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Screams from the Morgue: Reincarnation of South-East Asian Underground Metal

Singapore had been a center of interest for the bands playing within the heavy metal genre in Asian continent. With a strong promotional background, many Singaporean acts and festivals had gain acceptance to a larger crowd! Can this be calculated as a threat to underground? Well, this is a topic to keep debating on. But to reincarnate the steadfast underground spirit, two promoters Shaiful and Mike teamed up for “SCREAMS FROM THE MORGUE”- a true underground show comprising of 6 bands only. All of the acts to play in the concert are from different countries but Singapore. The reason behind putting a show without bands from Singapore, the organizer Mike urged the showcasing of performance by the overseas bands, how they made impacts on their respective metal scenario. This also aims at the betterment of the young Singaporean acts by converging a variation of metal acts having different tradition but playing the same filthy form of music. With a show like this one, the invited bands also get the chance to share the stage before Singahellian chaos worshippers with their music and merchandising!! This is the uniqueness of this concert according to the organizers. Having it as the first onslaught from the SCREAMS FROM THE MORGUE, the organizers also expect to have future concerts with bigger arrangements.


The six bands confirmed to play in the show are: Exhumation (Death metal, Indonesia), Orator (Death/Thrash metal, Bangladesh), Savage Deity (Death metal, Thailand), Goatchrist 666 (Black/Death metal, Thailand), Nuclear Warfare (Thrash metal, Thailand) and Blasphmachine (Black/Death metal, Malaysia). The confirmed date for the gig is set to 14th September,2014 at Pink Noize (744, North Bridge Road), Singapore City. The gig is to be co-sponsored by Pulverised Records.


Exhumation ( )

Orator ( )

Savage Deity (

Goatchrist 666  (

Nuclear Warfare ( )

Blasphmachine ( )

DATE: 14 Sep 2014 (Sunday)

TIME: 6PM to 10:30PM


TICKETS: $15 At The Door (No Hidden Charges!)

Label Partner:

Pulverised Records (

Official Facebook of Screams from the Morgue:

Written By: Somber Oracle 


Interview with the Manila Execration Ritual Headliner: Infernal Execrator

Infernal Execrator Logo

Infernal Execrator, the blasphemous Singahellian horde to unleash their ruthless devilish force to uproot the holiness from Manila with a live ritual titled “Manila Execration Ritual” Venustas Diabolicus, as a part of this live onslaught, took an interview with Infernal Execrator frontman Lord Ashir.


– Hello brother Ashir! Once again welcome to Venustas Diabolicus zine. How are you doing?

Lord Ashir: ARRRGH!! Atomic hails to you & Venustas Diabolicus zine! Everything is good here and are fully prepared for an execration death strike in Manila & Davao warfront!

– You are going to manifest your blasphemous ideas on May 2nd at Manila Execration1743299_445124135618610_2054039194_n Ritual. What’s your view on the show and also what you are expecting?

Ashir: Yes, We are definitely looking forward for our Manila Execration Ritual and expect total chaos, hate & blasphemy!

– Are you in touch with any of the bands that you are playing with in Manila Execration Ritual? Can you mention the bands, please?


– What’s your view on Philippines black metal scene?  Is it promising?

Ashir: I can say some of the bands whom I’m in contact with are killer & crazy maniac. I heard from my close contact there are quite a number of underground blasphemous bands which I hope I can meet them and have a blasphemous amalgamation! 

– So, you had your debut full-length Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent released on the last 1528653_743750002309900_232344628_nmonth. How is the response you are getting from around the globe?

Ashir: ARRRGH!!! The responses given this time are totally execrating & killer!

EXPECT A TOTAL OF 9 PURE IRRELIGIOUS BLACK DEATH EXECRATION hymns including IMPIETY bonus cover extremely for an Asian pressing via Eastern Voice Production!!

Listen to Infernal Execrator: 

– Apart from Manila Execration Ritual, do you have any other tour plans with Infernal Execrator? If you have, can you brief our readers about the plan?

Ashir: We will invade Davao on the 3rd of May after our Manila Execration Ritual which is on the 2nd of May 2014! We have few rituals to exterminate which is Batam, Tanjung Pinang & Yogyakarta in 2014. We are been offered few European dates as well but still under negotiation! ARRRRGH!!!

– What will be the bands motto on the stage at May 2nd ?



– Thanks for your time Ashir, any final words?



Infernal Execrator Are:

Lord Ashir (Vocals & Guitars)

NecroShairan (Guitars)

Kommando Antichristo (Bass)

Christslaughter (Drums)

Official Facebook:

Interview Conducted by: Somber Oracle 

Upcoming Exports You Shouldn’t Miss

It has been a while we have posted some updates about the upcoming/recent releases! The year 2014 has embraced us with some really good news as the ‘originators’ of the black metal as well as some great other bands have announced their full-length releases. Here is a quick suggestions for the bands you can’t miss in 2014.

  • Mayhem

esoteric warfareSo the proclaimed “originators of northern darkness” Mayhem (THE TRUE MAYHEM) are finally back with their 5th full length album Esoteric Warfare. It’s going to be their first full-length release after Blasphemer’s departure (and of-course without his contribution since DMDS). So far a single called Psywar has been released. Although it goes in the same pattern as predecessor “Ordo ad Chao”, who knows what surprise the band have for the fans in “Esoteric Warfare


1. Watcher
2. Psywar
3. Trinity
4. Pandaemon
5. Mylab
6. Six Seconds
7. Throne of Time
8. Corpse of Care
9. Posthuman
10. Aion Suntalia

Scheduled Release date:May 23rd, 2014

Label: Season of Mist

Have a quick listen at Psywar:


  • Impaled Nazarene

coverFinnish black metal legends Impaled Nazarene also announced the release of a new full-length entitled Vigorous and Liberating death after four years of silence.


1. King Reborn
2. Flaming Sword of Satan
3. Pathological Hunger for Violence
4. Vestal Virgins
5. Martial Law
6. Riskiarvio
7. Apocalypse Principle
8. Kuoleman varjot
9. Vigorous and Liberating Death
10. Drink Consultation
11. Dystopia A. S.
12. Sananvapaus
13. Hostis Humani Generis

Label: Osmose Productions

Scheduled Release Date: April 14th, 2014

Listen to eponymous title track:


  • Enthroned

enthroned soverein2014 is the year for the mighty Belgians Enthroned to release their 10th full-length release “Sovereign”.  Two singles from the album has been released till now, which certainly paves the way to make decision that the flag bearers are not dead!


1. Anteloquium
2. Sine Qua Non
3. Of Feathers and Flames
4. Lamp of Invisible Lights
5. Of Shrines and Sovereigns
6. The Edge of Agony
7. Divine Coagulation
8. Baal al-Maut
9. Nerxiarxin Mahathallah

Scheduled Release Date:April 15th, 2014

Label: Agonia Records

Grab a listen to Of Shrines and Sovereigns:


  • Necrodeath

Necrodeath-The-7-Deadly-Sins-2014Legendary Italian old school death/black/thrash metallers Necrodeath are all prepared to release their 11th full-length studio album titled “The 7 Deadly Sins”. The band has also released a promo video for the track entitled “Wrath” to support the opus.


 1. Sloth
2. Lust
3. Envy
4. Pride
5. Wrath
6. Gluttony
7. Greed
8. Thanatoid
9. Graveyard of the Innocents

Label: Scarlet Records

Scheduled Release Date: May 13th, 2014

Watch the official video for Wrath:


  • Diocletian

Diocletian-GesundrianBlack/Death metal warlords Diocletian from New-Zealand also embracing the ‘war metal’ fans with a new scheduled full-length release. The band has particular made mark amongst the fans with their stunningly strong black metal sound. Their new release is titled as Gesundrian.


1. Cleaved Asunder
2. Wretched Sons
3. Summoning Fear
4. Traitor’s Gallow
5. Steel Jaws
6. Wolf Against Serpent
7. Beast Atop The Trapezoid
8. Zealot’s Poison

Label: Osmose Productions

Scheduled Release Date: May 23rd, 2014

Listen to Gesundrian:


  • Den Saakaldte

Den_Saakaldte album coverNorwegian Black/doom metal acts Den Saakaldte had announced their news of hitting the studio for the second full-length album earlier this year, so far the work has almost finished and their label officially made a statement about the release of Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete. The full-length will also be followed with a split release with Greek legends Varathron.


 1. Din siste dag
2. Forbanna idioter
3. Du selvproklamerte misjonær
4. Endeløst øde
5. Djevelens verk
6. Som ett arr på sjelen
7. Ondskapens nødvendighet

Scheduled Release Date: May 27th, 2014

Label: Agonia Records.


  • SvartiDauði :

svartidaudi_coverSvarti Dauði is one of the finest export from the grim landscape f Iceland, basically they play a blend of black metal with slight death/doom approach based on occult themes. They have grown a bit famous amongst black metal fans for their gimmick approach on music and appearance. They are up with the release of a new EP entitled The Synthesis of Whore and Beast.


 1. Venus Illegitima
2. Impotent Solar Phallus

Label: Terratur Possessions and Daemon Worship Productions

Scheduled Release Date: 30th April, 2014.

Listen to Venus Illegitima:


  • Erebus Enthroned:

erebus enthroned album coverErebus Enthroned is a melodic black/death metal band from Sydney, Australia. They might not be quite known among the black metal fans around the globe, but they are pretty solid black metal act who actually know what they are up with. The band has unleashed their sophomore effort entitled “Temple Under Hell”. If you are a fan of bands like Dissection, Watain, Blaze of Perdition– you MUST give ‘em a listen.


1. Sorathick Pentecost
2. Trisagion
3. Crucible of Vitriol
4. Black Sword
5. Void Wind
6. The Temple Under Hell
7. Return

Released:April 2nd, 2014

Label: Séance Records (CD), Van Records (Vinyl)

Listen to Void Wind:


  • Infernal Curse:

infernal curseArgentine bestial black/death metal act Infernal Curse is back after their stunning debut full-length Awaiting of the Damned. This time the EP is more dark and heavier than ever as the preview exemplifies. Don’t miss the release if you are a fan of this style of music.


1. The End upon Us
2. Lascivious Malevolence
3. Waters of Phlegethon
4. La diosa del averno (Hadez cover)

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Scheduled Release Date: May 16th, 2014

Listen to Wates of Phelegethon:


  • Vredehammer:

ob_76eb1a_vredehammer-vinteroffer-frontcoverVredehammer is a black metal band from Norway, they play their black metal taking inspirations from the acts such as Immortal and some Inquisition. Not a quite known band, but they play some real shits!! Fans of Immortal might find them promising. And Vinteroffer is their debut full-length release.


1. The Awakening
2. Cthulhu
3. Seduce Infect Destroy
4. Suicide Forest
5. We Are The Sacrifice
6. Sykdom
7. Summoned
8. Vinteroffer
9. Admissa

Label: Indie Recordings

Released: April 7th ,2014

Listen to Cthulhu:


Collected by: Somber Oracle


Sammath – Godless Arrogance – 88%

Sammath Godless Arrogance

Netherlands is certainly not the country recognized for black metal. Previously I have heard some of the bands from there – Lugubre, Unlord, Cirith Gorgor to name a few, which I found rather uninteresting (I am not being heretic about the bands though). Then I came across Sammath – a black metal band from there formed back in 1994. The first material I have heard from the band was Dodengang, which just blew me away. It was their third full-length release. Their latest emissary- Godless Arrogance, was released earlier this year through Hammerheart Records.

Now to those who are unaware of the band, Sammath plays raw vicious black metal with a touch of death metal, summed up with great atmosphere. The similarity can be drawn with Marduk (Godless Arrogance to be more specific) and Setherial. Now this would sound totally astounding if a band plays faster black metal on a vivid background of punishing atmosphere- that’s what Sammath is all about.

To deal with Godless Arrogance, make yourself prepared for the extermination as there is no intro- they are going to tear you up in pieces with the invective sound right from the beginning. The raw, fast and brutal guitar riffs are reminiscent of Nightwing-era Marduk, if you ask for similarity. The riffs are actually more powerful and crushing. The classic black metal rhythms are balanced by solid, independent bass-lines. This concord helps to immaculate dark, punishing black metal atmosphere. The drums are typical but just hammered away throughout the albums- they are pounding. Sonically, the album is the invocation of battle hymns. The vocals are mainly done with screeching and shrieking voices, which sound absolutely inhumane and barbaric. No doubts on that. The lyrics mainly deal with war and violence based themes. While describing the sound, it is incomplete if the production qualities are not discussed. The album has a very strong production with superb mastering apprehensions. All the instruments can be heard individually on this album, which is actually an amazing incident from black metal points of view; the production is yet raw enough to satisfy the orthodox black metal fans.

Godless arrogance longs for only 36 odd minutes comprising of 8 tracks, but I can assure each minute of it sounds annihilating for an impending war. If you are looking for some 90’s era Marduk alike band, then Sammath should be your priority. Highly  recommended.

Highlight: Thrive in Arrogance, Shot in mass, Fear Upon Them, The World Must Burn

Listen to Sammath: Thrive in arrogance @


1. Shot in Mass
2. Fear upon Them
3. Godless
4. Thrive in Arrogance
5. This World Must Burn (Hammer of Supremacy)
6. Through Filth and the Remains of Man
7. Death (Hunt them Down)
8. Nineteen Corpses Hang in the Mist


Sammath are:1538898_452075951590095_1508860381_n

Jan Kruitwagen(Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics)

Koos Bos (Drums)

Ruud Nillesen (Bass)

Review by: Somber Oracle

Solar Deity – Devil Worship – 85%


Hailing from the shores of Indian Ocean, a black metal quartet to bring the chaos into the orthodox traditions-Yes, I am pointing at Solar Deity; a Mumbai based atmospheric black metal band with potentials. Despite being a fairly new band, Solar Deity is doughty enough stir up in the scene with their strong and heavily dark music. Their capabilities are well illustrated with their last effort- “Devil Worship”.


“Devil Worship” is the third offering from the band, with three tracks tickling to duration of 25 minutes. For those incognizant to the band, Solar Deity plays black metal in vein of Setherial/Dark Funeral/Inquisition, with more focus on the atmosphere. This time the band sounds more matured especially by the vocals and strong composition. The EP starts with an ambience of thunder storm, remarking the howling madness of black metal through the track “Raise the Horns”. The repetitive guitar riffs with fast blastbeats often varied by single blasts and fills really set the mood for a good black metal. The channeling between Inquisition and Immortal-esque sound is prominent enough on this song. The journey makes a darker advent with “Supreme Evil”, which is completely different to the previous track. The slow, punishing, orthodox black metal guitars backed by heavy bass lines with screeching vocals create a ghastly atmosphere for the listener out there. The devilish manifestation is ascertained with the final 11 minute long epic “Through the Hallways of Narak”. Out of three, this one is the most memorable with top notch black metal elements. You can clearly hear the independent bass lines with chaotic guitar riffs and drums. More importantly, traditional Indian influence can be found on this track. As a unit, the EP sounds solid with the help from all the sections- frenzy vocals, repetitive classy black metal riffs, heavy audible bass and fine drum programming. The lyrics, in contrast with the music are a bit poor. The lyrics deal with Satan worshiping, which is typical yet don’t stand out. That’s the one negative remark to be noted. The production is stronger than their previous effort, but it doesn’t harm or lighten the atmosphere needed.


So to end with, “Devil Worship” stands higher than any previous efforts by Solar Deity. Recommended for black metal fans digging out Inquisition/Dark Funeral/Setherial like stuffs.

Must check: Through the Hallways of Narak.


1. Raise the Horns 08:45  
2. Supreme Evil 05:08  
3. Through the Hallways of Narak 11:37  

Line Up for EP:

Aditya Mehta (Guitar, Vocals)
Animesh Das (Bass, Drum Programming)
Ashwin Shriyan (Guest Drum programming)

Solar Deity on Facebook:

Check out “Devil Worship” on Bandcamp:

Review by: Somber Oracle

Death Has Befallen upon SoD Frontman Avaejee


Solemn occasion for us to declare but can’t seat sear as it’s about our Asian black metal scene, and one of the flag bearer of the scene has been deceased the last night. Sam-Ong Trysatyr, best known as Avaejee (from Zygoatsis and Surrender of Divinity fame) was murdered on 9th January, 2014 in his own house. A police report says that Avaejee was killed by stabbing with a knife to his left neck and chest. The dead body was found at about 21:30 local time in home No. 49/206, Sai Mai, Bangkok Pattanachai village when the victim’s wife, Kylie, found his husband bleeding dead. Later she gave her statement to police that there were two persons came to his husband earlier as they were discussing and drinking beer in the ground floor. Late in night she came downstairs and found the dead body. Police suspected those two men and confirmed further investigation on the killing.


Avaejee was 37 years old and is a respected musician among the black metal fans around the world. He played bass and handled vocal duties in Siamese black metal band Surrender of Divinity. The band toured in America, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc and got acceptance among black metal enthusiasts. He also played in another Thai black metal act Zygoatsis where he had played guitars. His sad departure will be a dreadful loss among the black metal cults around the world. We bless him for his journey to the other side. Rest in peace AVAEJEE.




Listen Surrender of divinity – The triumph of thy majesty:

Written by: Somber Oracle

Updates: Issue I (December, 2013)

The year 2013 has a mixed story for black metal. It has been good in some way, few new acts came into being, and few black metal giants released their material. On the other side, the year is saddened by the demise of some noteworthy black metal artists like Marianne Séjourné (Vorkreist, Hell Militia), Wojciech Janus aka 23 (Blaze of Perdition, Stillborn) died. It’s time to focus on some bands that are waiting to release their materials. 


 Profanatica band

American black metal masters Profanatica to strike with its 3rd effort Thy Kingdom Cum on November 26th, 2013 on Hell’s Headbangers Records. The record will have 8 tracks ticking to a length of 34 minutes (approx).  



  1. Ruptureholyhymen
  2. Foul The Air With Blasphemy
  3. Denounce Him
  4. False Doctrina
  5. Definite Atonement
  6. Thy Kingdom Cum
  7. Ropes of Hatred
  8. Water to Blood



Listen to Ropes of Hatred here



Black/Death metal band Ævangelist has a new full-length release to offer. The album is titled Omen Ex Simulcra. The album will be out on Debemur Morti Productions on November 29th. Watch them out if you are looking for something similar to Revenge.


Tracklist:AEVANGELIST cover
1. Veils
2. Mirror of Eden
3. Hell-Synthesis
4. Prayer for Ascetic Misery
5. Relinquished Destiny
6. Seclusion
7. Abysscape


Right here you can stream the album for reference.

Nocturnal Depression

 Nocturnal Depression

Famous Depressive Black Metal act Nocturnal Depression from France also has a release schedule on November 29th. The release type would be an Extended Play (EP). The EP is titled L’Isolement and contains two new tracks along with a Forgotten Tomb and Nargaroth cover. The EP will be released on Avantgarde Records. 


  1. L’Isolement
  2. Beskidt og forladt
  3. Disheartenment/Love’s Burial Ground (Forgotten Tomb cover)
  4. Seven Tears Are Flowing into the River (Nargaroth cover)




Teaser available for the EP in the following link:

Cult of Fire:


Occult black metal act Cult of Fire from Czech Republic is releasing is 2nd full length मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान (English: Ascetic Meditation of Death). The titles are all in Sanskrit and the lyrics are ascended from the ideas of Eastern Deities and saints. There should be some special attention regarding this album as they are not your typical Black metal. The release date is on 30th November. Iron Bonehead production will distribute this album.


1. Samhara Rakta Kali
2. On the Funeral Pyre of Existence
3. Shava Sadhana
4. Kali Ma
5. When Death Is All
6. Fierce Dance of Death
7. Khanda Manda Yoga
8. Burned by the Flame of Divine Love

Listen to their new track from Soundcloud:



Time for another black/death metal from a country that is obscure and not known at all among black metal familiars to release their debut. Nafarmaan is a bestial black/death metal from Bangladesh. Their debut EP Quyamat Lullaby will be released in December. The EP will be containing 4 tracks and will be released on Graceless Recordings (USA) and MTD Productions (Malaysia).

Tracklist:Nafarmaan cover

  1. Quayamat Lullaby
  2. Bloodsoaked Revelation
  3. Leashed Silence
  4. Godless Messiah

Preview if the EP, you can experience it here



 Aenaon band

French progressive black metaller Aenaon is ready with their 2nd full length album. Extance is the title to endorse their new album with. The album will be distributed through Code666 Records on January 20th, 2014.

Tracklist:AENAON_Extance cover

01. The First Art
02. Deathtrip Chronicle
03. Grau Diva
04. A Treatise On The Madness Of God
05. Der Mude Tod
06. Pornocrates
07. Closer To Scaffold
08. Land Of No Water
09. Algernon’s Decadence
10. Funeral Blues
11. Palindrome




Norwegian black metallers Svarttjern is working on their third full-length. The title has been revealed a few days ago, Ultimatum Necrophillia. The album will be released in first or second week of February. After their sophomore opus Towards the Ultimate, this really should be something astounding.


01. Shallow Preacher
02. Aged Burden Fades
03. From Caves To Dust
04. Ultimatum, Necrophilia
05. Fierce Fires
06. Hymns For The Molested
07. Where There Is Lust
08. Flourish To Succumb
09. For Those In Doubt
10. Philosophers, Adore Me Now
11. Aroused Self-Extinction Pt.II

Teaser from NoiseArt Records


Collected by: Somber Oracle

Necrophobic: Womb of Lilithu- 80%


Necrophobic has always been a band stirring with new explorations among the black/death metal style and no wonder they are one of the peers bearing the ancient hatred with them. Their latest offering “Womb of Lilithu” is of no difference, exploring the more melodic visions of vicious black/death metal. Much in the vein of their last release “Death to All” “Womb of Lilithu” is endorsed with haunting piano, crushing atmosphere and blazing guitar works.

The recording season for their seventh blasphemy started back in September, 2011. So the album was a long anticipated for their fans and finally released for distribution on October 25th, 2013 through “Seasons of Mist”. From the band, their long journey for this surely not a vamp, this is reflected by 14 chapters of this epic.

Let’s get to the album. “Womb of Lilithu” is a long 68 minute piece with 14 tracks as stated. Starting with eponymous “Womb of Lilithu”, a piano driven ambient piece, black/death metal blizzard freezes your soul to annihilation for the next one odd hour. Musically the album sounds more towards death metal, with haunting piano bridges and dark groove melodies. Clean guitar sections are also heard as well as solid death metal riffs. “Opium Black” can be a fine example to this. The fine guitar parts can be heard in tracks “Marquis Phenex”, “Paimon”, “Splendour Nigri Solis”.


Nothing much to mention about bass-sections, they remain low in the mix while following mostly the guitars. Drumming is good but don’t stand out if compared with their previous effort. The best part of this album is the vocals. Tobias Sidegard reigns all over the album with his strong vocals, frequently mixing them with grunts, shrieks, screams and often with clean singing. “Opium Black” is the best reference to this. Production quality is pretty fine and high for this release. It works along the same direction with the album’s atmosphere. No complains about this.

To end with, “Womb of Lilithu” is really a damn good album. Although not any closer to their masterpiece “The Nocturnal Silence”, but the album is pretty interesting and recommended for black/death metal fans.

Recommended: Astaroth, The Necromancer, Marquis Phenex, Infinite Infernalis.

You can listen to entire “Womb of Lilithu” from here:

Line-up for the album:
Tobias Sidegard (Vocals, Rhythm guitars)
Fredrik Folkare (Lead Guitars)
Joakim Sterner (Drums)
Alex Friberg (Bass)

Necrophobic: Facebook

 Reviewed By: Somber Oracle