Review & Streaming: Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom

Artwork by Sergio Padovani.
Artwork by Sergio Padovani.

Been a long time reviewing another album! Anyway, there I’m back with my magnifying glass and tools to dissect the new record of Grey Haven Fall titled ‘Black Wisdom’. Last year, this Russian Black/ Death force has came up with their latest 6 tracks offering released under the banner of Aesthetics of Devastation in CD format.

The length of this record is around an hour, so yeah, you can assume the average length of the tracks! Except one instrumental (Sanctuary of Cut Tongues) rest of the tracks are pretty lengthy. Let’s be honest here. One quick musician tip, if you make lengthy songs make sure it’s not getting boring. i believe at some point monotony just killed it. for example ‘To the Doomed Sons of Earth’.

Then again, I really liked the compositions and a bit experimental mentality of the band throughout the record. The band tried their best to be innovative staying in the boundary of Black/ Death. And I believe, they are pretty successful. For example one will find stoner/ doomish flavor in the song titled ‘Tranquility of the Possessed’. But hey, it’s fucking dark at the same time. My personal favorites are ‘Spirit of Oppression’ and ‘That Nail in a Heart’.

Talking about the lyric, well, even though the titles are in English, the songs are in Russian. I have found the translations though. Judging on that, well, they were good. But nothing groundbreaking. Yeah, there are pretty good poetic presentation of wrath, blasphemy and hatred, but you know, just a personal point of view, all these ‘god is dead’ or ‘let’s burn some churches’ or ‘I’ll crucify Jesus again’ things are a bit overdone now I must say! We can, I mean we should come up with a new level of thought pattern. Where not only the sound, even the words will lit the fire of Black Wisdom in every sinners heart!

Score: 75/100
You can check out and purchase the album from the following link:
Released: October 30,  2015
Label: Aesthetics Of Devastation

Arsagor (Guitars, Vocals)
SunSay (Bass)
Pavel (Drums)

Grey Heaven Fall: Facebook || Web
Aesthetics Of Devastation: Facebook || Bandcamp

Reviewed by: Asif Abrar

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