly and the way Vetis Monarch had executed each deserves nothing but total respect. In Nafarmaan on the other hand, I am getting to do as much as I can and however the way I want drums wise. This has been so because I write the riffs or the drum lines beforehand and in accord to the way they’re meant to be played or however the songwriting demands, thus making it easier to give it my most.

Asmodeus: Right now is it the only project you are playing?

Nohttzver: Yes that is correct.

Asmodeus: Will we be seeing you in any other projects? Say, how is about some solo Nohttzver releases?

Nohttzver: (Laughs) are you kidding me? Solo Nohttzver?? Two words cannot be in the same sentence. But just so you know, something totally different may be conjured up in the future by me along with some of the other comrades I am connected to.

Asmodeus: What are you thinking about the current underground scenario in Bangladesh?

Nohttzver: I can say that it’s finally seeing the light of day. Bangladeshhas been successfully producing some great Underground bands and musicians over the years. Each consistent at producing their authentic sound, representation and who have been conquering International grounds for quite some time now. I believe in recent years they have made a very positive impact both internationally and locally. There has been much growth and interest in Extreme Metal amongst the new generation and I am finally seeing them actually liking and enjoying it. A couple of respectable banners have also immerged and are setting praise-worthy standards in the global extreme metal underground scene. Yeah it’s gradually going places.

Asmodeus: So one final question. Suppose a young blood came to you who wants to enter into the realm of chaos; the Black Metal; what would be Nohttzver’s message for him?

Nohttzver: If you can’t feel it from within or can’t relate to it don’t do it.

Asmodeus: Thanks brother. It was an honor to have this conversation with you. Ave!

Nohttzver: As it was mine. Best wishes to VD. Ave!


Interviewed by: Asmodeus

Photo Courtesy: Nohttzver, Shafayet Turash, Moin Uddin