Review: Crurifragium — Beasts of the Temple of Satan

Apparently Crurifragium entails being crucified and dying slowly as a result from forced tension of the limbs that produces rigidity of the whole body and increasing difficulties in breathing. If this sounds like an unpleasant experience, then consider that Crurifragium from Seattle ensures that their music lives up to their name, as “Beasts of Temple of Satan” is some of the vilest black filth I’ve heard in a while.  

Featuring three members’ of the now defunct Warpvomit, Crurifragrium’s music follows the same dirt-stained path belched out by the member’s former project. The band wears its influences proudly on its sleeves, taking cues from the likes of Archgoat and Blasphemy. The music can be described as primal, visceral, and relentlessly bestial black/death, with a tone as murky as the graveyard of a thousand mass murderers. Sure, there are plenty of bands around playing this style, although it goes without saying that most folks who listen to this stuff favor visceral intensity over innovation.

Downtuned guitars, low-fi production, and inhuman vocals are the order of the day for Crurifragium. Released under Ireland’s Invictus Productions, Crurifragium’s debut album, “Beasts of Temple of Satan,” is a satisfying contender in the plateau of primitive black/death metal.

Reviewer: MONGREL


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