Review & Stream: Gloam — Hex of Nine Heads


Gloam is a black/doom quartet from California, USA. The band has been around for not more than 6 years and let me assure you, Gloam can be considered as one of the promising bands to emerge from that area. As for typical USBM, the immediate impression would be fast, raw, ruthless black metal with no place for melody whatsoever. However, Gloam has preferentially balanced between speed and grooves, melody and rhythms, moreover, a high fidelity consolidates a sound of their very own on the debut full-length ‘Hex of Nine Heads’. The album was released last year on Caligari Records.

Gloam might not be in the limelight they should be; their musicianship is beyond any objections. The term ‘black/doom’ might set some prototypes, as you go through the record, you will realize the potentials these guys have to reject those ‘prototypes’. Since the initial acoustic plucking till the melancholic outro, the album will storm in your head. Those superb notes, tremolo riffs, sharp guitar melodies and fast, blizzardy solos will drive you into hollow spheres of your inner soul. The soundscapes are varied and often switches tempo from mid to high pace. Basically, all the guitar patterns are strongly in accordance with black metal structure with a ‘cleaner’ sound. Yes, the production is not ‘muddy’ as you might think, yet the album doesn’t lack the ‘icy cold’ atmosphere of orthodox black metal. The mixing of this records prioritizes the guitars, with a triggered drum sound and bass tones mostly supporting the drums. The drums are obviously, very proficient and vary in pace and patterns along with the music. I am not the biggest fan of blackened doom metal, as at times it might get boring, but I do not find ‘Hex of Nine Heads’ monotonous at all; thanks to the neat composition and well-executed sound.

Hex of Nine Heads’ can be considered as a solid output, both composition-wise and musically. I can’t recommend to any of the songs particularly, because I personally find all the tracks very soothing. The band has a sound of their very own, so I will not go for comparing Gloam with other bands. If you are into ‘black metal’ and understand the core of this genre, you will definitely find this gem interesting. I am honest on my opinion.

Score: 90/100
You can stream the album below:
Released: July 25th, 2015
Label: Caligari Records

Colby Metzger (Guitars, Vocals)
David Uttal-Veroff (Guitars)
Shane Terry (Bass)
Fynn Jones (Drums)

Gloam: Facebook || Bandcamp
Caligari Records: Facebook || Bandcamp


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