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Review: Aosoth / Order of Orias Split


In order for a split to work and be cohesive, the bands that are featured on said split need to be cut from the same cloth. It only makes sense for bands with like interests be featured on splits. With that being said, the two bands featured here are both raw and intense black metal and have a very Continue reading Review: Aosoth / Order of Orias Split

Review: Kvltist – Catechesis


Hailing from Germany, Kvltist will be unleashing Catechesis unto the world in December. Catechesis marks the band’s first release, and within the release you can find seven unrelenting black metal songs. Plenty of black metal bands add atmospheric elements to their music to create a certain feeling for the listener, but the approach that Kvltist takes Continue reading Review: Kvltist – Catechesis