Review with Exclusive Album Premiere: NAZGHOR — Infernal Aphorism

Hailing from Sweden, Nazghor is a black metal entity exhibiting influences from death and thrash metal with an inclination towards the melodic side. If you have heard of there Swede predecessors Midvinter, Mork Gryning and such, then you have an idea on what to expect from their 5th full length titled “Infernal Aphorism”. Today, we are reviewing the release along with an advance streaming of the full album — exclusive for the Asian zone.

If I am mentioning some strong points on the album, then I will focus on the solid production this album gets. All the songs showcase varied influences, on strong melodic notes. The songs like Decretion At Eschaton might remind you of Limbonic Art and Tartaros. Again songs like Infernal Aphorism or Absence of Light are stronger on black/death metal with mid-90s era Swedish vibe.

The negative point on the album is the lack of coherence in the atmosphere amongst the songs. The individual numbers do the job fine but as an album the songs might seem unaligned to some listeners.

In short, Nazghor has put a very good release with Infernal Aphorism, and the album is worth trying for any melodic/symphonic black metal fan.

Comment from the band:

Enter the eternal reign of darkness and witness a mass of melodies where worshippers of the dark arts increase in numbers and strength. A perfect combination of power and pride as the lyrics tell the stories of the ones who are free and unchained. Nazghor’s sixth opus is a compilation of beautiful melodies, mixed with dark vocals and dynamical instruments. Every song is its own master and the whole album is infallible to its own concept. Nazghor guarantees one hour of pleasure and provides that beloved Swedish sound. Let all witness this force, henceforth known as ‘Infernal Aphorism.

Infernal Aphorism will be dropped on CD and digital formats through Dutch label Non Serviam Records. You can purchase it from the label’s SITE or BANDCAMP .

Follow Nazghor on FACEBOOK.

Album Lineup

NEKHRID — Vocals


ANGST — Guitars





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