The resurgence of the cruel cult: Interview with The Ancients Rebirth

The Ancients Rebirth
Formed in 1992 as ‘Desert Ritual’, The Ancients Rebirth is a black/death metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden. The band had released a full-length album back in 1996, titled ‘Drain the Portal in Blood!’ showcasing the classical Swedish black/death metal sound. The band split up in 1999 but decided to make a return in 2015, after almost 16 long years!! The band had recently played in few gigs and currently working on their new materials. Venustas Diabolicus couldn’t resist the chance to talk with their front man Dennis Widén aka ‘Angerbordor’.

Greetings from Venustas Diabolicus Hordes. Hope all of you are doing well personally! And for band, how things are running?

Dennis: Thank you! We’re alive and well, currently working on new material. I guess I speak for the whole band when I say we’re overwhelmed how things have turned out so far. It feels great to be back!

I am really happy to see you guys returning. Actually, a lot of early era Swedish Death/Black metal masters have made a return since the last few years. I have seen At the Gates, Gates of Ishtar, Ablaze My Sorrow making a return and now you guys! Any specific reason for the band’s rebirth?


–  We have been talking about a reunion for years, but we all have been busy with other bands and projects. The reasons to the reunion are many. First of all the time felt right and our urge to create and perform cruel metal again had reached It’s limit to the breaking point. It just had to be done. That along with the demand from both fans and record labels, constantly asking for our return.

The Ancients Rebirth has formed since the early days of black metal and you people, particularly have seen the uprising of infamous black/death scene of Sweden and how it progressed to current situation. What’s the difference between the scenes now and then? How would you take the change as a band?

– Less paperwork! It’s definitely easier via internet as Social media. Black Metal then was held back by chains of the “underground rules”. To do your own thing “big” was out of the question. Not like we actually cared too much about that punk bullshit anyway. Some of Scandinavia’s biggest music exports play Black Metal!

I do absolutely not begrudge bands their fame, but since we’ve been gone and Metal is on the march like never before, it seems like 99,9% of the Black Metal bands today are more gentrified than what we were used to. We will definitely use the change to our advantage. No one expect us to come and no one have the slightest idea of what we will unleash.


In person, I am a huge fan of Sacramentum, Dissection, Sorhin, Eucharist and many earlier black metal bands from Sweden. As of present, we see bigger bands tend to overshadow newer acts. Were the situations same in the 90’s? Were you in touch or supported any bigger bands in any tours? How were the responses for your earlier releases?

– We shared the bill with some (in)famous acts before they took off to stardom. On our very first gig in 1992 we opened for Eucharist and a year later we opened for Dissection which just had finnished the recording of their mighty debut album “The Somberlain”. We never felt like we were overshadowed. Maybe that the main focus at the time for obvious reasons were at the norwegian scene.. Now looking back I guess we kind of got the response we deserved.

Back to present times, haha! I have checked ‘Damnated Hell’s Arrival’ EP only back in the days and must say, it was a GEM. What are the upcoming plans for The Ancients Rebirth? Or any re-releases of any of your obscure materials?


– The plan is first of all to write new material. To show the scene that The Ancients Rebirth is back and is a force to reckon with. We have since a couple of months ago already seen the release of “Evoke the curse of the Ancients” An old live recording dating from 1994 with our “Below the Nocturnal skies” demo as bonus. We aim to re-release more of our old stuff. The old albums, but maybe some of the really old stuff too. But first of all our new songs.

This year, The Ancients Rebirth appeared for live gigs with Eucharist and Ablaze my sorrow after a long 16 years (Pardon me If I have mistaken). Any new gigs or tours to follow.

– It’s 18 years haha! Sharing the bill with Dracena and Satanic Slaughter in the end of 1998.

We will do a small gig in Varberg April 13 on Backstage Rockbar. Hopefully more will come. But the main focus is to write new songs. This is not a reunion for the memory lane only.

Dan-Ola Persson (Thoth) is associated with Cardinal Sin and I am kind of dying to know any updates about the band!! Can you highlight anything on the Cardinal Sin? To be frank, I consider Spiteful Intent as one of the essential records for any black death metal fan.

– Yeah! Cardinal Sin was a killer band! I don’t know if they will reunite. It would have been really cool. But I’m sorry to say I have no hot info to give you on this one.

We are putting a line to our conversation. Thanks for your time! Any specific message you want to convey through us?

– Thanks for the interview! Stay tuned on our The Ancients Rebirth official Facebook page which is run by the band.

The Ancients Rebirth are:

Angerbordor (Guitars, Vocals)
Thoth (Guitars)
Jarac (Bass)
Saigittarius (Drums)

The Ancients Rebirth: Facebook

Interview taken by: Somber

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