Primal Black Metal Hostility “With the Strength of Sin” — Debut Demo of Natum Abortus

Welcome to Sweden 1987! 

Well, not exactly, but you’d be forgiven for thinking so after listening to “With The Strength of Sin”, the debut release by one man Black Metal noise project Natum Abortus.


An all-out assault on the senses, to say that this 4 track demo pays homage to the glory days of second wave Black Metal would be an understatement. Minimalistic song structures, extremely fuzzy guitars and at times maniacal drumming, all combine to create a ferocious wall of sound. Production wise, think “Transilvanian Hunger” played through a vintage tape deck with broken speakers. Add to that distorted, almost animalistic vocals and what Natum Abortus has created here is some grim and truly evil sounding Black Metal. One is often found searching for melody in the madness but never for delectation.

Steeped in the “KVLT” aesthetics of old, “With The Strength of Sin” is sure to appeal to fans of Burzum, Darkthrone and Abruptum, and also to fans of the more necro sounding groups that made up Les Légions Noires. The casual listener may find it impenetrable, but veterans of the genre are sure to revel in its old school eccentricities.
“With the Strength of Sin” is available now through Carvetii Productions.

———–By: Shane Bermingham———-


Label:Carvetii Productions


Natum Abortus


The Unholy Masturbating Molester: Everything

“With the Strength of Sin”

Release date: November 23rd, 2016

Catalog ID:CP004


Genre: Black Metal / Noise

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