ADAESTUO’s “Tacent Semitae” – Reverence & Black Metal Entwine on Debut Mini Album


What can I say? I’m a sucker for it. The less I know about a band the more I find myself drawn them. Bands like Ghost and especially Deathspell Omega have managed to build reputations, and more importantly, loyal fan bases despite the fact we know almost nothing about them, relying instead on the calibre of the material being released.


Enter Adaestuo

An enigmatic trio of musicians whose upcoming debut mini-album “Tacent Semitae” is as much Black Metal as it is a ritualistic soundtrack to the whirling, chaotic forces of the Abyss.

At a mere 21 minutes, “Tacent Semitae” is best defined as a Magickal working and any attempt to present a track by track review would only do a disservice to what Adaestuo have created here.


Built upon a foundation of ambient cacophony and cut through by razor-like guitar work, Adaestuo take their art one step further by the unexpected but greatly welcomed addition of operatic female vocals reminiscent of Diamanda Galás. And when used, these haunting wails are an excellent counterpoint to standard Black Metal howls.

“Tacent Semitae” is an uncomfortable and, at times, unnerving listen that the average Black Metal fan might not fully comprehend, but to a select few who crave a sense of worship entwined with true Black Metal aesthetics, this short but extremely powerful effort will undoubtedly create a sense of rabidity, leaving people eager to bear witness to what Adaestuo might conjure on a full length debut.

1. The Abyss (Otchłań )
2. Cicatrices Plexae (ScarBraids)
3. Destroyer of Constellations (Niszczyciel Gwiazdozbiorów)
4. Tacent Semitae (Silent Paths)

Label:World Terror Committee




Hekte Zaren – Voices of the Damned
VJS – Strings, Skins, and Static
P.E. Packain – Strings, Skins, and Static


Tacent Semitae

Release: 11 November 2016

Format: MCD, MLP, Digital
Genre: Black Metal
Catalogue Nr.: W.T.C.152

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