Review: Satans Carrion — Demo I

The following demo tape was sent to me by the band themselves, thus I took it upon myself to write some words about this abysmal tape and describe the music as best I can. Satans Carrion is a California-based one-man project situated in the luxurious city of Oxnard. However, their music is anything but… 

What emanates from these speakers is black metal as harrowing as sheer spite and hatred in sonic form. The “production” on this demo is fairly lo-fi and sounds like it was recorded on a four track. It has a thick fuzziness to it, although it is not entirely incomprehensible. It is somewhat in the vein of early Xasthur and some of Vlad Tepes‘ recordings. The lethal riffs are definitely noticeable and the torturous screams that accompany it are truly scornful.

All in all, this will pass as an enjoyable demo for those of us who aren’t too fussy about production and put the focus on the actual feeling of the music. The only thing I’d suggest the band to improve on is better sound and visuals overall. The ideas and titles are all well-thought out and brimming with passion.

I guess the only way to listen to this demo is through contacting the band and ask if they can send you the files to download, or if you’re lucky, they might still have some copies left.

SCORE: 70/100

Reviewed By: Mongrel

Track list:

  1. Intro (Our Return..) 01:14
  2. Legibus III 04:58
  3. Venenum Injiciuntur angelorum 02:59
  4. Titulus animas 03:44
  5. From the Depths of Night.. 02:34
Release Date: January 26, 2012; Independently in Cassette Format
Band Contact:




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