‘Metal’ has never thrived in Bangladesh for many reasons, mostly due to geography, culture and popular beliefs. Metal has therefore always been a very ‘underground’ phenomena, in terms of quality bands, promoters, labels and all other aspects. Only a handful of bands have shone from here. Heavy metal is mostly restricted to capital and few other large cities. The fact is, out of other styles of metal, ‘black metal’ has always suffered from numbers and yes, there were only a few classy black metal acts that had emerged from this land.

Serpent Spells playing live at Baptism in Fire!! 2015

Serpent Spells are one of the few black metal acts that tend to exist here. Being a fairly new band, as they formed back in 2014, the trio take up the responsibility of evoking the ancient art of black/death metal. With a very sound of their own, highly inspired by artists like Inquisition, Immortal and such, the band has completed recording their debut four track EP titled as ‘Mantras Within Ascending Fire’.

With this EP, the band unleashes their manifestation of praising the ancient, true form of black metal. The lyrics are highly inspired with Gnosticism and Qlipothic realm. Serpent Spells are the new worshipers of evil and chaos, representing themselves strongly to the outsiders musically. The band is currently in search for a label to propagate their invocations to a wider level.

So to say, Serpent Spells also marks the beginning of another dimension in the black metal scene in Bangladesh

Serpent Spells are:

Krypthoth Vocals, Guitars, Scriptures

Here is the Exclusive Premiere of their track ‘Piercing the Cervix of Nehemah’ from their upcoming EP
Contact Serpent Spells on: Facebook


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