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VD Spoke to the Virtuous Evil: Interview with Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocals of Idolatry, Author of Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil)


Some black metal bands have established a common lineage between dark lyrics and poetry. Aesthetic lyrics of Dissection, Lord Belial, Emperor or Dead Era Mayhem are some illustrations that surely back up my previous claim. Lörd Matzigkeitus has inscribed some odious belles-lettres for the lyrical purpose of his band Idolatry, that surely contain the literary elegance. Lörd Matzigkeitus has taken his endeavor to next level by setting out the initiative of “Catharsis Spoke her Virtuous Evil”, an incendiary black metal poetry book on death, despair, Satan, agony and raw kinky bondage sex. Meanwhile,  Lörd Matzigkeitus is coming up with two other black metal projects as well. The following conversation with him focuses on different aspects related to Idolatry, his poetry,  upcoming black metal projects, personal beliefs, and some other captivating issues.

Continue reading VD Spoke to the Virtuous Evil: Interview with Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocals of Idolatry, Author of Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil)

Freezing Blood – Altar of Goat

The band FREEZING BLOOD was founded in Poland on 2012. Alter of Goat that has been released from label Fallen Temple is a putrid example of how a raw black metal band should sound. The demo holds a chaotic, twisted sound that is enough to make one feels the aura of raw Black Metal. FREEZING BLOOD is an unrighteous congregation of the members of some other Polish extreme metal bands like Mordhell, Moloch Letalis, Martwa Aura, Distress etc.

Freezing Blood - Altar of Goat

The foundation of each track is supported by bestial riffs featuring motif that binds the listeners through chaotic repetition. With just a few notes, but all has more sense for primitive noise, the fully-and semi-destructive instruments are met and expanded with the inhuman vocal of Morbid Priest of Cadaverous Gospel. The accompanying guitar makes the tracks a bit typical, but definitely gives a substructure to make the sound strong. It emphasizes not in the foreground, and therefore has an enriching and obviously not annoying in the first place. Same goes for the drumming which predominantly occupies both slow-paced and fast-paced tempos.

The songs are filled with raucous, latent desperate growls excellent for such music. It rounds off the overall impression and ensures that Alter of Goat is consistently a solid matter.


FREEZING BLOOD offers vilest sound with their music, although makes no reinvention of the wheel, nevertheless is nice to listen to. Presumably, this band just needs a little more time to deliver a full length. This would be very desirable for the fanatics of black metal music.

Score: 65/100

Listen to Unrestrained Vision of the End from Altar of Goat


1. Altar of Goat
2. Baal
3. Decapitation of Archangels
4. Procession of Rotting Blood
5. Life for Abominable Darkness
6. Unrestrained Vision of the End

Freezing Blood are

Heaven Gates Destroyer and Ruler of Black Chaos (Bass)

Battery Commander of Hell and Filthy Goat Worshiper of Gomorrah (Drums)

Priest of Abyss and Total Extermination (Guitars)

Morbid Priest of Cadaverous Gospel (Vocals)

Contact Freezing Blood:

Fallen Temple on facebook

Interview: Anal Vomit

Gruesome Peruvian savagery Anal Vomit’s frontman “Possessor” talks about the upcoming release and more. Belching forth an aggressive thrash influenced primitive style of Black Metal he stormed the Hell Furnace gates and savaged our questions. Plough through the interview for getting temptation and pleasure.


5818_logo (1)


  • Infernal salutations unholy war brethren! Greetings from Venustas Diabolicus Zine. “Demoniac Flagellations” is a bestial creation that influenced me further to dig out your releases.

Possessor: Yeah maybe, but we released other materials before “DEMONIAC FLAGELLATION” and also released other materials after it, but that album made a sign in our music. It got a good acceptation from the maniacs around this putrid planet and other sodomy countries.


  • You’ve formed the band in 1992 from the putrid hell of Peru! Was Anal Vomit the first band of yours? Do you have any other side project besides “Anal Vomit”? I am just aware that Roy Noizer has another band named Saram. But I am not sure if you have/had any other side projects or not.

Possessor: ANAL VOMIT is my only fucking horde!! I don’t have any other metal band but I have other project based on traditional native Peruvian Music….not like fusion with metal, but pure native Peruvian music..

  • Interesting! Can you inform us about your native Peruvian music project?

Possessor:  Its name is Pachacamac, traditional sounds merged with contemporary instruments. I make chorus vocal, play bass guitar and other wind instruments together with other blood brothers of Incas Ceremonies.


  • Your upcoming full length titled as “Muerte Negra Peste Negra” translated in English as “Black Death Plague Black”. Would you care shedding some lights why this title was chosen?

Possessor: Our lyric is based on old horror film, witchcraft,satanism, dark side, horror and death “MUERTE NEGRA,PESTE NEGRA” is based on a real history about the black death plague in Europe.

  • Since the title of the album is set using Spanish language, can we expect Spanish lyric in some of the tracks?

Possessor: We mixed Spanish and English in This Album. It wasn’t Planned, It Just Happened.

  • Regarding the sound, probably we can anticipate same violence and abhorrence towards this LP like the previous ones. Anything you want to add about it? Which label will release it and when will it be available?

Possessor: Of COURSE DEMON. The album will be a real time bomb; this will be a blast against Christian souls and insults to Nazarene. South American black noise!!

  • Analogue atmosphere are audible in your later sound. You guys proudly do analog recording for studio records. How was your approach for the “Muerte Negra Peste Negra” recording sessions?

Possessor:  Analogue is Satan’s sound!!…..Will release it in vinyl….. In terms of sound, you can only expect blast, corrosion and war!!!!!

  • You have chosen the band’s name as Anal Vomit which is also a song by legendary Sarcofago. What are your other influences besides Sarcofago?

Possessor:  Well, we have a deep liking to Sacrofago but we don’t only take their influence in our composition…A lot of Extreme, Speed and Terror Bands have influenced us. A lot of Bastard Hordes of South American countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia and others have inspired us. Old Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Mob 47 and a lot of obscure ancient hordes will come to the list. We also dig some classical music like Mussorgsky, Paganini etc.


  • Anal vomit’s sound & lyrics have similarities to the early South American bands like Sepultura, Sacrofago, Vulcano. Do their early environment, life influenced your songs? Do you think that the overall environment, surrounding and life of Latin America influence these extreme metal bands to create such kind of aggressive music?

Possessor:  It happened when we started listening metal music in 80s/90s and the decomposed lyrics is related to our real South-American life, bombs, terrorism, bastard, politics etc…All are normal to us.

  • Anal vomit has lost its drummer. Is there any new permanent drummer going to join up the roster?

Possessor: Yes! Our new drummer is official; the new soldier is called “Hoyle”.


  • Sex is a crucial theme in your songs. What’s your opinion on promiscuity? 

Possessor: I support it !(Laughs)

  • Anal Vomit has struggled a lot in its early days. Did the band improve from that condition comparing to its earlier days? What role has the Internet played in spreading Anal Vomits plague? How do you take internet sharing of music, give us your opinion.

Possessor: In early days I used to think internet is a shit, but the good side of internet is it helped us spread our plague faster in other scene and in other hordes. I believe internet will be so stupid brain but if you consider its role to spreading our plague and metal terror, then yes, it is SO FINE.

  • What do you think about the Peruvian Metal Scene? Any other bands you like in your region? Why other potential bands hailing from Peru aren’t getting exposure worldwide? Does touring worldwide involve financial crisis or lack of aggressive promotion? 

Possessor:  Here we are having metal crisis, not economic crisis (Laughs). In Peru, we do not have any serious metal label. There are some promising young metal bands. Enigma and Possederunt are for example. I hope these bands will not die and will keep their violent activities in future. A lot of bands are not listened to by the outsiders and in most case the members do not work hard for their band. Drinking beer and other toxic elements is not everything because we are metal musician and we need to work hard for our music. 

But it is true that we had an obscure and very brutal metal scene in our history. Old bands from the 80s like Hadez, Mortem, Mortuorio etc are from this scene.

  • Do you have any confirmed shows/tour in the near future in other continents? You have not played outside your continents even though maniacs from the other parts of the world are yearning to see you live. It was pretty sad that you guys had to cancel gigs in Europe due to unavoidable circumstances. We would like to see you live in Bangladesh as well. 

Possessor:  Look, in Peru it is not so easy to get a fucking visa to travel worldwide. Problem is not the money but the shitty embassies of European countries. We have had various invitations to make gigs in Europe and USA. But the embassies caused a lot of troubles. 10418331_529901967141785_6030958705797998744_n

  • Any other words you want to share for our readers? It was a great pleasure to talk the frontman/bassist of a band that I admire a lot.

Possessor: Thanks for the interview and salutes to all maniacs in Bangladesh. We will make gigs in your country. We will try to make it possible and will meet soon. SALUTES DEMONS AND FALLEN ANGELS,,DEPRAVED AND ZOMBIES ,,,,,!!!!! ARGHHHHH !!!!


Conducted By: Safwan Hossain


“NOIZER” – Lead Guitars.
“POSSESSOR” – Vocals and Bass.
JOE HOYLE – Drums.
M. “NIHIL SOLDIER” – Guitars


Listen to “Brebaje De Muerte” from the upcoming Full Length:

Cult of Fire: मृत्युकातापसीअनुध्यान: 94%


In a genre as sclerotic as Black metal where all the clichés have been used, it must find a way to stand out among others. Satanism in Black metal seems to have lost the form of being subversive, and it has become almost common.

Cult of Fire is spawned far from India as the band is from Czech Republic, the country of beer and hockey. The group offers us their second album using Sanskrit as the album title as well as track identifier. Fortunately, their music is not as unreadable as their title.

Indus culture is the great novelty of this second album from Cult of Fire. The group’s first work, Triumvirate, released in ‘12, was more orthodox in its approach, a more classic also in terms of black metal. The group worked on melodic black metal while keeping it raw enough, sprinkled with delicious orchestrations which gave it a special flavor. However, मृत्युकातापसीअनुध्यान, which stands for Ascetic Meditation of Death, goes further than its predecessor. Even more complicated as consequently Czech, Hindi and Sanskrit are used here in lyrics, because it’s probably more esoteric (I believe the lyrics are a mix of different languages)for the group. But this is not the only change. Because even if the orchestrations were preserved and traditional Indian instrumentation was added, the music would not sound as great as it. So on this firm background of black metal with orchestration with the additional ethnic dimension, it’s really a great measure of orient and oxidant fusion.


To end with, मृत्युकातापसीअनुध्यानis a classical styled, incisive, often rustic and minimalist, with the obvious and predictable melodies of the genre- a multicultural mixing that allows Cult of Fire to stand out from the mass- not playing the exact religious black metal what the purists demand for. The band members have Maniac Butcher for that. It’s really a pleasant listen to the music here and one suggestion is implied: open your world and have an admirable exercise of styles out there.


संहाररक्तकाली 07:56
अस्तित्वकीचितापर 06:08
शवसाधना 05:34
कालीमां 06:07
मृत्युहीसत्यहै 04:23
मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य 05:15
खण्डमण्डयोग 06:32
दिव्यप्रेमकीज्वालासेदग्ध          05:38



Tom Coroner     – Drums

Infernal Vlad     – Guitars, Vocals

Devilish               – Vocals

Review by: Safwan Hossain

Alghazanth: The Three-Faced Pilgrim: 79%


Finnish black metal band Alghazanth moved me with their fifth album The Wreath of Thevetat. Their outstanding works enticed me to check the follow-up album Vinum Intus. The songs like ‘With a Thorn in Our Hearts‘ and ‘For Thirteen Moons‘ are just awestricken. I was more curious on the new full-length. If Alghazanth could again pull me under their spell? Continue reading Alghazanth: The Three-Faced Pilgrim: 79%

Banish The Posers Fest 2013

After a long wait it was finally the 16th of November. The date was fixed for the biggest extreme metal fest on the mighty soil of Bangladesh and metalheads were all waiting eagerly for this day. Maniacs form all over Dhaka city congregated together for the “Banish the Posers fest – 2013 (BTPF-2013)” at Russian Cultural Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh; to be a witness to the grand desecration by the bands from Malaysia, Thailand, India and Native Bangladesh. Few crowds from outside Dhaka (including from India) also showed up to witness one of the most vehement viciousness in the history of Bangladeshi Extreme Metal Scene. The show was arranged by the local promoters PRIMITIVE INVOCATION, who were responsible for several other outrageous metal concerts of the country prior to BTPF-2013.There were stunning preparations for the show to meet up the quality that local crowds demand from them. The hour of wait came to an end, the gig was to start at about 3:00pm, but due to technical complicacy, the gig started a bit late; all hell broke loose at 5:00 pm when the gates were opened!

purgation 1

PURGATION was the band to open the live desecration. They are a five piece brutal death metal from India. It was their 2nd international live assault up here in Dhaka, the first being in “Death Skull Ritual II‘ earlier in February of the same year. The local crowd having witnessed their wrath once already knew what these young Brutal Death Metallers are capable of. Their vocalist and one Guitarist could not attend the gig for some personal issues. The vocal duties were taken over by Carnage Desecrator (Necrodeity{Kolkata}) and they used only one guitarist instead of two. They jammed a bit and launched their death metal onslaught over the local crowd, playing some of their own tracks and covering Autopsy and Unleashed classics. The crowd response and all the head banging proved what they were delivering to them. Really a great way to commence such a gig!

Watch Purgation (Full show at BTPF-2013):

purgation 2

Their debut EP “Exterminated Malfeasance” is out on Slaughterhouse Records (USA).This is highly recommended for fans of Death Metal.


Communal Carnage
Repugnant Flesh
Dead Forever (Unleashed Tribute)
Uncanny Obsession
System Impaled
Charred Remains (Autopsy tribute)

Band Members:

Ayushman Sinha (Bass)
Abhinava Shukla (Drums)
Denzil Davidson (Guitars)
Carnage Desecrator (Vocals; Guest)



The next band in roster was WARHOUND (previously known as Carnage), a reincarnation of classic death metal from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was their third appearance on stage, with members from mighty Orator, MirrorBlaze and Archeon. They ripped the hearing capability of the crowd with their blazing performance, fast guitar work and aggressive drumming, guttural vocals- everything that is meant by what death metal is. Their mastery of skills in each section stunned the each and every metalhead present there. They appreciated them with loud applause and huge “Warhound” chant. It was really a great atmosphere for headbangers present there. Just take a look of their performance in the link followed.  

warhound 1

Warhound – Ironborn performed at BTPF 2013:


Warriors of apocalypse
Ominous death carnage
Dead Forever (Unleashed Cover)
Fighting for hell (Aura Noir cover)
Flesh Decay (new track)

warhound 2

Band Members:

Furywraith (Bass)
Warmonger (Drums)
Strifelord (Guitars)
DeathWarrior (Vocals)



Now the stage was ready for NAFARMAAN, the bestial black/death metal band hailing from the realm of Bangladesh. There were a huge attention for the band preceding the show for they have created a great hype in the underground scene of Bangladesh and the neighboring countries after releasing some rehearsal videos and upcoming ep trailer. The founder of the band is Nohttzver(Ex-Weapon). Their vocalist Imam Iblis was also a point of attention as his maniacal stage performances he threw previously with other bands. The anticipation was over, and Nafarmaan hit the stage for their debut performance with “Quayamat Lullaby”. While they proceeded for ‘”Bloodsokaed Revelation”, crowds’ reaction was beyond imagination. Their strong performance and vilest sound was completely a new conception for the local gigs here in Bangladesh. Nafarmaan blessed everyone with their sheer Nafarmaani and they just showed everyone what they are truly capable of. They renounced all the posers and achieved storming complements for themselves. Such a classed performance!

nafarmaan 2

Nafarmaan – Bloodsoaked Revelation at BTPF:

Their debut EP is scheduled to be out in early 2014 in more than one format and different labels. Watch out for it!


Quayamat Lullaby
Bloodsoaked Revelation
Leashed Silence
Azab Al Muminun
Godless Messiah

 nafarmaan 3

Band Members:

Imam Ibils – Vocals
Nohttzver – Drums
Marhum – Bass
Agnee Azaab- Guitars


Then came the aghori warriors known as ORATOR. The flag bearer of Bangladeshi metal hordes unleashed few tracks from their EP and their debut album “Kapalgnosis”. But there were more to come. They did a track from their early Orator era “Barzak” known as “Shiraj”. Ratna from Kathgor joined forces with Orator as vocal to pay tribute to “Merciless” by covering “Pure Hate”. Ratna played live vocals with ORATOR for the second time, the first being in KL, Malaysia. ORATOR was worth of watching live always. The “Orator” chants from the crowd, the stage dives, moshing, group headbanging- even Ray Mullaxul (guitars) of Savage Deity could not resist joining in on the fun and performed a stage dive when ORATOR was playing and surfed the crowd.

orator 1

Orator’s BTPF appearance is available at


God to the Strong…Master to the Slave
Rites of the Grand Renunciation
Shiraj (Barzak number)
First Born of Sataninsam
Satanachesh Grimoire
Pure Hate ( Merciless cover with Ratna from kathgor on vocal)

orator 2

Band members:

Amit Skullbearer (Vocals, Guitars)
Vritra Ahi (Bass)
Mephistopheles Warmonger (Drums)



KATHGOR, from Malaysia, got onto the stage for their supreme death metal invasion. Evil riffs by Sen and Ray combine with Tartarus Demon’s piercing vocals, scorched the hell out of the stage. Like a raging titan they destroyed the venue with extreme performances you could expect. Their energy and skill were outstanding! If you want me to describe Kathgor in one word, I will choose the adjective “Bestial”- that’s what they truly are. But probably I do not have proper adjective in my dictionary to praise the ancient Neanderthal vocal skills delivered by Ratna. Ray Mullaxal from Savage Deity and Vrita Ahi from Orator played as guest members with Kathgor.

 kathgor 2

Death Awaits by Kathgor at BTPF:


Descendants from the Death
Death Awaits
Morbid Death
The Lord of Infernal Blasphemy

kathgor 1

Band Members:
Musa (Drums)
Ratna (Vocal)
Sen (Guitars)
Ray (Guitars- Guest)
Vritra Ahi (Bass – Guest)

Now the slot was set for old-school death metal hordes known as MORBIDITY to desecrate the stage. They were back after a long time and their fans were waiting eagerly to see them live again. They played some of their own number and also some from their upcoming full length. Defiler’s deep growls, Azarete’s sharp guitars and Skorcher’s death yelling solos changed the atmosphere of the auditorium into a total abyss. The crowd was really tired after the continuous neck wrecking performances done by the previous bands, but still showcased their support and dedication towards true metal. They received a big round of applause from the whole auditorium after their set and why wouldn’t they? It was a great comeback for them.

morbidity 1

Their debut full length is going to be out in early 2014 from ME SACO UN OJO Records.


Decaying Souls
Let there be Chaos
Incarnation of Death
Revealed from Ashes

mrbity 2

Band Members:

Defiler (Vocals)
Sethos (Bass)
Nefarious (Drums)
Azerate (Guitars)
Skorcher (Guitars)



SAVAGE DEITY, a four piece death metal act hailing from Thailand came up next. I have never seen this kind of tremendous band before. These guys can rip open the portal to hell with their sound. Starting off with a track called “Into the Den of God” from their debut album “Amulet of Sins”. If you still have not got the album then you have no idea what you are missing. They did few tracks from their album. You cannot compare one song to another. Twish is probably the “Steve Harris” version of Death Metal (Laughs) considering his bass annihilation. After their own track “Defiling”, they had a trick up their sleeve. Amit Skullbearer from Orator joined them as guest vocal to pay tribute to “Death” by covering “Evil Dead”. Without any doubt, Savage Deity is the next big thing of Asian Metal scene.

sd 1

Savage Deity’s full gig counts on the link right up here:

Their debut full-length “Amulet of Sin” is out from Slaughterhouse Records(USA).This is highly recommended for fans of Death Metal!


Into the Den of God
Bearer of Strom
Burning Wind
They Reign
Cold Carnage
Evil Dead (Death Cover, Amit Skullbearer on vocal)


Band Members:

Ray Mullaxul (Guitars)
Seren (Guitars)
Twish (Vocals, Bass)
Thinnarat (Drums)



The final assault was unleashed by LOBOTOMY, a satanic speed metal act from Malaysia. The evil trio was geared up for their onslaught; as they were the last band to desecrate the stage, they summoned the evil out of hell by doing tracks from their album “Satanic Speed Metal Ritual”. It was almost late night for the people there in Dhaka; everyone was tired after the great performances by the preceding bands. When Lobotomy started playing, who could say that the crowd was tired? Everyone joined the bestiality with the evil trio; the madness resumed and the outburst of energy was massive! Really an absolute finisher for such a great event. Based on genre and sound, they were totally a unique addition of BTPF that snap the neck of everyone in the pit. Their insane sounds reminded me of the forefathers of speed metal. Melody coalesced with aggression; Lobotomy’s fury blew up everyone present there, leaving a permanent mark of their performance to their soul.

lobotomy 1

Lobotomy’s signature number Hell’s Metal Brigade can be streamed from the link below:


Underground Thrash Killer
Power Thrash
Mistress of Ecstasy
Speed Metal Breakdown
Delusion of Sin
Hell’s Metal Brigade

Band Members:

Sen Nightcrawler (Vocals, Bass)
Aloy Sahau Rapat (Drums)
Iwan Uchida (Guitars)


Banish The Posers Fest- 2013 finally came to an end, with a huge response from audience. I heard some guys calling it “the best show they ever witnessed” or “Never seen such a show before”, Amen to that. The gig did not start at proper timing and probably that was the only cons of the show. Nevertheless, gig was extended and each of the bands got adequate time to show their potential performance. Bestial endeavor by Primitive Invocation finally came to a success. Those that were present that day would not forget what they had seen. Huge thanks goes to all of those who came down and showed their support. For them the show received such positive energy. I do not know about you but I am coming back for more. Thanks to Primitive Invocation for initiating such a blasting fest in Dhaka.

Thanks to all!


Article by: Safwan Hossain
Photo Courtesy: Shafayet Chowdhury, Moin Uddin, Shafayet Turash, Safwan Hossain