Review: Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis


I first came across Lux Ferre while I found them covering the infamous ‘Black Metal’ by Venom on the internet. Their raw and insane version instantly made me to check more stuffs from them. I really enjoyed their sophomore effort Atrae Materiae Monumentum. I did forget about Lux Ferre, luckily received the promo for their upcoming album from Altare Productions and to say, their forthcoming effort still leaves me amazed. The full length is titled as Excaecatio Lux Veritatis which will be released in October 1st, 2015.

Lux Ferre’s music is utterly chaotic and straight forward. Their blend of black metal includes slower penetrating parts as well as vicious, fast paced rhythms. The work on their upcoming full-length is as said; from the dark, haunting intro of ‘A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade’ to the saddening, strolling melodies of ‘Miséria’ describes their strong musicianship. Lux Ferre put a strong attention on their guitar compositions, varying it enough with serpentine riffs, sharp rhythms and a filthy atmosphere. I also admire the drumming on this album, emphasis has been given on writing a more versatile drum-work rather than plain blast beats. The vocals are highly screeched and at some points, it become really monotonous. It would have been great if Devasth had mixed some other vocal styles. All of the lyrics are written in Portuguese so I can’t shed light on what they are singing about. The muddy and filthy production of Excaecatio Lux Veritatis is ‘satisfactory’ enough to please the black metal fanatics.

I am not completely aware of the black metal scene of Portugal, but I can consider Lux Ferre as one of the most promising bands emerged from there. Excaecatio Lux Veritatis is neither unique nor genuine, but it showcases masterful sonic annihilation from the band. If you are reading this review, I am suggesting you to PAY it a listen, I can assure you won’t be disappointed at all. Recommended.

Highlights: Miséria, Caos no Meu Sangue, A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade.

Score: 80/100

You can check ‘A Lenta Adaga da Morte’ and pre-order the album from
Release: October 1st, 2015
Label: Altare Productions

Devasth – Vocals
Pestilens – Guitars
Vilkacis – Guitars
Vagantis – Bass
Njord – Drums

Lux Ferre: Facebook || Website

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