Review: Behexen – The Poisonous Path


Artwork by Kristiina Lehto

The Finnish black metal entity Behexen is again to hit the show with their awaited 5th full length ‘The Poisonous Path‘, which is on the queue to be released on May 27th 2016. Being an avid Behexen fan, I am really contented with the materials the band has composed for this ominous recording. Finnish black metal is never easy to get along with and things get supreme when you have musicians like Shatraug and Hoath Torog in the roster. I was a little bit of complaining on their last two albums but ‘The Poisonous Path‘ has shown a sharp return towards ‘By the Blessing of Satan‘ era, with a bit improved production.

The album exhibits no sign of mercy for the listener as the short buzzing intro transforms directly into the whirlwinds of blazing guitar rhythms, thickened, heavy riffs and muddy bass lines. The lead guitars are strongly backed up by louden bass and the sharp, tremolo riffs. The multilayered guitar riffs fill in for the fuzzy background throughout. What makes ‘The Poisonous Path‘ different from the previous two Behexen releases is the selective use of speed and intensity over doom-ish pattern of ‘My Soul for His Glory‘. The album also differs from the early era of Behexen in the sense that there is less noise and clearer production that allows every instruments to have their place in final mixing. So in musical terms, the sound on this album is perfectly balanced without sacrificing the fierceness of Finnish black metal with occasional melodic bridges peeping in. The vocals deserve a special mention here too. Although you can’t really complain when Hoath Torog is handling the microphones. The reverb here is increased; and the shadowy vocals intensifies the devilry of this records. Throughout the release, the ominous vibe never really skips a bit.

I am very much in line with this record so I’ll certainly put this album as one of the contender for the best black metal releases of this year. I am not going to put any dispute of this album with ‘By the Blessings of Satan‘ but this album has something puritanical to offer for the black metal fans. Strongly recommended.

Highlights: A Sword of Protean Fire, Tyrant of Luminous Darkness, Chalice of the Abyssal Water, Gallows of Inversion.

Score: 90/100
Feel free to check out ‘Chalice of the Abyssal Water’ from the album here!
Release: May 27th 2016
Label:Debemur Morti Productions

Hoath Torog (Vocals)
Shatraug (Guitars)
Wraath (Guitars)
Horns (Drums)

Behexen: Facebook || Merchandise
Debemur Morti Productions: Facebook || Bandcamp


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