Review + Streaming: Funeral Throne – Threshold


Funeral Throne is a melodic black metal entity from Wolverhampton, England. The band initiated in 2005, and has come up with 2 demos and 2 full length albums so far. Their 2nd release, ‘Threshold’ was released last year by Exitium Productions on cassette tapes, which is now being pressed on CDs by Blut & Eisen Productions.

The music of Funeral Throne is highly inspired by Swedish black metal bands (Dissection, Thulcandra, Nephenzy and Lord Belial to name a few). Although their sound is very raw compared to their peers, there is more of an organic feel in their music which is, to me, the strongest point of ‘Threshold’. Despite the filthy production, the music is highly enjoyable with all those tremolo riffs and guitar rhythms incorporated. The torrents of melodic solos and frequent shifting of rhythms- would make this release appealing to any fans of aforementioned bands. The album also includes the use of precise and well composed drumming and obviously, a thick bass sound to generate the grim and cold atmosphere. Again, all the tracks on this record are cursed with ravenous vocals, adding to the sheer intensity of ‘Threshold’.

Now, about the cons of this record. Well, I didn’t see much of that. Threshold represents a solid musicianship from the band, indeed. But what I can say is, if you are looking for somewhat original sound, you might be disappointed. The band preferably follows the path showed by their peers and regenerates a sound based on their works. The overall work is highly enjoyable, if you are digging for some good melodic black metal in Swedish vein, Funeral Throne will not disappoint you at all. Recommended.

Highlights: Hypnotic Coils, Through Transforming Fire, Novus Ortus.

Score: 75/100

 You can listen to Threshold from here:
Release: September 15th, 2015
Label: Blut & Eisen Productions

J. Wilcox – Lead Guitar and Vocals
J. Welch  – Bass Guitar and Vocals
B. Williams – Lead Guitar
R. Wakelam – Drums and Percussion

Funeral Throne: Facebook
Blut & Eisen Productions: Facebook

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