What horrors lie within MISERIST – Self-Titled Debut EP

Hailing from Australia, Miserist, formerly known as Headwar, a moniker under which a self-titled demo was released, is a one man Black/Death outfit with heavy industrial, drone and dark ambient influences. Now, through Krucyator Productions, this enigmatic project is slated to release its self-titled debut EP this coming February 13th.   


Abstract, deranged and entirely instrumental, what some listeners may not be aware of is that it is in fact a concept record.

I’d just watched a documentary on a mental asylum for kids, and I thought of what it would be like in there, treated like an animal, trapped in dark rooms with people that could kill you, rape you or defecate on you at any second. Just pure misery. – Miserist


Relying solely on mood and atmosphere to paint such a vivid portrait of despair and suffering, especially without the benefit of vocals, is no small feat, but Miserist has such a clear vision, and the musical chops to back it up, that one is left markedly perturbed by the end of this 30 minute excursion into insanity.

Tracks such as “VIII”, “Miserist”, “Horror Infinitum” and the exquisitely titled “Lung Rust” feature multiple tempo and rhythm changes, shifting from slow drone like sections to more complex and frenzied passages almost at whim. Closing the record is “Narikuntu”, a nine and a half minute ambient piece that may well be the most disturbing and avant-garde of all the 7 tracks on offer here.

Fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, Portal, Blut Aus Nord (especially “The Work Which Transforms God”) and even Deathspell Omega would do well to take notice. I, for one, can only dare to imagine the horrors that Miserist may well conjure next.

———–By: Shane Bermingham———-

Label:Krucyator Productions




February 13, 2017

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