Exclusive Premiere: Burial Dust – “Where is Your Rahmaa”

At the tail end of 2013, Bengal black metal troop BURIAL DUST initiated their upsurge in blasphemy, death and darkness.  With the shredded live performances and rehearsal recordings,  the lawless horde has already declared a set of menacing announcements of their existence. Their debut ep, “Oshubho Ahobaan”,  consisting of 04 tracks and one outro, sermonizes anti religious advocacy, darkness and Egyptian mythology. Tomorrow (Feb 07, 2016) is going to be the EP unleashing day and Venustas Diabolicus is premiering the second track of the EP – “Where is Your Rahmaa”.

Cover Artwork - Burial Dust - Oshubho Ahobaan
The title of the track suggests its subject;  Arabic word Rahmaa means “Merciful” and is used as one of the names of Allah (God). Where does the most merciful conceal when genocide, molestation and other grievous transgressions take place in the name of his glory?

Sonicaly the track represents the ambiance of chaos and profanity that becomes so evocative with the addition of the eastern aura. The melding of the overall elements clearly visualize the lyrical image in front of our eyes; the image that describes about the destructive sides of the completely fabricated teachings of religion.  Turaghh scrupulously utilized the guitar by putting soul piercing riffs, dark Arabic oriented tone, short-bridges and  haunting solo. Drummer brought a massive earth tremor with his heavy hammering;  combo of intensity and speed turns his drumming to an insane art.  Frontman’s death-obsessed tone obviously came to the aid of this sonic assault

Suffice it to say that Burial Dust’s debut effort is going to make a spot in the pair of the hearing organs of the listeners. The EP will be available for distribution after Feb 07, 2016 (Check the link for the details facebook.com/events/167288910312570)

Stream – “Where is Your Rahmaa”:

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