Review: Saligia (Nor) – Fønix


‘Black metal is not for everyone’ that very statement is reinstated with Saligia’s sophomore effort ‘Fønix’. Never before the band had been so sophisticated with their motif and produced such a gem as this 42 minutes long masterpiece. Saligia used their every talent and converged their efforts to a perfect outcome. Technically speaking, Saligia took an unusual rout to their destiny, enriched themselves with a variety of influences, ranging from doom metal to crust punk while writing ‘Fønix’. The album is mostly bass-heavy; driven with an unearthly atmosphere. The most shivering aspect within the records are of course, the vocals. Howling, screaming, crying and the spoken passages can easily make one degenerated and throw him to the deepest abyss of hell. The muddy production value easily infiltrates the true spirit of black metal from the falsehood and poseur breeds of latest black metal kiddos. Fønix is such a black metal release, which is, obviously can’t be expected in MMXV among all those trendy shits. Saligia upholds the primal spirit with which black metal was first initiated and solidifies the black metal supremacy to which only a few can adhere.

Highlights: Fønix: Flame Coronation, Abyss: In Darkness Forge Alight.

Score: 90/100
Check out Saligia – Fønix
Released: November 2nd, 2015
Label: Ván Records

Ahzari – Voices & Strings
V. – Drums

Saligia: Facebook || Bandcamp
Ván Records: Facebook || Bandcamp

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