Exclusive Premiere: Diabolus Amator – “Sanity Returns with Her Daggers”

A few bands exist to remain in the deepest and the darkest chamber of the subsurface despite having superior quality music; some listeners might rue for not discovering their materials earlier (while tracking down the music of those bands). Typical case in black metal and other forms of extreme music, isn’t it? Still and all, these bands keep igniting the naked flame of their candle by crafting odious forms of arts.  Well, DIABOLUS AMATOR  can be placed under a category along with those bands. Luciferic Triumph Records  has just released their second full length, “Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless”  that consists of eleven cold-blooded tracks along with a cover of Inquisition number.

Cover Artwork of Diabolus Amator - Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless
“Sanity Returns with Her Daggers”, the fifth track of the album, starts with the annihilating riff that soon fuses with the ghastly tone of the vocal, and together they provoke the appearance of a dreadful aura. It soon turns into a more gut-wrenching experience when the direction of riffing turns to a faster approach; if the previous riffing delivery is compared to  the strike of dagger, then the later delivery should be compared to the strike of tomahawk. The guitar solo that appears in the middle of the composition adds a different flavor. It can surely be assumed that Insanity (not Sanity) has returned with her daggers while playing the track, and the ominous return might  make one’s flesh crawl.

Stream – “Sanity Returns with Her Daggers”:



Abyss – All Instruments
Lörd Matzigkeitus – Vocals

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