Review: Stellarvore – Hymns From The Devil’s Temple (DEMO)

Hailing from Las Cruces, New Mexico come the Black Metal entity known as “STELLARVORE”.  Do not let geography fool you though; their newly released demo “Hymns From The Devil’s Temple” is as cold and dark as a midwinter forest.

First track, “Lisardggy” opens proceedings with a stiff punch in the face (double bass, mid tempo tremolo picking) and continues down this path for almost 6 and a half minutes. Black metal screams are mixed with death growls which only add to the claustrophobic intensity of the opener. What struck me immediately was the professionalism of the song writing and despite this being a demo, the production is on par with many of Black Metal’s classic releases.

Next up is “Receive The Devil’s Blood”similar in style to “Lisardggy” but faster, A LOT FASTER in places, with some excellently timed blast beats used to drive the track onward to a rather ominous break around the 6 minute mark which builds to almost trance inducing crescendo.

Lastly we come to “To The Death” clocking in at  over 10 minutes. I would consider this offering the centerpiece of the release. This is where STELLARVORE gives us a taste of what they are capable of.  Combining the best elements from both the first and second tracks, “To The Death” will surely become a fan favorite when it is performed during live rituals.

Stellarvore is currently working on a full length vinyl release entitled “Satanic Hymns To Death” and if they manage to continue with the growth, maturity and vision shown here, I predict great things in the future for these enigmatic Americans.

Score: 70/100

———–By: Shane Bermingham———-


Label: Independent


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