Continuous Deaths Jeopardizing Metal World – Ex Black Witchery Guitarist Passed Away

Poisonous cancer has recently seized the lives of many respected musicians from rock and metal community. But, this time a severe accident has resulted in the departure of a black metal guitarist.


Steve Childers “Tregenda” (ex– Black Witchery) lost his life after a car accident on Feb 2nd, 2016. The accident happened on Tuesday evening, in Butler county on Highway 400 just west of Leon, Kansas. He was driving a mini-van going eastbound on Highway 400 and was passing vehicles when he collided head on with a semi. Steve was fatally injured and taken to Wichita hospital, but he later died due to his injuries.

Steve, who lastly played guitars for death/thrash metal band Public Assassination, was 49 years old and had a wonderful music career for over 20 years. He was mostly known for his involvement in the infamous war metal act Black Witchery (in which he played till 2013). He also appeared playing for bands like Burning Inside & Monument of Bones.

We are deeply mourned for Steve and his family. Best wishes for your journey to the other side, brother!!


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