Premiere: Three Tracks from the Debut Full Length of MORKESAGN (Ukraine)

Stowing melodic elements in metal music does not necessarily macerates the dark atmosphere of the music. WHY? Different bands have proved it, particularly considering this issue in the sphere of black metal, we can come up with the out-turn that melody and darkness can walk together. Morkesagn from Kyiiv, Ukraine is such a band who has successfully balanced the melody and gloomy atmosphere of the music. 

The caliginous quartet of  Kyiiv are set to release their debut full length, “Where The Darkness Never Ends” independently on November 30, 2015. It is not that the members of the band are totally new in the black metal scene, members played/play in some other bands including  Atterum Ignis,  Stormride & Mayhemic Wrath.

The tracks are the perfect blending of 90’s Norwegian and Swedish Black Metal music. The guitar tones transform their subsistence from the epic gloomy melodic consonance to  the combative screeching tenor.  With the support of the appreciable vocal deliveries and ceaseless monstrous drumming, the materials of the album will bring an alluring experience for the fans of the earlier materials of Dissection, Sacramentum, Emperor, Satyricon and the likes.
Where The Darkness Never Ends Tracklisting:
1. Dungeons
2. Heart of Darkness
3. Heart of Poison
4. Heart of Flame
5. Temple
6. Frost
7. Throne of Doom

Morkesagn Facebook


Streaming Link of “Dungeons”, “Heart of Flames” &  “Frost”:



By: Zoheb Mahmud

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