REVIEW : STELLARVORE – TEHOM ; Exclusive Premiere of a Single


Two men Black Metal attack Stellarvore is about to come up with their debut demo ‘Tehom’. You might already know the members Demiurg (on guitars and drums) and Koshmar (on lyrics and vocals) for their works with the band Ius Talionis.

The demo consists six tracks including an intro and outro. And I can tell you guys, this record is amazing! Stellarvore simply declared that they are here to stay and shine. The songs sound dark, heavy and melodic. One will find beautiful melody lines and riffs in almost all the songs. Even talking about the intro and outro, those were also perfect to give you a heads up to start the journey; Tehom, and to reach that you are destined for. The vocal and drumming are hauntingly brilliant. The production quality is just perfect. It just couldn’t get any better! I did not have the opportunity to read the lyrics, but what the band described in their brief note is ‘Tehom’ describes a journey, beginning with the awakening of the ancient uncrowned King of Death, the Stellarvore.

Stellarvore’s first emanation of music ‘Tehom’ is worth trying, it is one of those records that simply hooks you up and you keep listening to it over and over again. It catches you, yet it is never cheap. Rather it is a hymn of darkened melodies and beautiful melancholy.

Praise Death, praise the Stellarvore!

Rating: 90/ 100

Reviewed by: Asif Abrar
Exclusive premiere of the track ‘Fire and Brimstone’ follows here:

01. Intro (The Awakening)
02. Fire and Brimstone
03. Abyssic Rapture
04. Epiclesis of the Ancient One
05. Sons of the Morning Star
06. Outro (Seeker of Dreams)

Label: Self Released

Koshmar (Vocals, Lyrics)
Demiurg (Guitars, Drums)

Stellarvore: Facebook || Bandcamp


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