Review: Aosoth / Order of Orias Split


In order for a split to work and be cohesive, the bands that are featured on said split need to be cut from the same cloth. It only makes sense for bands with like interests be featured on splits. With that being said, the two bands featured here are both raw and intense black metal and have a very common interest. The common ground that each band shares-apart from being black metal-is the common interest to corrupt and destroy as many souls as possible. Each of the two songs that are present on this split-one song from each band-are fairly long in length giving Aosoth and Order of Orias enough time to blacken your heart.


The very first song to make an appearance on this split is from the band Aosoth with their song Appendix B. If you weren’t looking to be shrouded in utter darkness then avoiding this song would be a wise choice, but since this is a black metal site you get no option out of this, there is no ultimatum. Aosoth force you to listen to Appendix B whether it was your choice to listen or not. The cold clammy hand of death reaches from the depths of hell to drag you under into eternal hell fire. The material that is provided when you listen to Aosoth and their sacrificial offering is as dark and brooding as you would hope. The song itself is the equivalent of walking through a dark and desolate forest in the pitch black of night only to stumble upon a shrine to lunacy. Without ever skipping a blasphemous beat, Aosoth rumble along pitching dissonant riffs and throat bleeding shrieks at your ear drums. Atmosphere may be one of the most talked about topics in black metal, and adding atmosphere certainly provides more for the listener to ingest. But atmosphere doesn’t always need to come from synths and tired wailing screams. Atmosphere can be provided with a pure and raw evil, and Aosoth deliver exactly that with Appendix B.

The other side of the split features Order of Orias and their song Ruinous Hope. As mentioned  earlier, for a split to happen both bands need to be cut from the same cloth, and with this split both bands are cut from the same blood soaked cloth. Order of Orias does things slightly different from Aosoth. However, but both bands compliment each other very well. Much like Appendix B, Ruinous Hope is a long song and preys on weak minds. The longer song structure gives Order of Orias plenty of time to torture you, and I feel like they enjoy inducing as much pain as possible. The song starts out with some dissonant noises at first, but quickly dives into a sonic assault. Riffs tear your eyes out, tumultuous drumming cracks limbs, an obese bass bursts ear drums and the shrieks are throat bleeding. However, the blistering music is only one stage of the music that this band puts forth. There are slower parts to the song as well that lash out and writhe just like the blistering parts do but it does it at a more melodic mid tempo instead of at mach one. At certain points during Ruinous Hope, Order of Orias almost shifts gears and heads into a more doom style of sound. That particular sound comes halfway through and at the very end. Throwing an almost doom sound into the mixture is a curve ball that gives the song more personality.

Both songs certainly are bleak and dark and both bands equally prove themselves worthy of a listen. With songs that are so long you have to understand that they are trying to create a certain feeling and a certain atmosphere that wouldn’t otherwise be reached with a shorter song. But at certain points you wonder if a song as long as these is entirely necessary, and at certain points you begin to wonder whether they need to be this long to prove their point. The music is not bad by any means so don’t put words in my mouth, but what I am saying is that sometimes songs reach a certain point when it is long enough and doesn’t need to go further. Overall, each song displays a vast darkness, an abrasive style of play that is undeniable, and an atmosphere that is most foul, and this split will be well welcomed into the homes of any black metal heathen.

Score: 75/100
Release Date: 15th October, 2015
Label: World Terror Committee

Side A: Aosoth – Appendix B
Side B: Order of Orias – Ruinous Hope

Aosoth: Facebook
Order of Orias: Facebook || Bandcamp
World Terror Committee: Facebook || Bandcamp

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