Review & Streaming: Rimfrost – Rimfrost

I first encountered Rimfrost in the documentary ‘Black Metal Satanica‘ in which Hravn Decmiester was interviewed. I instantly checked their debut ‘A Frozen World Unknown’ and became very fond of their breed of black metal. For those who need an introduction to the band, Rimfrost are from Hagfors, Sweden and their music can be well compared to that of Immortal’s. Well, Rimfrost had oriented their sound with a definite affinity towards ‘thrash metal’ sound. Their recent self-titled effort which was released in March 2016, is apparently directed more towards a death metal sound; yet holding their trademark rhythmic black metal approach.


What Rimfrost has to offer in this album? A solid death/black metal release with a strong production and warmly rhetorical sound. Yes, their approach is not ‘grim’ in this record. Yet the catchy rhythms and ‘melodic’ death metal vibes add a to highly enjoyable sound. Thus, the self titled album of Rimfrost is more a channel between the black and melodic death metal sound in vein of ‘At The Gates’ or ‘Unanimated’. So, if you are looking for orthodox black metal sound within this record, you will be disappointed. There are no continuous blasts,  raw, minimalist guitars and doomed bass sounds. Rather, the guitar lines are complex and well executed, the tempo never stays that fast and the strong production makes every notes highly audible. Hravn mostly sings with his raspy throat vocals and some occasionally incorporated hooks (such as, the synthesizer interlude in As The Silver Curtain Closes or the breakdown at Beyond the Mountains of Rime) are some of the interesting aspects about this album.

If  you are of open minded, so to enjoy experimentation with black metal, then I will suggest you to check this release. Rimfrost’s third effort is so stunning that I am not willing to compare this album with another release, but I can’t resist myself to label this album as another ‘At the Heart of Winter’ with melodic death/black metal skeleton.

You can check the album from the following link.
Released: March 25, 2016.
Label: Non Serviam Records

Hravn (Guitars & Vocals)
B.C (Bass)
Throllv (Drums)

Rimfrost: Facebook
Non Serviam Records: Facebook || Bandcamp

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