Review + Streaming: Mephorash – 1557 – Rites of Nullification

1557 - Rites of Nullification

It was really charming for me to see Mephorash getting back with their third offering. I do have an obsession for bands playing black metal in the same vein of late 2000-era Watain/Deathspell Omega. So Mephorash (hailing from Uppsala, Sweden) is my kind of thing. Although I was a bit disappointed with their previous effort ‘Chalice of Thagirion‘, but the brilliant artwork of their latest album ‘1557 – Rites of Nullification’ made the impression. After listening to the entire album, I am totally stunned. From the very beginning till the end, Mephorash represented a solid musicianship to their sonic black art.

This time, the full length ‘1557 – Rites of Nullification’ is released on Odium Records and contains 4 tracks consuming a playing length of 42 minutes. All four of these tracks have enough variation and complexity to hold the listeners attention. Mephorash have made their own blend of melodic black metal, adding to it some catchy rhythms and sinister ambiances. The use of synthesizers is well noticed on tracks ‘Riphyon – The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent’ and ‘Phezur – Dissolving the Sea of Yetzirah’. The production on this album is really good, but the sound also manages to maintain a solid atmosphere throughout.

The overall tempo of the sound varies from mid to fast pace, so there are neither continual blasts nor too doom-ish sections. The guitars are mostly comprised of tremolo picked riffs with less grooves. The basslines are upbeat in the mix, so they play a dominating role throughout the record. The vocals are diversified and well balanced between raspy growls and shrieks. The band has incorporated two vocals; additionally features guest appearances from Kæffel (Hetroertzen), Omega A.D. (Fides Inversa) and Archfiend DevilPig (Serpent Noir, Embrace of Thorns).

Mephorash had gained some negative reviews for their 2nd full length (As I saw few on the internet), but this time the band came back strong with ‘1557 – Rites of Nullification. The maturity they have developed over the past few years reaches the peak on song ‘Cheidolun – Breaking the Blade of Beriah’. This song alone exemplifies the band’s songwriting skill and quality. In a single phrase, a very well done album. Do not hesitate to check this piece of black art out.

Score: 83/100

You can stream and order the album from here:
Released: September 1st, 2015
Label: Odium Records

N. Tengner (Vocals)
Mashkelah M’Ralaa (Vocals)
Ayram Etaumiel (Guitars, Bass)
Mishbar Bovmeph (Guitars, Bass)

Mephorash: Facebook || Official Website
Odium Records: Facebook || Bandcamp

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