VD Spoke to the Virtuous Evil: Interview with Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocals of Idolatry, Author of Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil)


Some black metal bands have established a common lineage between dark lyrics and poetry. Aesthetic lyrics of Dissection, Lord Belial, Emperor or Dead Era Mayhem are some illustrations that surely back up my previous claim. Lörd Matzigkeitus has inscribed some odious belles-lettres for the lyrical purpose of his band Idolatry, that surely contain the literary elegance. Lörd Matzigkeitus has taken his endeavor to next level by setting out the initiative of “Catharsis Spoke her Virtuous Evil”, an incendiary black metal poetry book on death, despair, Satan, agony and raw kinky bondage sex. Meanwhile,  Lörd Matzigkeitus is coming up with two other black metal projects as well. The following conversation with him focuses on different aspects related to Idolatry, his poetry,  upcoming black metal projects, personal beliefs, and some other captivating issues.


Lord Matzigkeitus, Greetings from Venustas Diabolicus Zine.
Can you give us an update on what has been going on with Idolatry since the release of the EP and the split? I have heard that you are going to release the debut full length with Idolatry.

Lord Matzigkeitus: We have been busy with writing new material and playing rituals. We toured across Canada in May. Had a horrible crash, and played two festivals. After honing the material in rehearsals, we are set to record our full length ” Visions from the Throne of Eyes” in the next few weeks

Cover Front
Idolatry/Unrest Split

Let us focus on your recent Split release with Unrest. It is not that Idolatry and Unrest have a lot of similarity in terms of sonority and ideology; so what has kindled the bands to unite together for a split? Is it personal comradeship and/or appreciation towards each other’s music? I am aware of the fact that you and Destroyer of Unrest are having another black metal project.

Destroyer and I connected over music 2 years ago and announced to me that he wanted to make a split 7″ within the next few months. Although there are chasms of dissimilar tones in our respective musics, I feel they suit each other on the recording because they are two distinct side of the dynamic one can achieve inside the realm of black metal. I enjoy the sheer havoc of Unrest.

Yes, Destroyer is my main collaborator on the two upcoming Lord Matzigkeitus albums. That filth merchant really captures the specific haunt I wish to exude on those records.

Your most present work, “Catharsis Spoke to Her Virtuous Evil” is a black metal poetry book that contains poem about death, darkness, BDSM, IMG_9625Satanism etc. How do you like to describe the relationships of these poems with black metal? I think the idea is a quite innovative and new too.

-I appreciate that. At the heart of black metal is pure catharsis. The expulsion and invoking of personal demons is a thread that binds all bm bands. The nature of the poems, and ultimately the allure of bm, are synonymous. Black metal is a revolt. It has movement and depth. It is the key to much feared door containing all that humanity is terrified of. There is an eloquence in expressing hate in such a way that I wished the elevate.

Since a lot of materials of the poems are related to BDSM, I want to know if you are involved in the BDSM community somehow. Do you think that BDSM has a kinship with Satanism or black metal?

-I am. I’m a card carrying member of the local dungeon community. Ah such salacious debauch I have seen and perpetrated!

BDSM is an expression of sexual freedom. Something Satanism has always championed. ” Do what thou wilt” includes living to the fullest, denying gods and their tenets by celebrating your desires. As Satanism and black metal are to me, indivisible, it would be an appropriate conclusion to say that bm supporters are largely tasting such fruit as they wish.

Idolatry preaches “Atheistic Satanism” and you are more or less influenced by the doctrines of Lavey, Rand or Nietzsche. Even in your poem book, influences of the mentioned philosophers are apparent. There are lot of debates about Theistic and LaVeyan Satanism. Theistic Satanists consider the LaVeyan Satanism as a form of Atheism. What is/are the major difference/differences between an Atheist and Satanist (Particularly the LaVeyan one) in your opinion?

-To me, Satanism is to be adversarial, to oppose the notion of all religions. To clarify, I do not consider myself a ‘devil worshiper’. I, and Idolatry, worship myself. As I am the vessel by which I experience reality and the world is played out for me to interact with. The image of Baphomet is meant to represent man living as an animal in its place in nature. Above ground, below the sky. Mankind eats, copulates, sleeps, creates life, enacts deaths… The scapegoat image reminds the Satanist that to be a truth merchant makes one a villain. Esoteria is to believe a lie, a conjuration of storytelling. Whether the character you chose to side with is the protagonist or the antagonist is irrelevant. I chose proof, science, logic and I savor what small escape from pain life allows. Dare anything, because we are all temporary.

The word “Idolatry” means Idol/Icon worship in literal sense, but Idolatry’s music has no kinship with such kind of worshiping. So, can we deduct that it has rather a metaphorical meaning? Or perhaps, is it about making any mockery?

-It is an intentionally double edged sword. Idolize yourself, exalt in your abilities, be proud of your mastery. To worship idols made of fiction is the folly of the other side. Our band name reflects the true nature of perspective based on truth or blind ‘faith’.

A few months ago while Idolatry was having the first ever tour inside the Canada, the band had to face a vicious crash which damaged the ribs of yours. How is the current condition of the damaged part of your body? I noticed that you received immense support from the fans in the gofundme campaign.

-We were overwhelmed by the graces of our fan base. Who says Satanists aren’t virtuous? My ribs were cracked and we played a large outdoor festival two weeks beyond our return home. The response was incredible. I suffered greatly through the set. Many of the photos see me clutching my sides during screams, but the crowd absolutely deserved everything and more that Idolatry can bring. My ribs, despite being re-cracked during some wrestling 2 months ago, are fine at the moment. I’ve been working out in preparation of Idolatry’s recordings…

What are some of the best shows that the band has played over the years and also how would you describe your stage performance?

– In Sudbury on tour earlier this year, Ash from legendary German black metal band Nargaroth was in attendance having heard our music beforehand. During the performance a pipe burst directly above the stage…. As workers frantically tried to temporarily patch the roof, fans motioned towards the door thinking the night was undone, but I ordered them to stay. I told them a story of how as we recorded ” Of Myth and Shadow” we had struggled over a section of it, as we came outside to take a breather, the sky opened up and dumped it’s fury and might on us. Lightening, thunder and heavy rain. I recorded the sound of it and we went back in and crushed the song in one take. As I finished the entire venue was enraptured by the story and the repairs had been made. We played through our set to a crowd greedy for each note. Ash recorded the performance and proclaimed that we were ” the best black metal show he’s seen in years” openly on the Nargaroth page the next day….
Our stage show is theatre, manic vicious energy and power. Using the imagery of the old ways of black metal. It can be seen on YouTube. Ash’s video ” Idolatry Waterfall Ritual”.

Are you satisfied with the feedback from the audiences & readers about both Idolatry and your poem book? In my perception, Idolatry has made a great impact in the black metal scene despite being a new band and not having any major label.

-I’m not going to act as a king upon a mountain and say I knew this would happen… I didn’t. Idolatry has wildly exceeded my expectations entering into this. We now have a wide stretching web, response to our music and shows has been rabid. We constantly look to expand upon the myth of what has already come to pass. Label interest is definitely there. I don’t believe in luck. We work hard at this, a person makes their own luck in life. The book I’m very proud of. The art by Jan Whitney looks lavishly grim and those who own the book have noticed the care into presentation. It’s important that black metal be seen as a serious and artful endeavor. I was recently compared to Baudelaire. A high acclaim to me.

You used to be a part of death metal band and in a recent interview, you mentioned that you do not like death metal anymore. Do you want to disclose the reason behind disliking death metal after a certain period?

– I feel it is a stagnant music. There is nowhere for it to go from where it has evolved into now. No one will ever be a better DM drummer than Flo Mounier. No band will be heavier than Mortician. The subject matter is limited. Everything that death metal aspired to has been achieved 10-15 years ago. It’s a one trick pony in a sense. There are exceptions of course… Incantation and Disma remain favorites of mine, but only because they express true darkness, and use slower passages for effect. They understand how to evoke evil in their structures. Very early into the Spawned by Rot days I stopped listening to death metal altogether. My voice is low and warm naturally. I actively condition it from sounding that way in the black metal voices I perform.

You are probably working with two new black metal projects. One of them is going to use the poems of Catharsis Spoke to Her Virtuous Evil as the lyrics (name of the project is probably Lord Matzigkeitus -I- ) and I am also aware of another Operatic Black Metal project that you are working with. Will you please shed some lights about these projects?

–Lord Matzigkeitus is an eponymous project that came from my desire to make a black metal spoken word album. As a life long fan of Jim Morrison’s work and especially his poetry album ” An American Prayer”, I wished to create a record that sounded as though a disharmonic ambient black metal band conducted a ritual helmed by a wise Sorcerer. ” Isophillic Dementia Overture” has become a nightmarescape that is dire and unsettling thanks to my collaborators. Destroyer of Unrest, PaganWolf, Parageist of Vile Insignia, and the Priest from Ov Enochian. It is unlike any piece of black metal you’ve ever heard. As it stands, we are well into writing it’s follow up ” Poisonous Disengagement” which will have a more severe Xasthuresque feel to it. In fact, a member of the current incarnation of Xasthur has done all of the album artwork for it. Both records will be released before summer 2016 on Humanity’s Plague Productions.

I’m also working with Orpheus on a black metal opera album untitled as of yet and have 2.5 songs recorded for this. A handful of vocalists have been enlisted for this task but I’m the primary and voice several characters. Orpheus first approached me on this because of the wide range of vocals on the Idolatry EP and split. This too is very unique and shows promise to be something new to black metal!!

I will like to show my appreciation to you for answering the interview questions. Before we wrap up this interview, do you have anything in mind to tell the readers?

-You cannot have a sane conversation with an insane person. Delve into dementia if you dare….unlock its secrets and you shall be king of all you survey.

Conducted By: Safwan Hossain


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