Tortorum: Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. – EP

Hailing from Bergen, Norway,,,

Tortorum are a highly experienced quartet of Black and Death metal musicians who, amongst them, have played in such notable bands as Aeternus, Gorgoroth and Spearhead. Not to mention the host of other widely respected groups that make up their collective credentials. Rotten. Dead. Forgotten., their latest EP, is the band’s third release since their inception in 2010.



Consisting of six tracks, Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. is a cold slab of second wave Black Metal that I have had on pretty heavy rotation since I was first approached to write a review a couple of days ago.

Intro “Iao Al” sets a sinister tone, relying on a subtly dark ambient melody and a simple yet highly effective riff which segues beautifully into “All Suns Black”, a slow, almost hypnotic composition that acts as a counterpoint to the Gorgoroth-esque intensity of later tracks “Life Is the Enemy” and “Black Mantra Mysteries” .If I were forced to choose a weak link here it would be “Night of The Witch”. Not because it is necessarily a bad song, it most certainly is not, but simply because the other tracks are so damn good.

But the true centrepiece of Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. (for me at least) has to be “Lucifer Victrix”

Again, slow and hypnotic and similar in style to “All Suns Black” but with an overwhelming, pulse like rhythm that overpowers the listener in the best possible way, “Lucifer Victrix” is pure Black Metal worship and the song I found myself gravitating towards almost subconsciously.

Overall, Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. is one of the most enjoyable EPs I have heard this year, and seeing as this is the first Tortorum release I have heard. I’m looking forward to delving into what I am sure is a top quality back catalogue.


———–By: Shane Bermingham———-




Label:World Terror Committee



AFS – guitar
Barghest – bass/vox
Skyggen – drums
Specter – guitar


Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.

Release: October 13th, 2016



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