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Editorial: VD on Permanent Domain (April 14th, 2015)

On December 1st, 2013, Venustas Diabolicus zine was started by Somber, Zoheb Mahmud, Asif Abrar and Safwan Hossain with a view to promoting black metal at its truest and orthodox form. Over the 17 months of our existence, we received tremendous support from black metal bands, labels and fans from all around, which is quite an achievement for us since WE ONLY WROTE FOR BANDS with a definite and strong ideology. Things have not been smooth therefore.With the occasion of our traditional BANGLA NEW YEAR, We MOVED our magazine to a PERMANENT DOMAIN ( With this move, we are now motivated to a FULL FLEDGED BLACK METAL MAGAZINE. (All our featured article is now moved to the new domain and will work with the same addresses as we have posted on so far).

I’d like to thank our contributors, who have helped us in our journey. Specially to Gina S. (Romania), Rupsa Das (India), Mater Tenebrarum (Italy), Aaron F. (Belgium), NecroSemen (Rakin Hassan, Dhaka). We’d also like to thank Noor Ahmed and Laura Giguere, who have made it possible for us to get the permanent domain.

Finally, gratitude to all of our readers! We are nothing without you. Keep supporting the ancient spirits of black metal.

Venustas Diabolicus

Editorial: Issue I (December, 2013)


Venustas Diabolicus is a proud proclamation of absolute war for Black Metal. It is an inner circle of chaos-worshipers originated from the mighty soil of Bangladesh, formed by Asmodeus. With the assistance of brother Zoheb Mahmud,the cult has become a true brotherhood for the Black Metal warriors all over the world. Along with Asmodeus and Zoheb Mahmud, currently the cult and its activities are directed and executed by Somber Oracle and Safwan Hossain.

The Venustas Diabolicus Zine is the very first initiative from the cult to support the true form of Black Metal. The Webzine will be updated in monthly basis and the final issue of each month will be available in PDF format by the end of that month.

On this very eve of the publication of the debut issue (December, 2013), we salute all our brothers in arms. Greeting to all our readers and supporters.

Hail Satan!

Hail Chaos!

Let the oath of blood not be broken!