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Venustas Diabolicus is a proud proclamation of absolute war for Black Metal. It is an inner circle of chaos-worshipers originated from the mighty soil of Bangladesh, formed by Asmodeus. With the assistance of brother Zoheb Mahmud,the cult has become a true brotherhood for the Black Metal warriors all over the world. Along with Asmodeus and Zoheb Mahmud, currently the cult and its activities are directed and executed by Somber Oracle and Safwan Hossain. The Venustas Diabolicus Zine is the very first initiative from the cult to support the true form of Black Metal.

Review: ERED – “Night of Eternal Doom “

CDBO12V1.pdf ERED, the mighty Black/ Death warriors from Spain, is about to up with their third full length album ‘Night of Eternal Doom’ on the 29th of this month. Forming in 1996, previously Ered have released two full length albums along with a mentionable number of demos and splits. Their third offering ‘Night of Eternal Doom’ will get released from War Anthem Records. The album with be available in CD and O-card format. Continue reading Review: ERED – “Night of Eternal Doom “

Metal World IS IN TRAUMA: Death-dealing Van Accident Killed 03 Black Metal Musicians

This news has undoubtedly shocked the current metal world. Two members of Wormreich and one member of Khaotika  died on April 06, 2015 in a terrible road accident. This shocking accident took place in Atlanta at around 7 am in local time. People who sadly lost their life are Wormreich’s Ian A. McKinney (30) & Paul. J. Truesdell (29), and Khaotika’s Nicholas R. Crisostomo (25).


Georgia State Patrol stated that the driver of the passenger van fell asleep while driving and struck a tree. All the passengers had been badly injured and later three of them died. Rest have got admitted to Athens Regional Hospital and Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Their condition is critical. The victims were among 12 people riding in a 15-passenger van that was towing a trailer.

The US based Black Metal band Wormreich’s Ian A. McKinney (30) was known under the stage name Nazgul Vathron. He used to play the guitars and keyboards in the band. The other member Paul. J. Truesdell (29) used to be the live bassist of Wormreich. He had another band called Fear Not Death.

Nicholas R. Crisostomo (25) was the drummer of the Melodic Black/ Gothic Metal band Khaotika of the same region.

With mourning heart we offer our condolences to their friends and family. May the departed souls rest in peace.  A GoFundMe has been created to supportthe families of the victims. There goes the link:

Wormreich : Facebook  || Bandcamp
Khaotika       : Facebook


By Asmodeus

Review + Streaming: Acherontas – Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)

Acherontas_Logo Acherontas, the mighty Greek Black Metal cult have recently come up with their 5th Full Length album ‘Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)’. Forming in 2007, previously Acherontas have released 4 full length albums and a few number of splits, compilation and a live album as well. ‘Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)’ has got out on February 27th, 2015 from World Terror Committee in CD format. This 11 tracks record plays more than an hour and I believe I would not be exaggerating if I say this one of the finest Black Metal records that I have been through in recent time!

The sound of ‘Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)’ completely signifies the album title and Continue reading Review + Streaming: Acherontas – Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)

Nidrosian Black Metal: A Primer For The Uninitiated

I was first made aware of the word “Nidrosian” by contemporary Black Metal artisans, Mare (Spheres Like Death, Terratur Possessions, 2010). Their orthodox Scandinavian sound is not what caught my ear, rather their ritualistic soundscapes, which invoked the thoughts of medieval black masses. Mare’s entire aesthetic is enchanting to the proponent of the dark arts. Their live performances are an  otherworldly experience in itself, combing sonic assault with arcane visual enchantment. Truly an impious experience.

Continue reading Nidrosian Black Metal: A Primer For The Uninitiated

Bengal Invasion of the GOATFATHER: Impiety’s First Ever Tour in Bengals

Nearly 25 years of existence- they have been one of the pioneering extreme metal bands not only from their homeland Singapore but also from Asia and that is probably the reason why they are used to be claimed as the GOATFATHERS of Asian metal. The aggressive black/death/thrashers mighty IMPIETY have been one of the landmarks from Asia, having toured in many countries and playing in a good number of major metal festivals, the band set for its first South Asian tour, namely The Heretical Decimation– to play in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kolkata and Delhi, India.


The journey began on the 6th of November when they hit Dhaka to play in BANISH THE POSERS FEST II (BTPF – 2014) on 7th of November and moved to Kolkata to play in ORDER OF THE HERETICAL TRIDENT FESTIVAL on 8th November. The story and journey from their BENGAL INVASION has been illustrated by Safwan Hossain, from Dhaka and Rupsa Das, Kolkata.

November 7th 2014, Russian Culture Center, Dhaka Bangladesh: For nearly 24 years, Death/Black/Thrash metal crusaders Impiety have blasted listeners with their consistent insane guitar attack ,fast paced drumming and blasting bass combined with gruesome vocals of Shyaithan . Originally formed by then Sexofago bassist ShyaithanKommand, with Necro-Angelfornicator (former member of Sexfago, As Sahar, Abhorer) set to melt the faces of many metalheads. For the first time the impious army invaded South Asia with a tour entitled as The Heretical Decimation Tour. For the first time they stepped on this land supported by Bengal decimators Orator, Nafarmaan, Nafrator for what was expected to be an evening of quality live metal along with Enmachined as opening acts. This being the first time ever seeing Impiety, it was sure to be a different and unique experience.

After Orator ended their performance the battle cry for the invasion started. Spikes, studs and sheer insanity this is how I explain if someone asks me about how Impiety was that day! After the intro had begun, the crowd was chanting and shouting IMPIETY, IMPIETY. Energy burst out was phenomenal there. Impiety played one hour set list including my favorite Carbonized. Amit Skullbearer from Orator did guest vocals on Torment in Fire.


The crowd was in a chaotic frenzy, moshpits galore with much of the lyrics being sung throughout. They ended their set to a loud roar of approval from a sweaty crowd and even through their 9-song set list, they played the best set for the night and left no doubt in my mind why they are one of the leading metal bands to ever grace the planet. Thanks a lot to Primitive Invocation for organizing such a show and providing us with the lifetime chance to experience Impiety in Bangladesh. Hails Mighty IMPIETY!

Set List:

Vientos de Holocausto


Accelerate the Annihilation

Ravage and Conquer


Slaughterror Superiority


Torment in Fire (Featuring Skullbearer of Orator)

Ave satanas

November 8, 2014, The Basement, Kolkata, India:

It was one of those usual days of the cold month of November. In spite of being a colder morning, the afternoon became hotter than usual as it was the 8th of November, when Mighty Impiety was to desecrate Kolkata in Order of the Heretical Trident festival organized by one of the oldest extreme metal organization, Putrid Ascendancy or as we usually know them in Kolkata as ‘PA’. After annihilating Bangladesh the day before, it was the time for Kolkata to face the wrath of this mighty band. Two other overseas bands was about to join but due to few unfortunate events which mainly includes visa issues, they had to be crossed off the list. The show started at around 12 which were near about the time when they desired to open the gates. Four other kickass local bands were there, to warm up for the final lap of Impiety annihilation race. After some fierce music by the localites, the final act was about to take the stage. Impiety started sound checking at about 6. People were skimmed out of the venue to give Impiety some time for a sound check. The venue, The Basement, a local pub was already brimming with quite a lot of people and when Impiety took the stage, it was a cacophonous and a raucous affair. The Mighty Impiety finally took the stage. The next one hour was an overwhelming and an opportunity of a life time.

Impiety overtook the whole atmosphere of the little pub with spikes, axes, energy and everything else, that people were waiting for, to receive. They started their set list with an instrumental followed by one of my personal favorite and one of the first songs that I heard by them, ‘Christ Fucking Christ’. They tore the place down with the first song itself. The tightness, the energy and the experience everything showed, up on the stage. I, myself was stunned and could not believe that I had the opportunity to see Impiety perform in front of my eyes. They surely sped up the whole destruction procedure with ‘Accelerate the Annihilation’, ‘Advent of Nuclear Baphomet, ‘Torment in Fire’, ‘Vientos De Holocausto’, ‘Carbonized’ and ‘Staughterror superiority’. I was taken by a surprise when they performed ‘Anal Madonna’. That song name always cracked me up and lit me up with a smile. There was a special twist in the song ’Torment in Fire’. The brainchild and one of the creators of the festival and ‘PA’, Carnage Desecrator, was called up on stage to join Impiety on stage. Screams and shouts of cheers filled the air. Special mention goes to the drummer who was a beast on the stage. He is aptly named, Dizazter. Special mention goes to LahiruChathuranga De Siva (Reverend Khaostorm) of Serpent Athirst, who came all the from Sri Lanka to support the festival. Impiety dedicated a song to him as well showing gratitude to his eternal support. The show ended with people complaining about sore neck, soothed eyes and all in all, a contented heart and a fulfilled desire.


Impiety was bestial on stage and off stage they were humble and the most beautiful people you could ever meet. With the intimidating stature yet a very friendly of Shyaithan, a cool and calm Nizam and an energetic and friendly Dizazter, Impiety completes themselves with one of the best bands to be seen onstage and offstage. They talked to people, clicked pictures, signed CD’s and posters without the slightest of air in them. There was the news of them enjoying Kolkata Biriyani with few of the organizers as well. Impiety was an experience more than a band seen and people who missed out on these monsters, they surely missed a lot.

Setlist (Not in order):

Vientos de Holocausto


Accelerate the Annihilation


Slaughterror Superiority


Torment in Fire (Featuring Desecrator of Necrodeity)

Ave satanas

Anal Madonna

Some sneak peeks from Impiety’s The Heretical Decimation tour (by Louis Rando)

Some moments captured during BTPF 2014 (by Shafayet Chowdhury):

Some moments at Order of the Heretical Trident Festival (by: Sujnya Das) :

Impiety are:

Shyaithan (Vocals, Bass)

Nizam Aziz (Guitars)

Louis Rando (Drums)


Safwan Hossain

Rupsa Das

Read the Interview with Shyaithan, frontman of Impiety:



Death Trap, the supreme Thrash/ Black assault from the deepest of the underground of Greece formed in the year 2013 has recently had their debut EP out. Titled ‘Full Moon Possession’, the EP contains 3 hellish tracks to blow your head off. This three track EP assault had got released from ‘Weird Face Productions’ in a 7″ vinyl format.

The 9 minutes and 45 seconds record starts with a well-composed intro title Sepulchral Whisper. This 1 minute and 6 seconds intro will definitely give the listeners a vibe about what is coming next.


The titled track ‘Full Moon Possession’ is a superb one. Killer vocal, banging riffs and bass work and hell pounding drums. Throughout the composition there were some shivering clean screams and killer breakdowns like old school thrash attacks of 80’s.

The final track ‘Bestial Worship’ was also a terrific number. Some short but killer guitar solos throughout the song took it to a supreme level.

What I personally think, the kind of sound the Death Trap had come up with does not signify their genre properly. It is more like old school classic thrash rather than Thrash/ Black. I think they should give it a thought.

Overall, ‘Full Moon Possession’ is a terrific release. Death Trap has successfully shown all of their potentials to have a great future ahead. These bangers from Greece really know how to thrash. That sums up all!

 Score: 80/ 100

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

Stream/Download the entire album on Bandcamp:

Released on: April 14, 2014

Label: Weird Face Production

Death Trap are: 

Giannis Grim Drums (2013-present)
Ilias Bekas Guitars (2013-present)
Mixalis Skliros Vocals (2013-present)
Kostas Pavlidis Bass (2014-present)





Ius Talionis, the German Black Metal horde have recently a demo out. This four track demo is titled ‘Eleutheromania’. Being the first offering from the band, ‘Eleutheromania’ is definitely appreciable. Though all the lyrics are in German, but as the band had provided us the English meaning and explanation, so I can surely conclude that the lyrics are pretty well written. In their lyrics, the band had mostly focused on themes like death, anti-cosmic occultism, war, ambiguity of light and darkness etc. From the point of sound, Ius Talionis is more of a Melodic Black Metal band. In all the four songs there were crunchy riffs and melodic guitar solos.


The first song titled Irrlicht (transl. = Will-o’-the-wisp or ignis fatuus) starts with an atmospheric vibe but I have completely lost in when the band totally got into the song. The drumming was not satisfactory and did sound too soothing for a Black Metal song. But the guitar works and the vocal was amazing indeed. About bass there was nothing significant but the playing was tight.

The second track was title Das Antlitz des Krieges (transl. = The face of war). Here the drumming was improved. There were some aggressive blasts but again too polished sound for Black Metal which is never expected. Again mentionable guitar work. Some totally banging riffs and beautiful works with melody was absolutely mesmerizing. The vocal did give an amazing output in this song.

The third track from from the demo was titled Im Angesicht des Todes (transl. = In the face of death). Unlike the previous one, this one was a bit Amon Amarth-ish. Some Scandinavian Viking melodic stuffs came repeatedly. The guitar solo at the end was not much impressive. Ignoring a few parts, the drumming was good overall but that sound problem still remains.

The last song, the titled track Eleutheromania (transl. = A great desire or obsession forfreedom) starts with another example of weak drumming. That was not Black Metal drumming in anyway. Nothing significant was observed. Continuous kicks made the song completely monotonous. To me, it seemed that the song is unnecessarily lengthy. Guitar works seemed pretty average. But again, the vocal effort was outstanding.


Overall it was an above average release. Ius Talionis has all the potentials to do better. All they need is to be more cautious of their sound if they want to stick to the same genre.

 Score: 63/100

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

Stream/Download the entire album on Bandcamp:

Released on: September 06, 2014



Nár                         – Bass
Ryu                         – Drums
Viator Noctis      – Guitars
Eremos                  – Guitars
Koshmar               – Vocals


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Vociferian: Iscariot Gospel: 82%

1513181_1376918045900171_1425570282_nVociferian, the mighty one man black metal attack, originated from the unholy land of France has recently come with a compilation titled ‘Iscariot Gospel’. Lord Genocide is beheading the gods with hate since 1998. Till today Vociferian has released four full length albums along with three EPs and a few demos and splits. Since the beginning Lord Genocide has been playing all the instruments and vocals for Vociferian.

The compilation ‘Iscariot Gospel’ is divided into two parts. Part A contains 8 different numbers whereas part B contains 11 different numbers. Together these 19 tracks made ‘Iscariot Gospels’ an outstanding compilation full of sick riffs and shivering screams.


Lord Genocide has done a tremendous job with the guitar in all the songs. He has successfully come up with totally different riffs in all the songs not changing the signature sound of Vociferian. All the songs have that immense force to drive the listeners insane. The brilliant changes in the riffs are also mentionable.

Throughout the album Lord Genocide has thrown a perfect vocal work with full of hate and madness.


Because of the raw recording quality bass was mostly absent in all the songs. The drumming seemed pretty average to me. I have not found anything significant in drumming rather it was pretty much all the same in most of the songs. As a result sometimes the songs sounded monotonous.

Overall, ‘Iscariot Gospels’ is a killer release from Vociferian. A release strongly recommended for all the listeners.

Official Facebook:

Official Site:

Review by: Asmodeus

Vomitwolves: Chapel of Rot: 85%


Vomitwolves. One hell of a Black/Death terror hailing from United States. Forming in 2012 the band has released one EP and one full-length so far. The self titled EP ‘Vomitwolves’ has got released on 2013. After getting some very positive responses from the listeners, earlier this year, Vomitwolves have came up with their debut full-length ‘Chapel of Rot’. The album has got out from Speed Ritual Records. Throughout the album, Jared M played all the instruments. Jill M was on the vocals.


a3556327334_10‘Chapel of Rot’ consist eight intense tracks:

  The Void Below 01:46  
  Chapel of Rot 02:32  
  Hymns of Plague 02:36  
  Unearthly Ascension 02:15  
  Glorification of Suffering 03:43  
  Damnations Dead Cacophony 01:38  
  Vile Manifestations 02:34  
  Harbinger of The End 02:36  
Total Duration 19:40  

 From the first track ‘The Void Below’ till the last one ‘Harbinger of The End’; Vomitwolves have just blown me away. All the tracks are faster than hell! All of them! Jared has just spellbound me by his intense drumming. Along with the diabolic blasts he has also shown his mentionable skills and notable double paddle works. In every song, he has come up with some brilliant changes, moves and skills along with his infernal exhibition of blasts and rolls.

3540366421_photoThroughout the album, there was no guitar solo. All the tracks were based on rhythm and riffs consisting mentionable tremolo picking. I will not say, the guitar work was brilliant, but hey! It was good without any doubt. And I will certainly appreciate the guitar tone that Jared has used. It was so raw and old school that just completed the tracks. If Jared would not have been using that tone, the album could be a total mess.

Throughout the album, there was no mentionable bass work. Probably Jared has played it just by following the guitar notes. But that is no problem. The point is, the bass output was not up to the mark. A little bit louder bass work could have made the full-length much heavier.

Now comes the vocal. Jill M has just totally nailed it! Her terrifying screams and brilliant changes made the album darker as fuck! When she sings, it sounds like Satan himself is whispering at your years! Throughout the album, Jill was flawless. I dare to say that, Jill is probably the best addition to the history of the female extreme metal vocalists.

The mixing and mastering of the album was just perfect. It was no over-polished soft-core shit. By nature ‘Chapel of Rot’ is raw and pure fucking old school. The atmosphere in the vocals and the raw output of the drums has successfully made a signature sound of Vomitwolves.

1897761_1425840067655662_165621062_nOne thing to mention that the whole album duration is only around 20 minutes. Which is not satisfactory enough for a full-length. Despite the duration shortcoming, the album is very well composed one with some brilliantly written songs.

‘Chapel of Rot’ is undoubtedly one of the best metal releases of the year so far.

Find Vomitwolves:

Listen the entire album on Bandcamp:


Review by: Asmodeus