Nihilism, Darkness and Filth: “Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A minor” by Denigrata

Dirty, frenzied, aggressive,

The industrial Black Metal anomaly Denigrata unleashed their exceptionally deranged “Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A minor” back in 2015 and now, thanks to fledging UK based label Carvetii Productions, this British quintet’s début finally gets its cassette release.


37 or so minutes of brobdingnagian riffs, relentless blastbeats and moments of techno- like ambience combine with a myriad of vocal styles that incorporate both harsh screams and growls. Add to that haunting, female operatics that pepper the record throughout and what Denigrata have created here is one of the most unique débuts in recent memory.

Tracks such as “Requiem Aeturnam”, “Kyrie Eleison” and the ominous “Dies Irae” showcase the best of what Denigrata have to offer while the pensively beautiful “Rex Tremendae”, an ambient track with sparse drumming and slow emotive riff, provides a platform for the outstanding vocals of keyboardist Manea.

Undoubtedly “Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A minor” will not meet everyone’s taste. But the undeniable sense of urban decay that permeates this record, coupled with moments of mind bending aggression and top-notch industrial Black Metal will most certainly appeal to fans of Thorns, Aborym and Neo Inferno 262, who will find more than enough here to keep them spinning this record for quite some time to come.

“Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A minor” is available now through Bandcamp, Spotify and on cassette through Carvetii Productions.



———–By: Shane Bermingham———-

“Kyrie Eleison” – Official Video

Label:Carvetii Productions




Denigrata Herself – vox/guitar
Manea – vox/keys
Cændél – guitar
Legivn – vox/bass
Tasìmengyì – timbrel alchemist


“Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A minor”

Original release date:November 29th, 2015

Cassette release date: December 2nd, 2016

Catalog ID:CP001

Genre: Ambient, Tech – Fuelled Black Metal

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