Review: GJENDØD – ‘ Demo 2016’

GJENDØD - Demo 2016 - cover

Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, is a new mysterious force in the Black Metal underground, of crushing proportions. The mystifying duo known only as K and KK aim to ”Resurrect that primordial spirit and let it die again.. “

Style wise it’s very classic Norwegian Black Metal, think 90’s legends Mayhem, Burzum and Ulver and other Trondheim-based acts such as Thorns and early Manes, and the mood: icy to the core.

The four track, twenty minute offering is a superb demo, well created and delivered, exceeding the standards many bands would achieve further along in their careers. Dark and intensely crushing from the opening notes of  ‘Evig Svart Røyk’, with its rapid delivery and  harrowingly evil vocals, which are my favorite aspect of the sound, but alongside that is a quality that draws you in, coming from the riffs and the  drop -away midway through and re build just intensifies the feel of the track.

‘Menneskeavl’ comes in like its predecessor but even darker, and there’s a haunting under layer of keys which surface in places and  the tempo slides away dramatically midway through, rebuilding again for the second half.

I’m sure this release becomes more manically paced the further in you get in, the riffs on ‘Forknytte Tunger’ switch between two crazily paced patterns, both delivered flawlessly at breakneck speed with a hypnotic charm to them that you just can’t resist, the midway a drop in tempo allowing for superbly haunting lead work and because the tempo has dropped this  allows for more style to emerge from the drum work rather than the just  the necessary full on battery,  of course that manic pace resumes for the final part of the track, at this point I’d expect no less.

The final piece ‘Likdans’ takes a surprisingly different approach , given the rapid bluster if it’s three predecessors and comes in slow and sinister, a Black Metal heavyweight, and the longest track of the release. This slower tempo makes the track more sinister than its predecessors, it’s beautifully haunting and hypnotic, the mix of plodding deliberate drum beats and riffs that, whilst slower in their overall pace, are still delivered with a sense of urgency and the harrowing vocals, when delivered more slowly, are even more unnerving. The pace and tempo does ramp up considerably in the second half but not to the pace of the previous tracks and the riffs come at you in haunting hypnotic waves, for me it’s is the best track of the release, it’s more varied and the slower tempo allows for the duo to show the range of their skills more fully.
If this is just the demo, then I anticipate great things when the full length eventually emerges.

You can stream the release from the following link:
Release date: June 24, 2016
Label :

CD: Hellthrasher Productions
Tape: Darker Than Black Records
Digital: Bandcamp


K – Guitars, bass & Keys
KK – Vocals & Drums

Facebook: Hellthrasher Productions || Gjendød


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